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1Personal Testimony of the Lordís ProvidenceHeber J. Grant04/04/1942
2The Blessings of the PriesthoodRudger Clawson04/04/1942
3Upholding the Hands of Our LeadersGeorge Albert Smith04/04/1942
4UntitledMarion G. Romney04/04/1942
5The Importance of Genealogical and Temple WorkGeorge F. Richards04/04/1942
6The Necessity of Working on Our Own LineageJoseph Fielding Smith04/04/1942
7The Light of TruthLevi Edgar Young04/04/1942
8Who Will Win the WarRichard R. Lyman04/04/1942
9"If Ye Are Prepared Ye Shall Not Fear"John A. Widtsoe04/04/1942
10Leadership in the Aaronic PriesthoodLeGrand Richards04/04/1942
11UntitledAlma Sonne04/04/1942
12An Humble and Contrite HeartCharles A. Callis04/04/1942
13UntitledMarvin O. Ashton04/04/1942
14UntitledRichard L. Evans04/04/1942
15UntitledRufus K. Hardy04/04/1942
16UntitledSamuel O. Bennion04/04/1942
17"Whom Say Ye That I Am?" Albert E. Bowen04/05/1942
18"Had We Listened to the Prophets"Stephen L Richards04/05/1942
19The Church and the Present WarDavid O. McKay04/05/1942
20Unity for the Welfare of the Church and the NationHarold B. Lee04/06/1942
21Message of the First PresidencyHeber J. Grant04/06/1942
22Concluding MessageHeber J. Grant04/06/1942
23Message of the First PresidencyHeber J. Grant10/03/1942
24RemarksJoseph F. Smith10/03/1942
25To Be Called the Sons of GodJoseph Fielding Smith10/03/1942
26In Holy PlacesStephen L Richards10/03/1942
27My Call to the ApostleshipHeber J. Grant10/03/1942
28The Lord's Mercy to the RepentantRudger Clawson10/03/1942
29UntitledOscar A. Kirkham10/03/1942
30UntitledRufus K. Hardy10/03/1942
31The Power of ExampleLeGrand Richards10/03/1942
32Sowers and ReapersLevi Edgar Young10/03/1942
33UntitledJoseph L. Wirthlin10/03/1942
34Our Aspirations and CovenantsGeorge F. Richards10/03/1942
35ImmutablesAlbert E. Bowen10/03/1942
36UntitledMarion G. Romney10/03/1942
37RededicationCharles A. Callis10/03/1942
38UntitledAntoine R. Ivins10/03/1942
39UntitledJohn H. Taylor10/03/1942
40UntitledSamuel O. Bennion10/03/1942
41True to the FaithGeorge Albert Smith10/03/1942
42UntitledClifford E. Young10/03/1942
43Private Ownership ... under the United OrderJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/03/1942
44Liquor, Immorality, and Our Armed ForcesRichard R. Lyman10/04/1942
45The Light that Shines in DarknessDavid O. McKay10/04/1942
46Remaining SteadfastHarold B. Lee10/04/1942
47LeadershipJohn A. Widtsoe10/04/1942
48Thanksgiving and BlessingHeber J. Grant04/04/1943
49"Blessed Is the Nation whose God Is the Lord"Joseph Fielding Smith04/04/1943
50Nobility of Character Essential to a Great NationDavid O. McKay04/04/1943
51A Great WorkRudger Clawson04/04/1943
52Missionaries of the Stakes of ZionLevi Edgar Young04/04/1943
53UntitledMarion G. Romney04/04/1943
54UntitledMarvin O. Ashton04/04/1943
55UntitledAlma Sonne04/04/1943
56The Way of SalvationJohn A. Widtsoe04/04/1943
57UntitledJohn H. Taylor04/05/1943
58Shepherds of the FlockLeGrand Richards04/05/1943
59UntitledClifford E. Young04/05/1943
60UntitledRufus K. Hardy04/05/1943
61Millennial HopeCharles A. Callis04/05/1943
62Valiant in the CovenantsGeorge F. Richards04/05/1943
63Our ObligationsJoseph F. Merrill04/05/1943
64On Taking Ourselves SeriouslyJoseph F. Smith04/05/1943
65UntitledOscar A. Kirkham04/05/1943
66What We Are Fighting ForRichard R. Lyman04/05/1943
67Righteousness and GratitudeGeorge Albert Smith04/05/1943
68In These TimesJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/05/1943
69Peace ... The Concern of the ChurchAlbert E. Bowen04/06/1943
70UntitledJoseph L. Wirthlin04/06/1943
71Hearing the VoiceHarold B. Lee04/06/1943
72UntitledDavid O. McKay04/06/1943
73Church FinancesJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/01/1943
74Response to a CallSpencer W. Kimball10/01/1943
75Stake Missionary WorkRichard R. Lyman10/01/1943
76The Home FrontDavid O. McKay10/02/1943
77UntitledOscar A. Kirkham10/02/1943
78UntitledRichard L. Evans10/02/1943
79UntitledMarion G. Romney10/02/1943
80"And Ye Would Not!" George Albert Smith10/02/1943
81Priesthood ObligationsGeorge F. Richards10/02/1943
82UntitledJohn H. Taylor10/02/1943
83Nourishing the SpiritCharles A. Callis10/02/1943
84UntitledRufus K. Hardy10/02/1943
85UntitledThomas E. McKay10/02/1943
86The Promise unto the ChildrenLeGrand Richards10/02/1943
87UntitledSamuel O. Bennion10/02/1943
88On Being a MinorityJoseph F. Smith10/02/1943
89On Common GroundLevi Edgar Young10/02/1943
90Education -- The Church ViewAlbert E. Bowen10/02/1943
91Precept and ExampleJoseph F. Merrill10/02/1943
92Assignment to YouthStephen L Richards10/03/1943
93Of Dreams and VisionsJoseph Fielding Smith10/03/1943
94UntitledAlma Sonne10/03/1943
95Wells of Living WaterHarold B. Lee10/03/1943
96UntitledAntoine R. Ivins10/03/1943
97The Nature of PeaceJohn A. Widtsoe10/03/1943
98UntitledJoseph L. Wirthlin10/03/1943
99UntitledDavid O. McKay10/03/1943
100UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/03/1943
101Testimony and BlessingHeber J. Grant04/06/1944
102The Foundations of HappinessGeorge Albert Smith04/06/1944
103Gospel ThoughtsGeorge F. Richards04/06/1944
104Truth, Beauty, GoodnessLevi Edgar Young04/06/1944
105Tithes and OfferingsLeGrand Richards04/06/1944
106UntitledRichard L. Evans04/06/1944
107Our Perpetual DebtJoseph Fielding Smith04/06/1944
108Spirituality -- a Safeguard Against DelinquencyEzra Taft Benson04/07/1944
109UntitledThomas E. McKay04/07/1944
110UntitledAntoine R. Ivins04/07/1944
111An Indissoluble OnenessJoseph F. Smith04/07/1944
112UntitledJoseph L. Wirthlin04/07/1944
113The Gospel PlanHarold B. Lee04/07/1944
114Courage for CrisisJohn A. Widtsoe04/07/1944
115UntitledNicholas G. Smith04/07/1944
116UntitledDavid O. McKay04/07/1944
117The Way of UnityJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/07/1944
118The Resurrected ChristDavid O. McKay04/09/1944
119"He Is Risen from the Dead"Albert E. Bowen04/09/1944
120After the WarCharles A. Callis04/09/1944
121UntitledJohn H. Taylor04/09/1944
122UntitledMarion G. Romney04/09/1944
123The Sabbath DaySpencer W. Kimball04/09/1944
124UntitledAlma Sonne04/09/1944
125Efficacy of PrayerJoseph F. Merrill04/09/1944
126UntitledDavid O. McKay04/09/1944
127UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/09/1944
128Admonition and BlessingHeber J. Grant10/06/1944
129Postwar Planning in the HomeJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/06/1944
130UntitledNicholas G. Smith10/06/1944
131Winning the PeaceJoseph F. Merrill10/06/1944
132UntitledJohn H. Taylor10/06/1944
133UntitledJoseph L. Wirthlin10/06/1944
134Ye May Know the TruthSpencer W. Kimball10/06/1944
135The Returning SoldierJohn A. Widtsoe10/06/1944
136UntitledMarion G. Romney10/07/1944
137UntitledAntoine R. Ivins10/07/1944
138The Firing LineLeGrand Richards10/07/1944
139UntitledSamuel O. Bennion10/07/1944
140On Detecting Truth from ErrorHarold B. Lee10/07/1944
141Will Nations Avert a World War III? David O. McKay10/07/1944
142The Test of ChristianityLevi Edgar Young10/07/1944
143Living All TruthGeorge F. Richards10/07/1944
144UntitledRichard L. Evans10/07/1944
145True to the FaithGeorge Albert Smith10/07/1944
146UntitledMarvin O. Ashton10/07/1944
147The Significance of Patriarchal BlessingsJoseph F. Smith10/07/1944
148GuidanceCharles A. Callis10/07/1944
149Watchmen of the VineyardMark E. Petersen10/08/1944
150America a Choice LandEzra Taft Benson10/08/1944
151Power of RepentanceJoseph Fielding Smith10/08/1944
152UntitledClifford E. Young10/08/1944
153The Test of Propriety in ConductAlbert E. Bowen10/08/1944
154UntitledDavid O. McKay10/08/1944
155UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/08/1944
156Keep the Commandments of GodHeber J. Grant04/06/1945
157The Church Welfare PlanJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/06/1945
158Essentials for Spiritual DevelopmentStephen L Richards04/06/1945
159Christian Principles the Only SecurityAlbert E. Bowen04/06/1945
160On Sustaining AuthorityMark E. Petersen04/06/1945
161Heirs of the PromisesCharles A. Callis04/06/1945
162"The Idler Shall Not Have Place in the Church"Joseph Fielding Smith04/06/1945
163UntitledClifford E. Young04/06/1945
164Postwar PlanningJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/06/1945
165"Thy Son Liveth"Spencer W. Kimball04/07/1945
166UntitledNicholas G. Smith04/07/1945
167Joseph SmithLevi Edgar Young04/07/1945
168UntitledJoseph L. Wirthlin04/07/1945
169UntitledMilton R. Hunter04/07/1945
170UntitledJohn H. Taylor04/07/1945
171UntitledMarion G. Romney04/07/1945
172Full ServiceJohn A. Widtsoe04/07/1945
173UntitledAntoine R. Ivins04/07/1945
174UntitledS. Dilworth Young04/07/1945
175UntitledAlma Sonne04/07/1945
176UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/07/1945
177The Importance of Missionary WorkEzra Taft Benson04/07/1945
178The Value of the IndividualJoseph F. Merrill04/07/1945
179UntitledDavid O. McKay04/07/1945
180AdmonitionGeorge F. Richards04/08/1945
181The Origin of Man and Prophecy FulfilledGeorge Albert Smith04/08/1945
182Marriage and DivorceDavid O. McKay04/08/1945
183UntitledMarvin O. Ashton04/08/1945
