You can edit, add to, delete from, rename, and do many other things with your virtual corpora. Note that the entries below are from a [BIOLOGY] virtual corpus created in the Wikipedia corpus, but the same principles apply to your virtual corpora.

Note also that you can sort the lists by list name, # articles, # words, creation date, +/- hidden, or category, by clicking on the column header.

1  Sc     BIOLOGY 100 135,240 NOUN   VERB   ADJ   ADV   N+N   ADJ+N 2 d
2           CHRISTMAS 32 56,368 NOUN   VERB   ADJ   ADV   N+N   ADJ+N 1 h
3  Fi     INVESTMENT 100 486,223 NOUN   VERB   ADJ   ADV   N+N   ADJ+N 2 d
4  Sp     NBA_FINALS 69 103,185 NOUN   VERB   ADJ   ADV   N+N   ADJ+N 1 h

[A]  Delete the corpus (you will be prompted to confirm the deletion)

[B]  "Hide" (or "ignore") the corpus. The corpus won't be deleted, but it will not appear in the list of corpora when you're moving pages from one corpus to another, in the search form, etc. You can later "unhide" the corpus by clicking on the same icon.

[C]  The user-defined category that the corpus belongs to. To help organize the corpora, you can create up to ten categories (Science, Finance, Sports, etc) and then (optionally) assign your corpora to one of these categories.

[D]  The name that you've given to the list of articles(s). Click on the list name to edit the list.

[E]  The number of Wikipedia pages in your corpus

[F]  The total number of words in your corpus

[G]  Find the most frequent words (or keywords) in these articles (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, noun+noun, and adjective+noun)

[H]  Sort the keywords by the most FREQUENT words from the speakers (e.g. type, body, effect)

[I] Sort the keywords by how SPECIFIC they are to the corpus, e.g. carcinoid or pituitary.

[J]  How many hours (h) or days (d) ago you created the list.