184The Lessons from HistoryJoseph F. Smith04/08/1945
185The Value of Missionary ExperienceLeGrand Richards04/08/1945
186Challenge to the PriesthoodHarold B. Lee04/08/1945
187Concluding AddressJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/08/1945
188Obedience Brings Blessings to the Church and to IndividualsGeorge Albert Smith10/05/1945
189On Keeping the CommandmentsGeorge F. Richards10/05/1945
190" ... If Ye Are Not One, Ye Are Not Mine"J. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/05/1945
191Live by LoveJoseph F. Smith10/05/1945
192Seek the Kingdom of GodLeGrand Richards10/05/1945
193Our Responsibility before God and MenHarold B. Lee10/05/1945
194Living Worthily -- the Duty of Latter-day SaintsMatthew Cowley10/05/1945
195Our Work -- Missionary Service to the WorldStephen L Richards10/06/1945
196UntitledNicholas G. Smith10/06/1945
197Our Best Today -- Better TomorrowLevi Edgar Young10/06/1945
198The Significance of BeliefAlbert E. Bowen10/06/1945
199UntitledAlma Sonne10/06/1945
200UntitledThomas E. McKay10/06/1945
201Our Glorious DestinyCharles A. Callis10/06/1945
202UntitledJohn H. Taylor10/06/1945
203"Be Ye Not Deceived"Mark E. Petersen10/06/1945
204Obligations of the PriesthoodJoseph Fielding Smith10/06/1945
205UntitledJoseph L. Wirthlin10/06/1945
206UntitledMilton R. Hunter10/06/1945
207UntitledDavid O. McKay10/06/1945
208UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/06/1945
209UntitledGeorge Albert Smith10/06/1945
210Foundations for PeaceSpencer W. Kimball10/07/1945
211Old Battles Yet to be Fought -- New Victories to WinDavid O. McKay10/07/1945
212Scientific Proof for the Word of WisdomJoseph F. Merrill10/07/1945
213The Principle of RevelationJohn A. Widtsoe10/07/1945
214"In Mine Own Way"Spencer W. Kimball10/07/1945
215UntitledMarion G. Romney10/07/1945
216Principles of CooperationEzra Taft Benson10/07/1945
217Truth and Simplicity in Church OrdinancesJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/07/1945
218Closing AddressGeorge Albert Smith10/07/1945
219Our Blessings and PrivilegesGeorge Albert Smith04/05/1946
220The Way to PeaceJohn A. Widtsoe04/05/1946
221Some Current ProblemsJoseph F. Merrill04/05/1946
222Joseph SmithLevi Edgar Young04/05/1946
223UntitledMarion G. Romney04/05/1946
224UntitledAntoine R. Ivins04/05/1946
225The Pattern of MartyrdomSpencer W. Kimball04/05/1946
226UntitledRichard L. Evans04/06/1946
227Rely Upon the LordJoseph F. Smith04/06/1946
228Living in the Bonds of BrotherhoodHarold B. Lee04/06/1946
229The Fruits of Right LivingJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/06/1946
230The Way of LifeLeGrand Richards04/06/1946
231UntitledClifford E. Young04/06/1946
232UntitledMarvin O. Ashton04/06/1946
233Truth Will PrevailGeorge F. Richards04/06/1946
234UntitledS. Dilworth Young04/06/1946
235UntitledAlma Sonne04/06/1946
236The Lord's SacramentDavid O. McKay04/06/1946
237The First Great CauseJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/06/1946
238Value of TestimonyGeorge Albert Smith04/06/1946
239Faith under the Atomic BombJohn A. Widtsoe04/07/1946
240UntitledMilton R. Hunter04/07/1946
241Spiritual SafetyCharles A. Callis04/07/1946
242UntitledThomas E. McKay04/07/1946
243"The Field Is White Already to Harvest"Joseph Fielding Smith04/07/1946
244UntitledJoseph L. Wirthlin04/07/1946
245In Defense of LibertyMark E. Petersen04/07/1946
246The Worth of Great MenAlbert E. Bowen04/07/1946
247Concluding AddressGeorge Albert Smith04/07/1946
248Dissemination of the GospelGeorge Albert Smith10/04/1946
249Responsibility of Latter-day Saints in Building for PeaceJohn A. Widtsoe10/04/1946
250UntitledThomas E. McKay10/04/1946
251"Train Up a Child"Mark E. Petersen10/04/1946
252UntitledJoseph L. Wirthlin10/04/1946
253A Most Vital Principle -- MarriageJoseph Fielding Smith10/04/1946
254UntitledMilton R. Hunter10/04/1946
255Testimony from the Book of MormonCharles A. Callis10/04/1946
256Law and LaborAlbert E. Bowen10/04/1946
257Our DutyLevi Edgar Young10/05/1946
258My Redeemer Lives EternallySpencer W. Kimball10/05/1946
259UntitledAntoine R. Ivins10/05/1946
260The Gloomy Outlook and a RemedyJoseph F. Merrill10/05/1946
261UntitledMarion G. Romney10/05/1946
262Demand for Proper Respect of Human LifeJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/05/1946
263"Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God"Matthew Cowley10/06/1946
264Safeguards Against the Delinquency of YouthDavid O. McKay10/06/1946
265UntitledAlma Sonne10/06/1946
266UntitledClifford E. Young10/06/1946
267The Book of Mormon an Aid to TestimonyLeGrand Richards10/06/1946
268Love for MankindGeorge F. Richards10/06/1946
269"The Abundant Life"Harold B. Lee10/06/1946
270Closing AddressGeorge Albert Smith10/06/1946
271Opening AddressGeorge Albert Smith04/04/1947
272UntitledClifford E. Young04/04/1947
273"Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness"George F. Richards04/04/1947
274UntitledS. Dilworth Young04/04/1947
275The Principle of the Fast OfferingMatthew Cowley04/04/1947
276UntitledBruce R. McConkie04/04/1947
277Building Faith Among YouthLeGrand Richards04/04/1947
278On Earning SalvationHarold B. Lee04/04/1947
279Faith and the PioneersJoseph Fielding Smith04/05/1947
280UntitledMilton R. Hunter04/05/1947
281UntitledThomas E. McKay04/05/1947
282Faith in IsraelJohn A. Widtsoe04/05/1947
283"How Often Would I Have Gathered Thee ... " J. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/05/1947
284UntitledJoseph L. Wirthlin04/05/1947
285What Did the Pioneers Bring? Stephen L Richards04/05/1947
286Love of NeighborMark E. Petersen04/05/1947
287The Son of GodAlbert E. Bowen04/06/1947
288Honoring the Utah Pioneers -- and Lasting ValuesDavid O. McKay04/06/1947
289A Look Into the Past and FutureLevi Edgar Young04/06/1947
290UntitledMarion G. Romney04/06/1947
291UntitledOscar A. Kirkham04/06/1947
292Did Joseph Smith See God? Joseph F. Merrill04/06/1947
293Weep O World, for the IndianSpencer W. Kimball04/06/1947
294Strength of the GospelHenry D. Moyle04/06/1947
295The Work of GodGeorge Albert Smith04/06/1947
296The Growth of the ChurchGeorge Albert Smith10/03/1947
297Sermon on the Mount an Ordination SermonLevi Edgar Young10/03/1947
298The LamanitesSpencer W. Kimball10/03/1947
299Responsibilities of the Latter-day Saint HomeEzra Taft Benson10/03/1947
300Liquor AdvertisingJoseph F. Merrill10/03/1947
301Principles of TruthMarion G. Romney10/03/1947
302Necessity and Value of the Welfare PlanHenry D. Moyle10/03/1947
303Faith in ChristAlbert E. Bowen10/03/1947
304Obedience, the Way of ExaltationGeorge F. Richards10/04/1947
305Valiance to the TruthBruce R. McConkie10/04/1947
306Spiritual Re-birth and DeathHarold B. Lee10/04/1947
307Duties of ParentsLeGrand Richards10/04/1947
308Teachers of MenMatthew Cowley10/04/1947
309The Challenge to YouthThorpe B. Isaacson10/04/1947
310The Blessings of Eternal LifeMilton R. Hunter10/04/1947
311A Strong AmericaMark E. Petersen10/05/1947
312The Significance of World TrendsDavid O. McKay10/05/1947
313Achievements from Following CounselJoseph L. Wirthlin10/05/1947
314Men Are That They Might Have JoyThomas E. McKay10/05/1947
315Practical Usage of ReligionStephen L Richards10/05/1947
316The Sin of IngratitudeJoseph Fielding Smith10/05/1947
317The Responsibility of WomenJohn A. Widtsoe10/05/1947
318They of the Last WagonJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/05/1947
319Closing AddressGeorge Albert Smith10/05/1947
320"Feed My Sheep"Henry D. Moyle04/04/1948
321Counsel and EncouragementGeorge Albert Smith04/04/1948
322TithingGeorge F. Richards04/04/1948
323The Way to HappinessThorpe B. Isaacson04/04/1948
324A Prophet of GodMilton R. Hunter04/04/1948
325Walk by FaithClifford E. Young04/04/1948
326"My Peace I Leave With You"Antoine R. Ivins04/04/1948
327The Testimony of the SpiritLeGrand Richards04/04/1948
328Now Is the Day of Our SalvationBruce R. McConkie04/04/1948
329The Spirit of GatheringHarold B. Lee04/04/1948
330Facing Another World CrisisDavid O. McKay04/05/1948
331Eat Flesh SparinglyJoseph F. Merrill04/05/1948
332TestimonyMarion G. Romney04/05/1948
333Be Ye Therefore PerfectLevi Edgar Young04/05/1948
334America: Land of the BlessedEzra Taft Benson04/05/1948
335Working Out Our Own SalvationAlbert E. Bowen04/05/1948
336"Be What You Say"Oscar A. Kirkham04/05/1948
337"Without Purse or Scrip"S. Dilworth Young04/05/1948
338Build or DestroySpencer W. Kimball04/05/1948
339Against the Time of NeedJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/06/1948
340Elijah's Mission to the WorldJoseph Fielding Smith04/06/1948
341Behold, Lord, Here Am IJoseph L. Wirthlin04/06/1948
342TruthJohn A. Widtsoe04/06/1948
343"The Lowly Cigarette"Mark E. Petersen04/06/1948
344Keep the CommandmentsGeorge Albert Smith04/06/1948
345UntitledRichard L. Evans04/05/1948
346UntitledDavid O. McKay04/05/1948
347UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/05/1948
348UntitledGeorge Albert Smith04/05/1948
349What the Lord Has DoneGeorge Albert Smith10/01/1948
350The World's Great NeedGeorge F. Richards10/01/1948
351God the Eternal FatherMilton R. Hunter10/01/1948
352Repent and Be SavedThorpe B. Isaacson10/01/1948
353"What Think Ye of Christ?" Bruce R. McConkie10/01/1948
354Responsibilities of ParentsHenry D. Moyle10/01/1948
355"No Man Can Serve Two Masters"LeGrand Richards10/01/1948
356The Latter-day Saint HomeHarold B. Lee10/01/1948
357Fundamental Teachings of the ChurchJoseph F. Merrill10/02/1948
358Some Problems and PrinciplesRichard L. Evans10/02/1948
359Be Builders, Not WreckersThomas E. McKay10/02/1948
360"And Ye Shall Bear Record"Marion G. Romney10/02/1948
361Not a Prophet -- but a Listening EarJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/02/1948
362The Importance of StabilityAlbert E. Bowen10/02/1948
363Teach Your ChildrenEldred G. Smith10/02/1948
364Joseph SmithLevi Edgar Young10/02/1948
365Responsibilities of the PriesthoodEzra Taft Benson10/02/1948
366Hunger in the Midst of PlentyJohn A. Widtsoe10/03/1948
367A Plea for Better EnvironmentDavid O. McKay10/03/1948
368Draw Near to the LordJoseph L. Wirthlin10/03/1948
369Builders of FaithMark E. Petersen10/03/1948
370Keeping the Commandments of GodJoseph Fielding Smith10/03/1948
371Among the PolynesiansMatthew Cowley10/03/1948
372Concluding AddressGeorge Albert Smith10/03/1948
373UntitledLeGrand Richards10/02/1948
374UntitledDavid O. McKay10/02/1948
375UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/02/1948
376UntitledGeorge Albert Smith10/02/1948
377From a Prophet to His PeopleGeorge Albert Smith04/03/1949
378"Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve"David O. McKay04/03/1949
379The Word of God Must Go ForthLevi Edgar Young04/03/1949
380Faith in the FutureRichard L. Evans04/03/1949
381Some Fundamentals of Gospel TeachingsJoseph F. Merrill04/03/1949
382There Is Power in PrayerThomas E. McKay04/03/1949
383The Book of MormonMarion G. Romney04/03/1949
384The Source of HappinessEldred G. Smith04/03/1949
385The Power of TruthHarold B. Lee04/03/1949
386The Things That MatterLeGrand Richards04/03/1949
387We Should Improve Our CommunitiesHenry D. Moyle04/04/1949
388Immortality and Eternal LifeMilton R. Hunter04/04/1949
389Gospel PositivesAntoine R. Ivins04/04/1949
390Second AddressGeorge Albert Smith04/04/1949
391Authority in the MinistryBruce R. McConkie04/04/1949
392Report from New EnglandS. Dilworth Young04/04/1949
393"Seek and Ye Shall Find"Thorpe B. Isaacson04/04/1949
394"Who Is My Neighbor?" Spencer W. Kimball04/04/1949
395Third AddressGeorge Albert Smith04/06/1949
396Sacredness of the Eternal Marriage CovenantJoseph Fielding Smith04/06/1949
397Keep the CommandmentsStephen L Richards04/06/1949
398My TestimonyMark E. Petersen04/06/1949
399Teach the TruthJohn A. Widtsoe04/06/1949
400PrayerJoseph L. Wirthlin04/06/1949
401"Beware of False Prophets"J. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/06/1949
402Concluding AddressGeorge Albert Smith04/06/1949
403UntitledDavid O. McKay04/04/1949
404UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/04/1949
405UntitledGeorge Albert Smith04/04/1949
406Our Homes Divinely OrdainedEzra Taft Benson04/03/1949
407Our Father's WorkGeorge Albert Smith09/30/1949
408The Need for RepentanceEldred G. Smith09/30/1949
409The Supreme Test of ReligionLevi Edgar Young09/30/1949
410Delegation of ResponsibilityRichard L. Evans09/30/1949
411Apostasy from the TruthEzra Taft Benson09/30/1949
412Freedom ... or Monopolistic Domination by Selfish GroupsJoseph F. Merrill09/30/1949
413Fruits of the GospelMarion G. Romney09/30/1949
414The Language of SincerityMatthew Cowley09/30/1949
415Fulfilment of ProphecyLeGrand Richards09/30/1949
416Powers of the GospelHarold B. Lee09/30/1949
417Preserve Our HeritageJohn A. Widtsoe10/01/1949
418A Working FaithClifford E. Young10/01/1949
419A Testimony of Jesus ChristMilton R. Hunter10/01/1949
420The Message of the RestorationBruce R. McConkie10/01/1949
421Sustain the AuthoritiesMark E. Petersen10/01/1949
422A Testimony of the TruthJoseph Fielding Smith10/01/1949
423Look Up at the SpiresOscar A. Kirkham10/01/1949
424A Message to the Elders of the ChurchStephen L Richards10/01/1949
425HonestyJoseph L. Wirthlin10/01/1949
426Observe the Sabbath Day: Keep It HolyJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/01/1949
427Missions and Missionaries of the ChurchDavid O. McKay10/02/1949
428"Except Ye Repent ... " Spencer W. Kimball10/02/1949
429Foundation for FaithAntoine R. Ivins10/02/1949
430The Struggle of LifeAlbert E. Bowen10/02/1949
431"God so Loved the World ... " George F. Richards10/02/1949
432Palmyra Pageant a Great MissionaryThorpe B. Isaacson10/02/1949
433Blessings of Welfare WorkHenry D. Moyle10/02/1949
434Welfare Program, a Wonderful ThingGeorge Albert Smith10/02/1949
435UntitledLeGrand Richards10/01/1949
436UntitledDavid O. McKay10/01/1949
437UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/01/1949
438The Pathway of RighteousnessGeorge Albert Smith04/06/1950
439"This Is My Work and My Glory"George F. Richards04/06/1950
440Free Agency ... A Divine GiftDavid O. McKay04/06/1950
441The Power of PrayerThorpe B. Isaacson04/06/1950
442The Basis of Christian FaithAlbert E. Bowen04/06/1950
443Repentance ... or SlaveryJoseph F. Merrill04/08/1950
444"A Land of Thine Inheritance"Levi Edgar Young04/08/1950
445Strongest Is the Gentle HandEldred G. Smith04/08/1950
446Jews Return to Palestine and Fulfil ProphecyEzra Taft Benson04/08/1950
447God's Purposes Are Ripening in the EarthAlma Sonne04/08/1950
448Hearken ... and ObeyMarion G. Romney04/08/1950
449The First and Second Great CommandmentsMilton R. Hunter04/08/1950
450Let Us Be as One! Harold B. Lee04/08/1950
451The Power and Privilege of RepentanceRichard L. Evans04/08/1950
452The Hand of GodLeGrand Richards04/08/1950
453He Is RisenJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/09/1950
454Spirit of DiscernmentMatthew Cowley04/09/1950
455Universal BrotherhoodJohn A. Widtsoe04/09/1950
456The Atonement of ChristBruce R. McConkie04/09/1950
457Spiritual and Temporal SecurityJoseph L. Wirthlin04/09/1950
458God's Abundant BlessingsClifford E. Young04/09/1950
459"In the Morning of the Resurrection"Henry D. Moyle04/09/1950
460"Except the Lord Build the House"Oscar A. Kirkham04/09/1950
461"Be Ye Therefore Perfect"Mark E. Petersen04/09/1950
462Founded in the Wisdom of GodJoseph Fielding Smith04/09/1950
463Gifts of the GospelStephen L Richards04/09/1950
464A Humble Heart and a Contrite SpiritJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/09/1950
465Closing AddressGeorge Albert Smith04/09/1950
466UntitledJoseph Fielding Smith04/08/1950
467UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/08/1950
468UntitledGeorge Albert Smith04/08/1950
469Liberty under the ConstitutionGeorge Albert Smith09/29/1950
470Keep the CommandmentsJoseph Fielding Smith09/29/1950
471Children of the CovenantBruce R. McConkie09/29/1950
472Be Thou an ExampleJoseph L. Wirthlin09/29/1950
473Gathering the FaithfulMatthew Cowley09/29/1950
474A Pure Religion and UndefiledClifford E. Young09/29/1950
475Stand up and Be Counted with the LordOscar A. Kirkham09/29/1950
476Anniversaries in ScandinaviaJohn A. Widtsoe09/29/1950
477Seek Ye the LordEldred G. Smith09/30/1950
478Will a Man Rob God? Milton R. Hunter09/30/1950
479"The Work Among the Lamanites"Spencer W. Kimball09/30/1950
480Why a Church? Albert E. Bowen09/30/1950
481Prayer a Blessing and a PrivilegeThorpe B. Isaacson09/30/1950
482"If Any Man Love the World, the Love of the Father Is Not in Him"Henry D. Moyle09/30/1950
483Warning Sounded Against HeresiesJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.09/30/1950
484Quests Determine Man's SuccessesDavid O. McKay10/01/1950
485A People of CultureLevi Edgar Young10/01/1950
486Inflation or Selfishness Self-controlledJoseph F. Merrill10/01/1950
487Perfecting the Welfare PlanMarion G. Romney10/01/1950
488Fortified by an Unshakable TestimonyHarold B. Lee10/01/1950
489There Is No Middle GroundAlma Sonne10/01/1950
490With Faith for the FutureRichard L. Evans10/01/1950
491Face the Future UnafraidEzra Taft Benson10/01/1950
492When a Man Says, "I Am Not Religious"LeGrand Richards10/01/1950
493"It Becometh Us to Fulfil All Righteousness"George Albert Smith10/01/1950
494UntitledDavid O. McKay09/30/1950
495UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.09/30/1950
496UntitledGeorge Albert Smith09/30/1950
497Be of Good CourageJohn A. Widtsoe10/01/1950
498A Message of Hope and CourageMarion G. Romney04/06/1951
499Obedience Brings HappinessEldred G. Smith04/06/1951
500Seven "The Formula of Heaven"Levi Edgar Young04/06/1951
501Zion Must Be StrengthenedHarold B. Lee04/06/1951
502Signs of the TimesLeGrand Richards04/06/1951
503Faith in the Youth of ZionEzra Taft Benson04/06/1951
504Repent -- Live the Golden RuleJoseph F. Merrill04/06/1951
505"Knock, and It shall Be Opened unto You -- "Joseph Fielding Smith04/06/1951
506"How oft would I have Gathered You -- "Mark E. Petersen04/06/1951
507UntitledJoseph L. Wirthlin04/07/1951
508UntitledRichard L. Evans04/07/1951
509UntitledThorpe B. Isaacson04/07/1951
510UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/07/1951
511UntitledDavid O. McKay04/07/1951
512Kinship of SpiritsStephen L Richards04/08/1951
513The Transforming Power of Faith in Jesus ChristDavid O. McKay04/08/1951
514Let Us Search Our TestimoniesJohn A. Widtsoe04/08/1951
515"And, Lo, I Am with You Alway"Matthew Cowley04/08/1951
516Be ValiantSpencer W. Kimball04/08/1951
517Blessings of the GospelClifford E. Young04/08/1951
518Zion Must AriseDelbert L. Stapley04/08/1951
519Righteousness and JudgmentAlbert E. Bowen04/08/1951
520Truth and Righteousness Will TriumphAlma Sonne04/08/1951
521Fellowship, Unity and LoveJoseph Fielding Smith04/09/1951
522Not Where You Serve, but HowJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/09/1951
523Confidence in the Promises of the LordStephen L Richards04/09/1951
524The Greatest Responsibility ... The Greatest HonorDavid O. McKay04/09/1951
525InvocationLeGrand Richards04/07/1951
526UntitledMatthew Cowley04/07/1951
527UntitledSpencer W. Kimball04/07/1951
528UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/07/1951
529UntitledDavid O. McKay04/07/1951
530BenedictionRichard L. Evans04/07/1951
531Counteracting Pernicious Ideas and Subversive TeachingsDavid O. McKay10/05/1951
532Special PrivilegesHenry D. Moyle10/05/1951
533AppreciationThomas E. McKay10/05/1951
534A True Servant of GodMark E. Petersen10/05/1951
535Our Ratio of ResponsibilityRichard L. Evans10/05/1951
536Day of PreparationHarold B. Lee10/05/1951
537Out of OurselvesAntoine R. Ivins10/05/1951
538The Strength of FaithJoseph L. Wirthlin10/05/1951
539Forgive and Be ForgivenAlbert E. Bowen10/05/1951
540The Family and the Restored GospelJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/06/1951
541A Testimony of the RedeemerMarion G. Romney10/06/1951
542The Search for TruthLevi Edgar Young10/06/1951
543My TestimonyStayner Richards10/06/1951
544Acceptance of a CallElRay L. Christiansen10/06/1951
545The Spirit WithinJohn Longden10/06/1951
546The Art of LivingEldred G. Smith10/06/1951
547The Spirit Giveth LifeSpencer W. Kimball10/06/1951
548Three Great WordsOscar A. Kirkham10/06/1951
549How Do We Find God? Alma Sonne10/06/1951
550"Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone"Matthew Cowley10/07/1951
551Awake, Ye Defenders of ZionStephen L Richards10/07/1951
552Marriage for EternityJoseph Fielding Smith10/07/1951
553Fasting and PrayerDelbert L. Stapley10/07/1951
554Keep the FaithThorpe B. Isaacson10/07/1951
555Why Be Foolish? Joseph F. Merrill10/07/1951
556The Missionary AssignmentMilton R. Hunter10/07/1951
557Two Great TruthsBruce R. McConkie10/07/1951
558A Lesson from the MissionariesClifford E. Young10/07/1951
559Let Us Sustain One AnotherEzra Taft Benson10/07/1951
560A Plea for Exemplary LivingDavid O. McKay10/07/1951
561UntitledLeGrand Richards10/06/1951
562UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/06/1951
563UntitledStephen L Richards10/06/1951
564UntitledDavid O. McKay10/06/1951
565Favorable and Unfavorable Phases of Present-day ConditionsDavid O. McKay04/04/1952
566Blessings Through FaithThorpe B. Isaacson04/04/1952
567"'Tis Not Vain to Serve the Lord"Spencer W. Kimball04/04/1952
568An Important DecisionThomas E. McKay04/04/1952
569Fulfilment of ProphecyJoseph Fielding Smith04/04/1952
570To Obey Is Better than SacrificeS. Dilworth Young04/04/1952
571Transforming Power of the GospelGeorge Q. Morris04/04/1952
572Symbolism in IrrigationJohn A. Widtsoe04/04/1952
573Political Responsibilities of Latter-day SaintsHenry D. Moyle04/04/1952
574Patriarchal Order of the PriesthoodEldred G. Smith04/04/1952
575The TabernacleStephen L Richards04/05/1952
576Perfection Through ObedienceDelbert L. Stapley04/05/1952
577The Glory of TeachingLevi Edgar Young04/05/1952
578"This Is Life Eternal"Bruce R. McConkie04/05/1952
579America -- What of the Future? Ezra Taft Benson04/05/1952
580Our ReligionAlbert E. Bowen04/05/1952
581Cause for EncouragementRichard L. Evans04/05/1952
582Seeing Beyond the ShadowClifford E. Young04/05/1952
583Today's Great Need Is FaithAntoine R. Ivins04/05/1952
584UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/05/1952
585In God We TrustMarion G. Romney04/06/1952
586Our Destiny Was Planned from the BeginningJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/06/1952
587Requisite for PeaceJohn Longden04/06/1952
588Now Is the Day of Our SalvationOscar A. Kirkham04/06/1952
589You Are the LeavenMatthew Cowley04/06/1952
590Know for YourselfMark E. Petersen04/06/1952
591Acceptance of Call to Council of the TwelveLeGrand Richards04/06/1952
592An Inheritance of FaithJoseph L. Wirthlin04/06/1952
593A Sure FoundationElRay L. Christiansen04/06/1952
594Obedience to God's CommandmentsMilton R. Hunter04/06/1952
595Special WitnessesHarold B. Lee04/06/1952
596"What Doth It Profit ... ?" David O. McKay04/06/1952
597Conditions in Church Encouraging -- Prospects BrightDavid O. McKay10/03/1952
598A Tribute to President David O. McKayStayner Richards10/03/1952
599Faith -- An Effective Weapon Against Wickedness in Men and NationsHarold B. Lee10/03/1952
600"Upon This Rock"Antoine R. Ivins10/03/1952
601"Be Ye Therefore Obedient"John Longden10/03/1952
602The Sacred TriangleMatthew Cowley10/03/1952
603"Suffer the Little Children ... " Mark E. Petersen10/03/1952
604Trust in the LordMarion G. Romney10/03/1952
605The Only Name Given Under HeavenMilton R. Hunter10/03/1952
606Pray Always -- Repentant, and with FaithJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/04/1952
607Faith Precedes the MiracleSpencer W. Kimball10/04/1952
608"Be Ye Doers of the Word"ElRay L. Christiansen10/04/1952
609Be Not DeceivedJoseph Fielding Smith10/04/1952
610Be of Good CheerEldred G. Smith10/04/1952
611A Testimony -- Our Most Priceless PossessionThorpe B. Isaacson10/04/1952
612"To My Son -- Seek Ye the Lord"Oscar A. Kirkham10/04/1952
613The Gospel Embodies All TruthGeorge Q. Morris10/04/1952
614Be YourselfHenry D. Moyle10/04/1952
615UntitledJoseph L. Wirthlin10/04/1952
616UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/04/1952
617UntitledDavid O. McKay10/04/1952
618Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will ServeLeGrand Richards10/05/1952
619An InvitationStephen L Richards10/05/1952
620"Seek Ye Diligently"Levi Edgar Young10/05/1952
621The Peace Table of the SaviorJoseph L. Wirthlin10/05/1952
622God Intervenes in Human AffairsAlma Sonne10/05/1952
623Blessings Through FaithfulnessDelbert L. Stapley10/05/1952
624"Be Ye Clean"Bruce R. McConkie10/05/1952
625Closing AddressDavid O. McKay10/05/1952
626Two Paramount Obligations of Members of the ChurchDavid O. McKay04/04/1953
627Missionaries Labor to Fulfil PromiseJoseph Fielding Smith04/04/1953
628The Rock of RevelationHarold B. Lee04/04/1953
629Live for the BlessingsEldred G. Smith04/04/1953
630He Is Risen: And He Will Come AgainLevi Edgar Young04/04/1953
631Let Us Walk Humbly Before the LordElRay L. Christiansen04/04/1953
632Be Thou an Example of the BelieversAntoine R. Ivins04/04/1953
633Prayer -- The Strength of AmericaEzra Taft Benson04/04/1953
634UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/04/1953
635UntitledDavid O. McKay04/04/1953
636None Other Name Under HeavenJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/05/1953
637Lessons of the Easter DayClifford E. Young04/05/1953
638"He Went About Doing Good"Oscar A. Kirkham04/05/1953
639Christ Directs His Church TodayLeGrand Richards04/05/1953
640The Holy Ghost -- A RevelatorBruce R. McConkie04/05/1953
641Immortality and Eternal LifeMilton R. Hunter04/05/1953
642A Work of ConversionMark E. Petersen04/05/1953
643Book of Mormon a Great ConverterAlma Sonne04/05/1953
644Security Found in Living the GospelThorpe B. Isaacson04/05/1953
645The Faith of a ChildMatthew Cowley04/05/1953
646The Lord's TenthJoseph L. Wirthlin04/05/1953
647The Lamanites Are ProgressingSpencer W. Kimball04/06/1953
648Perfection Through ObedienceGeorge Q. Morris04/06/1953
649The Wise CourseDelbert L. Stapley04/06/1953
650Nurture a TestimonyMarion G. Romney04/06/1953
651FriendshipHenry D. Moyle04/06/1953
652Monuments to SpiritualityStayner Richards04/06/1953
653With Faith -- And Without FearRichard L. Evans04/06/1953
654The Same Today, Yesterday, and ForeverJohn Longden04/06/1953
655Final BlessingDavid O. McKay04/06/1953
656The Kingdom of God or CatasropheDavid O. McKay10/02/1953
657One Church, One Gospel, One SaviorJoseph L. Wirthlin10/02/1953
658Fulfil Your ResponsibilitiesS. Dilworth Young10/02/1953
659The Joy of Missionary ServiceClifford E. Young10/02/1953
660"And This Is My Gospel ... " Harold B. Lee10/02/1953
661Not for the IdlerThorpe B. Isaacson10/02/1953
662Don't Procrastinate Temple MarriageEldred G. Smith10/02/1953
663The Atonement of the SaviorMarion G. Romney10/02/1953
664Testimonies -- The Strength of the ChurchAlma Sonne10/02/1953
665Our Great ResponsibilitiesJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/03/1953
666Selling Our SoulsMilton R. Hunter10/03/1953
667Keep Your Money CleanSpencer W. Kimball10/03/1953
668Our Advocate and Our MediatorJoseph Fielding Smith10/03/1953
669The Divine Call of the SeventiesLevi Edgar Young10/03/1953
670Every Member a MissionaryJohn Longden10/03/1953
671The Lord's WorkDelbert L. Stapley10/03/1953
672UntitledMark E. Petersen10/03/1953
673UntitledLeGrand Richards10/03/1953
674UntitledStephen L Richards10/03/1953
675UntitledDavid O. McKay10/03/1953
676Who Shall Deny or Question the Justice of God? Henry D. Moyle10/04/1953
677The Kingdom of God Is HereGeorge Q. Morris10/04/1953
678PrayerMatthew Cowley10/04/1953
679Come Unto JesusAdam S. Bennion10/04/1953
680Strengthening the American HomeEzra Taft Benson10/04/1953
681FaithBruce R. McConkie10/04/1953
682The Greatest of All GiftsElRay L. Christiansen10/04/1953
683Keep the FaithRichard L. Evans10/04/1953
684Plea for Living the Gospel ExpressedDavid O. McKay10/04/1953
685UntitledJoseph L. Wirthlin04/03/1954
686UntitledStephen L Richards04/03/1954
687UntitledDavid O. McKay04/03/1954
688Jesus: Our Risen LordJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/04/1954
689Present Responsibility of the Church in Missionary WorkDavid O. McKay04/04/1954
690"The Field Is White ... " Joseph Fielding Smith04/04/1954
691Our Debt to the PastHugh B. Brown04/04/1954
692Be "Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ"Stephen L Richards04/04/1954
693"Our Bible"J. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/04/1954
694Be Engaged in a Good CauseS. Dilworth Young04/04/1954
695With Faith in GodAntoine R. Ivins04/04/1954
696The Word of God Will StandLeGrand Richards04/04/1954
697Trust in God and Do the RightEzra Taft Benson04/04/1954
698Spiritual Power as a ForceJohn Longden04/05/1954
699Concept of the Christlike LifeHarold B. Lee04/05/1954
700Letter to German StudentsLevi Edgar Young04/05/1954
701Be Instructed YoungMark E. Petersen04/05/1954
702The Future Before UsRichard L. Evans04/05/1954
703"If Thou Wilt Be Perfect"Eldred G. Smith04/05/1954
704"Where Is a Church ... ?" Bruce R. McConkie04/05/1954
705Work for the Living and the DeadElRay L. Christiansen04/05/1954
706Sharing the BlessingsClifford E. Young04/05/1954
707The Modern ChallengeAdam S. Bennion04/05/1954
708The Evil of IntoleranceSpencer W. Kimball04/06/1954
709A Heritage of FaithGeorge Q. Morris04/06/1954
710Monumental Gifts of the ChurchMarion D. Hanks04/06/1954
711In the Service of Our FatherSterling W. Sill04/06/1954
712FaithThorpe B. Isaacson04/06/1954
713"Men Are, That They Might Have Joy"Milton R. Hunter04/06/1954
714"Labor Today"Marion G. Romney04/06/1954
715"Keep My Commandments"Delbert L. Stapley04/06/1954
716"Live -- in All Things Outside Yourself by Love"David O. McKay04/06/1954
717"Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God"David O. McKay10/01/1954
718"To Your Tents, O Israel!" Hugh B. Brown10/01/1954
719Companionship in the HomeMark E. Petersen10/01/1954
720" ... and if Ye Receive Not the Spirit Ye Shall Not Teach"Joseph Fielding Smith10/01/1954
721Magnifying Our CallingAntoine R. Ivins10/01/1954
722" ... as Pertaining to Our Salvation"Eldred G. Smith10/01/1954
723Our Greatest ResponsibilitySterling W. Sill10/01/1954
724Jesus the ChristJohn Longden10/01/1954
725The Divine ChurchHenry D. Moyle10/01/1954
726Our Priceless Special BlessingsJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/02/1954
727A Visit to the Holy LandThorpe B. Isaacson10/02/1954
728Expressing AppreciationThomas E. McKay10/02/1954
729As We Labor We Are BlessedOscar A. Kirkham10/02/1954
730I Bear WitnessDelbert L. Stapley10/02/1954
731Blind Obedience or Obedience of FaithSpencer W. Kimball10/02/1954
732"That Your Joy May Be Full"LeGrand Richards10/02/1954
733"Seek Ye Knowledge"Levi Edgar Young10/02/1954
734"The Royal Law According to the Scriptures"Marion G. Romney10/02/1954
735UntitledElRay L. Christiansen10/02/1954
736UntitledStephen L Richards10/02/1954
737UntitledDavid O. McKay10/02/1954
738We Are Not Alone in LifeRichard L. Evans10/03/1954
739A Missionary ChurchStephen L Richards10/03/1954
740The True ChurchGeorge Q. Morris10/03/1954
741" ... Therefore Ye Are Free Indeed"Marion D. Hanks10/03/1954
742If the Gift of Faith Is ThereClifford E. Young10/03/1954
743Responsibilities of TeachersS. Dilworth Young10/03/1954
744Book of Mormon EvidencesMilton R. Hunter10/03/1954
745Our Duty as CitizensEzra Taft Benson10/03/1954
746Some Fundamental TruthsBruce R. McConkie10/03/1954
747Report on the OrientHarold B. Lee10/03/1954
748Let Us Make God the Center of Our LivesDavid O. McKay10/03/1954
749UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/02/1955
750UntitledStephen L Richards04/02/1955
751UntitledDavid O. McKay04/02/1955
752"Blessed Is He that Cometh in the Name of the Lord"Harold B. Lee04/03/1955
753Righteousness Key to World PeaceDavid O. McKay04/03/1955
754"For Whoso Is Faithful"ElRay L. Christiansen04/03/1955
755Ears to Hear the Living ProphetsMarion G. Romney04/03/1955
756"What Is Man ... " He Still Stands as God Made HimJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/03/1955
757Christianity DefinitionsStephen L Richards04/03/1955
758Humility Builds FaithEldred G. Smith04/03/1955
759"Upon You My Fellow Servants"Thorpe B. Isaacson04/03/1955
760Zion Must Arise and Shine ForthEzra Taft Benson04/03/1955
761The Way to Eternal LifeJoseph Fielding Smith04/03/1955
762No Greater JoyOscar A. Kirkham04/03/1955
763"Every Good Tree"Mark E. Petersen04/04/1955
764Prayer Makes the DifferenceJohn Longden04/04/1955
765The Gospel of Good WorksLevi Edgar Young04/04/1955
766The Time Is NowCarl W. Buehner04/04/1955
767Message of the RestorationMarion D. Hanks04/04/1955
768The Straight Gate -- Repentance and BaptismDelbert L. Stapley04/04/1955
769Our Twofold MissionHenry D. Moyle04/04/1955
770The Good We AccomplishClifford E. Young04/04/1955
771What Is SpiritualityAntoine R. Ivins04/04/1955
772"Render Unto Caesar ... " Alma Sonne04/04/1955
773"That All Men Might Repent"Hugh B. Brown04/04/1955
774"To Kick Against the Pricks"Spencer W. Kimball04/06/1955
775Joys of ChildhoodS. Dilworth Young04/06/1955
776"Unless We Have His Message"George Q. Morris04/06/1955
777Indian Traditions of the Book of MormonMilton R. Hunter04/06/1955
778"Men Are, That They Might Have Joy"Adam S. Bennion04/06/1955
779Unity in the HomeRichard L. Evans04/06/1955
780Overcome the WorldBruce R. McConkie04/06/1955
781"We Believe in God"Sterling W. Sill04/06/1955
782A Marvelous WorkLeGrand Richards04/06/1955
783UntitledDavid O. McKay04/06/1955
784An Expression of GratitudeDavid O. McKay09/30/1955
785The Choir TourRichard L. Evans09/30/1955
786Why the Latter-day Saints Build TemplesBruce R. McConkie09/30/1955
787The Lord's PlanDelbert L. Stapley09/30/1955
788The Blessings of the GospelHugh B. Brown09/30/1955
789" ... by the Name of Jesus Christ"J. Rueben Clark, Jr.09/30/1955
790The Worthy Saints of EuropeThomas E. McKay09/30/1955
791Building the KingdomLeGrand Richards09/30/1955
792Spiritual Cornerstones of the ChurchJohn Longden09/30/1955
793May the Age of Peace Come to the EarthLevi Edgar Young09/30/1955
794" ... When Mankind Will Listen"Joseph L. Wirthlin09/30/1955
795"What Shall I Do with Jesus"Sterling W. Sill10/01/1955
796"Believest Thou the Prophets?" Alma Sonne10/01/1955
797"Be Guided by the Light Within"Harold B. Lee10/01/1955
798"I Am not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ"Mark E. Petersen10/01/1955
799Unity in the FaithEldred G. Smith10/01/1955
800The Modern Scriptures -- Our Greatest AidsMilton R. Hunter10/01/1955
801UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/01/1955
802UntitledStephen L Richards10/01/1955
803The Rise of the KingdomGeorge Q. Morris10/02/1955
804A Testimony for the ChildrenS. Dilworth Young10/02/1955
805Be True to the FaithEzra Taft Benson10/02/1955
806For Time and EternityAntoine R. Ivins10/02/1955
807The Faith Which Impels to ActionAdam S. Bennion10/02/1955
808What Shall I Do to Inherit Eternal Life? ElRay L. Christiansen10/02/1955
809Repentance Worketh SalvationMarion G. Romney10/02/1955
810"His Wonders to Perform ... " Clifford E. Young10/02/1955
811What Shall We Do? David O. McKay10/02/1955
812Harmony in the HomeDavid O. McKay04/06/1956
813Teach Your ChildrenJoseph L. Wirthlin04/06/1956
814FamineSterling W. Sill04/06/1956
815"Walk in Truth"Oscar A. Kirkham04/06/1956
816The Standard WorksLevi Edgar Young04/06/1956
817Exaltation through ObedienceEldred G. Smith04/06/1956
818Lowliness of Jesus ChristJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/07/1956
819"Bonds -- Series F"Adam S. Bennion04/07/1956
820Through Diligence and ObedienceRichard L. Evans04/07/1956
821Spiritual Growth and Material ProgressJohn Longden04/07/1956
822Marriage Customs of the Quiche MayaMilton R. Hunter04/07/1956
823Responsibilities to the LamanitesDelbert L. Stapley04/07/1956
824The Significance of the AtonementJoseph Fielding Smith04/07/1956
825Anniversary of Church WelfareHenry D. Moyle04/07/1956
826The Strongest FortificationAlma Sonne04/07/1956
827The Law of JustificationBruce R. McConkie04/07/1956
828Gifts of the SpiritMarion G. Romney04/07/1956
829UntitledMark E. Petersen04/07/1956
830UntitledS. Dilworth Young04/07/1956
831UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/07/1956
832UntitledStephen L Richards04/07/1956
833UntitledDavid O. McKay04/07/1956
834Encouragement for RepentersStephen L Richards04/08/1956
835Why Should It Be Incredible? LeGrand Richards04/08/1956
836A Faith Based on TruthMarion D. Hanks04/08/1956
837The Power of the PriesthoodAntoine R. Ivins04/08/1956
838A Way of LifeHugh B. Brown04/08/1956
839"After All We Can Do"Harold B. Lee04/08/1956
840The Meaning of the AtonementGeorge Q. Morris04/08/1956
841The Need for CharityElRay L. Christiansen04/08/1956
842Debt -- a Great HazardClifford E. Young04/08/1956
843Jesus the ChristSpencer W. Kimball04/08/1956
844Closing AddressDavid O. McKay04/08/1956
845Significance of the AtonementJoseph Fielding Smith04/08/1956
846Spirituality, the Goal in LifeDavid O. McKay10/05/1956
847"Repent Ye Therefore ... " Clifford E. Young10/05/1956
848Trust in the LordThorpe B. Isaacson10/05/1956
849Steadfastness in ChristMarion D. Hanks10/05/1956
850"For the Perfecting of the Saints"Marion G. Romney10/05/1956
851They Bear WitnessJoseph Fielding Smith10/05/1956
852The Gospel to the JewsLeGrand Richards10/05/1956
853"Six Days May Work Be Done"Oscar A. Kirkham10/05/1956
854" ... Come the Blessings"ElRay L. Christiansen10/05/1956
855What the Gospel Does for People! Adam S. Bennion10/05/1956
856Our Message to the WorldStephen L Richards10/06/1956
857The Origin of ManGeorge Q. Morris10/06/1956
858Sanctify YourselvesAntoine R. Ivins10/06/1956
859The Blessings of Temple MarriageJohn Longden10/06/1956
860The Expanded Indian ProgramSpencer W. Kimball10/06/1956
861Preparing for the Millennial ReignHarold B. Lee10/06/1956
862The Dimensions of LifeSterling W. Sill10/06/1956
863Teach by ExampleS. Dilworth Young10/06/1956
864The Weak Will Confound the StrongJoseph L. Wirthlin10/06/1956
865"Think, then Act Safely"Mark E. Petersen10/06/1956
866The Holy Ghost TestifiesEldred G. Smith10/06/1956
867UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/06/1956
868UntitledDavid O. McKay10/06/1956
869"Go Ye Not after Them"J. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/07/1956
870Prophecy FulfilledHugh B. Brown10/07/1956
871The Common Heritage We HaveRichard L. Evans10/07/1956
872Testimony of the RestorationBruce R. McConkie10/07/1956
873Prayer Is America's HistoryEzra Taft Benson10/07/1956
874Report on South American MissionsHenry D. Moyle10/07/1956
875Life's LaboratoryCarl W. Buehner10/07/1956
876Teach ... Words of WisdomLevi Edgar Young10/07/1956
877Youth and MoralityDelbert L. Stapley10/07/1956
878"Lord, Look at Our Hearts"David O. McKay10/07/1956
879Faith, the Bedrock of LifeAlma Sonne10/07/1956
880Salvation, an Individual ResponsibilityDavid O. McKay04/05/1957
881Know the TruthClifford E. Young04/05/1957
882With What We KnowRichard L. Evans04/05/1957
883"For This Cause ... " LeGrand Richards04/05/1957
884The Fulness of SalvationBruce R. McConkie04/05/1957
885Marriage for EternityHarold B. Lee04/05/1957
886"Truth Will Prevail"Alma Sonne04/05/1957
887A Sorrowing PeopleLevi Edgar Young04/05/1957
888The Greatest GiftHenry D. Moyle04/05/1957
889The ConstitutionJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/06/1957
890"Pay Thy Debt, and Live"Ezra Taft Benson04/06/1957
891GratitudeMilton R. Hunter04/06/1957
892The Sabbath -- a Day of RestJoseph Fielding Smith04/06/1957
893All Good Cometh of GodElRay L. Christiansen04/06/1957
894To Gain a TestimonyAntoine R. Ivins04/06/1957
895" ... Seek not to Counsel the Lord"Thorpe B. Isaacson04/06/1957
896" ... With a Whole Heart"John Longden04/06/1957
897House of the LordEldred G. Smith04/06/1957
898Honoring the PriesthoodDelbert L. Stapley04/06/1957
899UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/06/1957
900UntitledStephen L Richards04/06/1957
901UntitledDavid O. McKay04/06/1957
902The WaywardStephen L Richards04/07/1957
903The Importance of Fast OfferingsGeorge Q. Morris04/07/1957
904Progress of the South Sea MissionsHugh B. Brown04/07/1957
905Father's DaySterling W. Sill04/07/1957
906Ancient Records and the Book of MormonMark E. Petersen04/07/1957
907On Missions and MarriageOscar A. Kirkham04/07/1957
908What Is Distinctive about Mormonism? Adam S. Bennion04/07/1957
909The First VisionS. Dilworth Young04/07/1957
910Our ObligationsJoseph L. Wirthlin04/07/1957
911Questions for the IconoclastMarion D. Hanks04/07/1957
912To Know GodDavid O. McKay04/07/1957
913The Voice of the SpiritMarion G. Romney04/07/1957
914Something Higher Than SelfDavid O. McKay04/04/1958
915Lest We ForgetSterling W. Sill04/04/1958
916Are You a Modern Nicodemus? Spencer W. Kimball04/04/1958
917Know and Worship the True and Living GodJohn Longden04/04/1958
918Entrusted to Our Care ... the Youth of IsraelJoseph Fielding Smith04/04/1958
919How Near to God Are You? Eldred G. Smith04/04/1958
920Blueprint for LifeElRay L. Christiansen04/04/1958
921The Reason for Sin and EvilGeorge Q. Morris04/04/1958
922Joseph Smith a ProphetLeGrand Richards04/04/1958
923The Way, the Truth and the LightJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/05/1958
924The Priesthood of the CovenantAntoine R. Ivins04/05/1958
925The Aaronic Priesthood, Its Powers and BlessingsCarl W. Buehner04/05/1958
926We Lay Our Coats AwayClifford E. Young04/05/1958
927Of One Blood All NationsEzra Taft Benson04/05/1958
928Church EducationHenry D. Moyle04/05/1958
929"Let There Be Light"Levi Edgar Young04/05/1958
930"Love Not the World"Bruce R. McConkie04/05/1958
931"Into His Marvelous Light"Joseph L. Wirthlin04/05/1958
932"Life and Peace and Voices from the Past"Richard L. Evans04/05/1958
933Through the Blood of the LambMilton R. Hunter04/05/1958
934UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/05/1958
935UntitledDavid O. McKay04/05/1958
936The Father and the HomeStephen L Richards04/06/1958
937Be Honest with YourselvesMarion D. Hanks04/06/1958
938Their Souls Are PreciousThorpe B. Isaacson04/06/1958
939Except They Be AgreedMark E. Petersen04/06/1958
940This Gospel ... Not A GospelHugh B. Brown04/06/1958
941Can Two Walk Together? Delbert L. Stapley04/06/1958
942"Seek Ye First"A. Theodore Tuttle04/06/1958
943"Only One Answer"Henry D. Taylor04/06/1958
944An Expression of GratitudeGordon B. Hinckley04/06/1958
945The Church in MexicoMarion G. Romney04/06/1958
946A Summation and a BlessingDavid O. McKay04/06/1958
947Courage to Face the Inevitable through Faith in a Divine RedeemerHarold B. Lee04/06/1958
948"Hunger for Religion"Stephen L Richards10/10/1958
949Missionary ResponsibilityAntoine R. Ivins10/10/1958
950God's Kingdom Is HereGordon B. Hinckley10/10/1958
951Faith -- and the PolynesiansDelbert L. Stapley10/10/1958
952"Seek Ye Earnestly ... " Joseph Fielding Smith10/10/1958
953The Tempering Process of LifeEldred G. Smith10/10/1958
954Blessings of the ChurchAlma Sonne10/10/1958
955"A Marvelous Work and a Wonder"Milton R. Hunter10/10/1958
956"In Consequence of Evils and Designs"Joseph L. Wirthlin10/10/1958
957The Saints in EuropeHenry D. Moyle10/10/1958
958Let Us Pray AlwaysJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/11/1958
959Peace and BrotherhoodA. Theodore Tuttle10/11/1958
960"Be Not Weary in Well-doing"Alvin R. Dyer10/11/1958
961Search the ScripturesSpencer W. Kimball10/11/1958
962A Reaffirmation: "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet"Richard L. Evans10/11/1958
963We Affirm Our FaithHugh B. Brown10/11/1958
964"Seek Ye Wisdom"Levi Edgar Young10/11/1958
965"Words to Live By"John Longden10/11/1958
966The Uses of AdversityGeorge Q. Morris10/11/1958
967"Teach Your Children"S. Dilworth Young10/11/1958
968UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/11/1958
969UntitledStephen L Richards10/11/1958
970UntitledDavid O. McKay10/11/1958
971The Mission of Lay MembersDavid O. McKay10/12/1958
972The RestorationMarion G. Romney10/12/1958
973The Heritage of FreedomEzra Taft Benson10/12/1958
974The Big ThreeSterling W. Sill10/12/1958
975"For Man Is Spirit"Marion D. Hanks10/12/1958
976" ... Always Be a Missionary"LeGrand Richards10/12/1958
977"God's Kingdom on Earth"Bruce R. McConkie10/12/1958
978The General ConferenceCarl W. Buehner10/12/1958
979A BlessingDavid O. McKay10/12/1958
980The Resurrected Christ AppearsJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/04/1959
981" ... If Ye Believe Not that I Am He, Ye Shall Die in Your Sins"Marion G. Romney04/04/1959
982Report of European Mission TourElRay L. Christiansen04/04/1959
983Keep the Sabbath Day HolyJoseph L. Wirthlin04/04/1959
984Ours -- The Greatest MessageLeGrand Richards04/04/1959
985Temple WorkJoseph Fielding Smith04/04/1959
986Aspire Not for the Honors of MenAlma Sonne04/04/1959
987"Whom Say Ye ... " Spencer W. Kimball04/04/1959
988The Mightiest Work of AllLevi Edgar Young04/04/1959
989One Hundred PercentersCarl W. Buehner04/04/1959
990The Latter-day ProphetsJohn Longden04/04/1959
991UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/04/1959
992UntitledStephen L Richards04/04/1959
993UntitledDavid O. McKay04/04/1959
994What It Means To Be a ChristianStephen L Richards04/05/1959
995GratitudeHenry D. Taylor04/05/1959
996Heed the Whisperings of the SpiritS. Dilworth Young04/05/1959
997Show Us the FatherSterling W. Sill04/05/1959
998Responsibility for the Guidance of YouthThorpe B. Isaacson04/05/1959
999The Gospel, a Solid Wall of TruthHarold B. Lee04/05/1959
1000Training of YouthDavid O. McKay04/05/1959
1001"Something Missing"Marion D. Hanks04/05/1959
1002Advice to YouthEzra Taft Benson04/05/1959
1003HappinessWilliam J. Critchlow, Jr.04/05/1959
1004TeachingA. Theodore Tuttle04/05/1959
1005His Word Ye Shall ReceiveMark E. Petersen04/05/1959
1006Individual Commitment in Sustaining FreedomHenry D. Moyle04/06/1959
1007Work for the DeadEldred G. Smith04/06/1959
1008Build Up the KingdomGeorge Q. Morris04/06/1959
1009The Messiah and the JewsMilton R. Hunter04/06/1959
1010Keeping the CovenantsDelbert L. Stapley04/06/1959
1011Jesus the ChristHugh B. Brown04/06/1959
1012The MotiveRichard L. Evans04/06/1959
1013The Need for Inspired LeadershipAlvin R. Dyer04/06/1959
1014Salvation, A Family AffairBruce R. McConkie04/06/1959
1015Prepare for Missionary ServiceGordon B. Hinckley04/06/1959
1016Closing AddressDavid O. McKay04/06/1959
1017Preach the WordDavid O. McKay10/09/1959
1018A Portrait of the Man of GalileeWilliam J. Critchlow, Jr.10/09/1959
1019"Going Steady"Mark E. Petersen10/09/1959
1020The Value of the GospelJoseph Fielding Smith10/09/1959
1021Reviewing the RevelationsAlvin R. Dyer10/09/1959
1022"Just One Boy"Marion D. Hanks10/09/1959
1023How Are We WorshipingJohn Longden10/09/1959
1024Missionary WorkLeGrand Richards10/09/1959
1025The Task AheadJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/10/1959
1026Eternal Life -- Eternal MarriageGeorge Q. Morris10/10/1959
1027On Reading the Standard WorksBruce R. McConkie10/10/1959
1028My Friend and ICarl W. Buehner10/10/1959
1029The Sermon on the MountAlma Sonne10/10/1959
1030To You ... Our KinsmenSpencer W. Kimball10/10/1959
1031"That You May Know the Truth"Eldred G. Smith10/10/1959
1032Can You Bear Testimony? Joseph L. Wirthlin10/10/1959
1033Who Would Justify -- A Little Sin? ElRay L. Christiansen10/10/1959
1034The RestorationDelbert L. Stapley10/10/1959
1035UntitledHenry D. Moyle10/10/1959
1036UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/10/1959
1037UntitledDavid O. McKay10/10/1959
1038Know the TruthHenry D. Moyle10/11/1959
1039"Not Yet, Dear Lord, Not Yet"Thorpe B. Isaacson10/11/1959
1040" ... That Ye Love One Another ... " Henry D. Taylor10/11/1959
1041Advice to TeachersLevi Edgar Young10/11/1959
1042Concern for Our ChildrenS. Dilworth Young10/11/1959
1043We Believe the BibleSterling W. Sill10/11/1959
1044The Phenomenon of MormonismHugh B. Brown10/11/1959
1045Call to RepentanceEzra Taft Benson10/11/1959
1046The ConstitutionAntoine R. Ivins10/11/1959
1047The Stick of JosephGordon B. Hinckley10/11/1959
1048A Word in PartingDavid O. McKay10/11/1959
1049The Ultimate ObjectiveRichard L. Evans10/11/1959
1050UntitledHenry D. Moyle04/02/1960
1051UntitledJ. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/02/1960
1052UntitledDavid O. McKay04/02/1960
1053Duty of the Church -- To Teach Fundamental Principles of a Good LifeDavid O. McKay04/03/1960
1054The Aaronic PriesthoodJoseph L. Wirthlin04/03/1960
1055A Divine Key to KnowledgeWilliam J. Critchlow, Jr.04/03/1960
1056Teach HonorMark E. Petersen04/03/1960
1057"All Roads Lead to Rome"J. Rueben Clark, Jr.04/03/1960
1058The Primary Purpose of the Present DispensationElRay L. Christiansen04/03/1960
1059My TestimonyAlma Sonne04/03/1960
1060The Five WorldsHugh B. Brown04/03/1960
1061Watch and Be PreparedHenry D. Moyle04/04/1960
1062Eternal ValuesThorpe B. Isaacson04/04/1960
1063A Look at HistoryLevi Edgar Young04/04/1960
1064The Virtues of FathersSterling W. Sill04/04/1960
1065Joseph Smith's First PrayerJoseph Fielding Smith04/04/1960
1066Have Faith ... Delbert L. Stapley04/04/1960
1067An Holy NationCarl W. Buehner04/04/1960
1068Responsibility to Teach the GospelS. Dilworth Young04/04/1960
1069The CornerstoneGordon B. Hinckley04/04/1960
1070A Prophet Is BornSpencer W. Kimball04/04/1960
1071The Threat of CommunismEzra Taft Benson04/06/1960
1072The Return of the JewsGeorge Q. Morris04/06/1960
1073"Who Shall Prepare Himself"Marion D. Hanks04/06/1960
1074To Convince the WorldLeGrand Richards04/06/1960
1075The Work in Great BritainHarold B. Lee04/06/1960
1076Drink Deeply from the Divine FountainMarion G. Romney04/06/1960
1077A Marvelous WorkJohn Longden04/06/1960
1078Man Will Live AgainMilton R. Hunter04/06/1960
1079Excess BaggageHenry D. Taylor04/06/1960
1080"Did Not Your Hearts Burn ... ?" David O. McKay04/06/1960
1081As He ThinkethHoward W. Hunter04/03/1960
1082"What About Jesus Christ"David O. McKay10/07/1960
1083"If It Be Just ... " Henry D. Taylor10/07/1960
1084Pledged to Obedience and LoyaltyMarion D. Hanks10/07/1960
1085"God Working with Men"Harold B. Lee10/07/1960
1086The Peace That Comes Through RighteousnessHenry D. Moyle10/07/1960
1087"Judge Not"Milton R. Hunter10/07/1960
1088This Marvelous WorkJoseph L. Wirthlin10/07/1960
1089The Church Is a Stage, Its Members PlayersWilliam J. Critchlow, Jr.10/07/1960
1090The Day of the LamanitesSpencer W. Kimball10/07/1960
1091Answer to the CallN. Eldon Tanner10/08/1960
1092I Pledge MyselfFranklin D. Richards10/08/1960
1093GratitudeTheodore M. Burton10/08/1960
1094Cry RepentanceJoseph Fielding Smith10/08/1960
1095" ... Two of a Family ... " Carl W. Buehner10/08/1960
1096How to Prepare for MissionsBruce R. McConkie10/08/1960
1097A Fulfilment of ProphecyAlvin R. Dyer10/08/1960
1098Look to Our Young MenThorpe B. Isaacson10/08/1960
1099"I Have Witnesses Miracles"Gordon B. Hinckley10/08/1960
1100The Greatest of All BlessingsEldred G. Smith10/08/1960
1101Our Historic TabernacleLeGrand Richards10/08/1960
1102UntitledMarion G. Romney10/08/1960
1103UntitledMark E. Petersen10/08/1960
1104UntitledDavid O. McKay10/08/1960
1105UntitledHenry D. Moyle10/08/1960
1106"I am the Life, the Light, the Way, and the Truth; and the Law"J. Rueben Clark, Jr.10/09/1960
1107The Open TombHugh B. Brown10/09/1960
1108Need for Witness of the SpiritA. Theodore Tuttle10/09/1960
1109"Keep Faith With Your Family"Delbert L. Stapley10/09/1960
1110Communist Threat to the AmericasEzra Taft Benson10/09/1960
1111To Magnify the PriesthoodAntoine R. Ivins10/09/1960
1112Secretly a Disciple? Howard W. Hunter10/09/1960
1113The Destiny of This ChurchAlma Sonne10/09/1960
1114Eternal OpportunitiesRichard L. Evans10/09/1960
1115Eternal Association of the FamilyElRay L. Christiansen10/09/1960
1116It Has Been GloriousDavid O. McKay10/09/1960
1117The Destiny of YouthDavid O. McKay04/06/1961
1118Lift Up Your EyesSterling W. Sill04/06/1961
1119"Be Thou an Example of the Believers"Joseph L. Wirthlin04/06/1961
1120Put Your Hand to the PlowHoward W. Hunter04/06/1961
1121"That the World through Him Might be Saved"Harold B. Lee04/06/1961
1122Who's on the Lord's SideCarl W. Buehner04/06/1961
1123The Book of MormonBruce R. McConkie04/06/1961
1124"Prove Me Now Herewith ... " LeGrand Richards04/06/1961
1125The Eternity of Temple MarriageJoseph Fielding Smith04/08/1961
1126The Greatest Event in Ancient AmericaMilton R. Hunter04/08/1961
1127Portrait of the Prophet Joseph SmithWilliam J. Critchlow, Jr.04/08/1961
1128"And None Shall Stay Them ... " Alma Sonne04/08/1961
1129Joint Heirship with ChristDelbert L. Stapley04/08/1961
1130What Makes a Latter-day Saint? Eldred G. Smith04/08/1961
1131Young People Away from HomeS. Dilworth Young04/08/1961
1132" ... Walk in My Statutes ... " ElRay L. Christiansen04/08/1961
1133Toward a Balanced LifeRichard L. Evans04/08/1961
1134The Unforgettable Holy LandSpencer W. Kimball04/08/1961
1135Share the GospelFranklin D. Richards04/08/1961
1136Ready to HarvestGordon B. Hinckley04/08/1961
1137Extend the Hand of FellowshipMark E. Petersen04/08/1961
1138A Time of PreparationDavid O. McKay04/08/1961
1139The Testimony We Give of HimHenry D. Moyle04/09/1961
1140The Great Missionary ServiceN. Eldon Tanner04/09/1961
1141A World MessageEzra Taft Benson04/09/1961
1142"My Church Shall Be Called in My Name"Marion G. Romney04/09/1961
1143Sharing the GospelJohn Longden04/09/1961
1144"In the Sweat of Thy Face ... " Henry D. Taylor04/09/1961
1145" ... With All thy Getting Get Understanding"Theodore M. Burton04/09/1961
1146Serve Your Fellow Men in LoveDavid O. McKay04/09/1961
1147Our Need for Better ParentsMark E. Petersen04/09/1961
1148The Cause of LibertyDavid O. McKay09/29/1961
1149Design for LivingElRay L. Christiansen09/29/1961
1150Preparation, an Antidote for FearMarion D. Hanks09/29/1961
1151Cease to be IdleJoseph L. Wirthlin09/29/1961
1152The Book of Mormon, a Divine RecordJoseph Fielding Smith09/29/1961
1153Beware of Conspiring MenDelbert L. Stapley09/29/1961
1154"The World Our Circuit"John Longden09/29/1961
1155Whom Do You Worship? Eldred G. Smith09/29/1961
1156Listen to the Prophet's VoiceSpencer W. Kimball09/29/1961
1157The Spirit of ConversionHenry D. Moyle09/30/1961
1158The Pure Love of ChristMark E. Petersen09/30/1961
1159Accomplish the Work of the LordAlvin R. Dyer09/30/1961
1160"Whom I Love I also Chasten"William J. Critchlow, Jr.09/30/1961
1161Seek the SpiritMarion G. Romney09/30/1961
1162"One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism"LeGrand Richards09/30/1961
1163Men in StepSterling W. Sill09/30/1961
1164The American Heritage of Freedom -- A Plan of GodEzra Taft Benson09/30/1961
1165New Plan of Coordination ExplainedHarold B. Lee09/30/1961
1166"Elimination of the Insignificant"Richard L. Evans09/30/1961
1167Loyalty to the ChurchHugh B. Brown09/30/1961
1168"Except a Man be Born Again ... ." David O. McKay09/30/1961
1169Revelation: The Challenging Message of MormonismHugh B. Brown10/01/1961
1170Keeping All of God's CommandmentsHenry D. Taylor10/01/1961
1171By the Word of Their TestimonyN. Eldon Tanner10/01/1961
1172An Everyday ReligionHoward W. Hunter10/01/1961
1173Keep God's Commandments NowMilton R. Hunter10/01/1961
1174Read the Book of MormonAlma Sonne10/01/1961
1175When the Spirit SpeaksS. Dilworth Young10/01/1961
1176The Amazing Growth of the ChurchFranklin D. Richards10/01/1961
1177Trust the ProphetTheodore M. Burton10/01/1961
1178Show Your Faith by Your WorksDavid O. McKay10/01/1961
1179The Divine ChurchDavid O. McKay04/06/1962
1180Each Member to Convey GospelAlvin R. Dyer04/06/1962
1181Build WellSterling W. Sill04/06/1962
1182The Oath and Covenant Which Belongeth to the PriesthoodMarion G. Romney04/06/1962
1183Doing GoodHenry D. Taylor04/06/1962
1184"Search ... Pray ... Believe"Harold B. Lee04/06/1962
1185Keep the Sabbath DayElRay L. Christiansen04/06/1962
1186Be a DiscipleAlma Sonne04/06/1962
1187Repentance -- Spelled with 7 R'sWilliam J. Critchlow, Jr.04/06/1962
1188Our Business -- To Serve the LordLeGrand Richards04/07/1962
1189An Anchor to Our SoulsJoseph Fielding Smith04/07/1962
1190Responsibility and the PriesthoodAntoine R. Ivins04/07/1962
1191Be MissionariesFranklin D. Richards04/07/1962
1192The Transforming Power of the GospelN. Eldon Tanner04/07/1962
1193Catching the VisionTheodore M. Burton04/07/1962
1194Spiritual CommunicationSpencer W. Kimball04/07/1962
1195Our Responsibility to Our DeadEldred G. Smith04/07/1962
1196The Blessing of FastingThorpe B. Isaacson04/07/1962
1197The Church in the Far EastGordon B. Hinckley04/07/1962
1198"An Understanding Heart"Howard W. Hunter04/07/1962
1199Following Proven PathsRobert L. Simpson04/07/1962
1200Goals for YouthVictor L. Brown04/07/1962
1201Aaronic Priesthood ResponsibilityJohn H. Vandenberg04/07/1962
1202Honor the PriesthoodHugh B. Brown04/07/1962
1203"Where Your Treasure Is"Henry D. Moyle04/07/1962
1204Preparing Young Men for the PriesthoodDavid O. McKay04/07/1962
1205This We Believe ... Richard L. Evans04/08/1962
1206Revelation: Yesterday and TodayHenry D. Moyle04/08/1962
1207The Lord's Base of OperationsEzra Taft Benson04/08/1962
1208"Are the Latter-day Saints ... Christians?" Hugh B. Brown04/08/1962
1209Parents Are Responsible for Their ChildrenS. Dilworth Young04/08/1962
1210A Challenge to YouthBoyd K. Packer04/08/1962
1211The Gospel Growth in South AmericaA. Theodore Tuttle04/08/1962
1212The Voice of AppreciationDavid O. McKay04/08/1962
1213The Gospel and the IndividualDavid O. McKay10/05/1962
1214The Divine Mission of Joseph SmithBruce R. McConkie10/05/1962
1215Three ChallengesAlvin R. Dyer10/05/1962
1216"It Cannot Happen Here"Ezra Taft Benson10/05/1962
1217Book of Mormon Critics RefutedJoseph Fielding Smith10/05/1962
1218To Believe is to SeeHoward W. Hunter10/05/1962
1219"Blessed Are the Peacemakers"John Longden10/05/1962
1220The Golden QuestionsFranklin D. Richards10/05/1962
1221What About the Man? Sterling W. Sill10/06/1962
1222The Quest for TruthHugh B. Brown10/06/1962
1223"One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism"Mark E. Petersen10/06/1962
1224The Errand of YouthBoyd K. Packer10/06/1962
1225Spouses and None ElseSpencer W. Kimball10/06/1962
1226A Time of TestingEldred G. Smith10/06/1962
1227The Greatest WeightJohn H. Vandenberg10/06/1962
1228Testimony -- A Motivating ForceTheodore M. Burton10/06/1962
1229Gratitude for a CallN. Eldon Tanner10/06/1962
1230Report from the Correlation CommitteeHarold B. Lee10/06/1962
1231Report from the Correlation CommitteeGordon B. Hinckley10/06/1962
1232Report from the Correlation CommitteeMarion G. Romney10/06/1962
1233Report from the Correlation CommitteeHarold B. Lee10/06/1962
1234Magnify Your CallingsHugh B. Brown10/06/1962
1235"Ye Shall Not Fear"Henry D. Moyle10/06/1962
1236Priesthood and Perfecting the SaintsDavid O. McKay10/06/1962
1237Obey the Gospel of GodHenry D. Moyle10/07/1962
1238Look to God and LiveMarion G. Romney10/07/1962
1239The Change in Juan FulanoA. Theodore Tuttle10/07/1962
1240He Knocks -- We Open the DoorRobert L. Simpson10/07/1962
1241Substance or ShadowMarion D. Hanks10/07/1962
1242" ... Let Us Love One Another ... " Bernard P. Brockbank10/07/1962
1243I Tell You of Heavenly ThingsLeGrand Richards10/07/1962
1244" ... To Forgive Is Divine"Henry D. Taylor10/07/1962
1245Jesus Is the Son of GodWilliam J. Critchlow, Jr.10/07/1962
1246A Foundation Stone of the GospelElRay L. Christiansen10/07/1962
1247Cultivate the Spirit of ServiceDavid O. McKay10/07/1962
1248Be Doers of the WordHugh B. Brown04/05/1963
1249Sincere Devotion -- A Willing HeartAntoine R. Ivins04/05/1963
1250A Letter to My Son MichaelMilton R. Hunter04/05/1963
1251"Gain a Testimony ... " Eldred G. Smith04/05/1963
1252Our Responsibilities on the Sabbath DayJoseph Fielding Smith04/05/1963
1253Knowing Is not EnoughRichard L. Evans04/05/1963
1254A Solid FoundationAlma Sonne04/05/1963
1255A Glorious PrincipleJohn H. Vandenberg04/05/1963
1256God's Prophet -- David O. McKayWilliam J. Critchlow, Jr.04/05/1963
1257The Consequences of SinDelbert L. Stapley04/05/1963
1258This Same JesusSterling W. Sill04/06/1963
1259"Where Much Is Given ... " Henry D. Moyle04/06/1963
1260A New DispensationAlvin R. Dyer04/06/1963
1261God's Law of HealthRobert L. Simpson04/06/1963
1262The Book of Vital MessagesSpencer W. Kimball04/06/1963
1263The Saints Must Stand FirmElRay L. Christiansen04/06/1963
1264"Ye Have Heard My Voice"S. Dilworth Young04/06/1963
1265"And the Lamanites Shall Blossom as the Rose"Marion G. Romney04/06/1963
1266The Correlation ProgramHarold B. Lee04/06/1963
1267Participation: The Way to SalvationHugh B. Brown04/06/1963
1268Phenomenal Growth of LDS Educational Facilities of the IslandsHenry D. Moyle04/06/1963
1269Priesthood and Quorums Supply Initial NeedDavid O. McKay04/06/1963
1270The Restored Gospel -- An Ensign to the NationsDavid O. McKay04/07/1963
1271The Restored Gospel of Jesus ChristN. Eldon Tanner04/07/1963
1272Evidences of the ResurrectionHoward W. Hunter04/07/1963
1273Principle with a PromiseBoyd K. Packer04/07/1963
1274Righteousness Exalteth a NationEzra Taft Benson04/07/1963
1275The Most Important MessageLeGrand Richards04/07/1963
1276Some Rain Must FallHenry D. Taylor04/07/1963
1277"To Fill the Whole Earth"Franklin D. Richards04/07/1963
1278The Responsibility Placed on a Latter-day SaintBernard P. Brockbank04/07/1963
1279The Force of Family PrayerGordon B. Hinckley04/07/1963
1280Radiation of the GospelDavid O. McKay04/07/1963
1281Keep Faith with Your FamilyN. Eldon Tanner04/07/1963
1282The True Purpose of LifeDavid O. McKay10/04/1963
1283"I Will Go and Do the Things ... " N. Eldon Tanner10/04/1963
1284"I Stand at the Door and Knock"Thomas S. Monson10/04/1963
1285Be Not DeceivedEzra Taft Benson10/04/1963
1286Study, Pray, ObeyJoseph Fielding Smith10/04/1963
1287ConversionMarion G. Romney10/04/1963
1288Priesthood -- Asset or LiabilityWilliam J. Critchlow, Jr.10/04/1963
1289Love One AnotherJohn Longden10/04/1963
1290Every Member a MissionaryFranklin D. Richards10/04/1963
1291Keep Mothers in the HomeSpencer W. Kimball10/04/1963
1292CommunicationRichard L. Evans10/05/1963
1293A Chosen Generation ... A Peculiar PeopleJohn H. Vandenberg10/05/1963
1294"We Believe in Being Honest"Alvin R. Dyer10/05/1963
1295Christ Is the CornerstoneAlma Sonne10/05/1963
1296The Church, the Most Important ThingLeGrand Richards10/05/1963
1297How Much Is too Much? Eldred G. Smith10/05/1963
1298"Where Is Your Power?" Boyd K. Packer10/05/1963
1299"Feed My Sheep"Bernard P. Brockbank10/05/1963
1300"He That Is the Greatest Among You"Henry D. Taylor10/05/1963
1301To Have DominionSterling W. Sill10/05/1963
1302The Fight Between Good and EvilHugh B. Brown10/06/1963
1303Need for Great TeachersThorpe B. Isaacson10/06/1963
1304Prophets in This DispensationHoward W. Hunter10/06/1963
1305Youth of Zion, Stand Up, and be Counted! Robert L. Simpson10/06/1963
1306This Is Our GospelHarold B. Lee10/06/1963
1307The Glorious StandardDelbert L. Stapley10/06/1963
1308The Need for Moral CourageElRay L. Christiansen10/06/1963
1309The Need for FaithAntoine R. Ivins10/06/1963
1310Herself -- A Light! Victor L. Brown10/06/1963
1311Raise the Voice of TestimonyMark E. Petersen10/06/1963
1312A Great ResponsibilityDavid O. McKay10/06/1963
1313"Except the Lord Build the Home"Gordon B. Hinckley10/06/1963
1314"Blessed Are They That Do His Commandments"David O. McKay04/04/1964
1315The Spirit of Missionary Work in South AmericaA. Theodore Tuttle04/04/1964
1316J DaySterling W. Sill04/04/1964
1317The Christian ReformationMark E. Petersen04/04/1964
1318The Strength of the ChurchHarold B. Lee04/04/1964
1319Was Joseph Smith Called of God? Bruce R. McConkie04/04/1964
1320Gospel Blessings -- Future-Wise -- Present-Wise -- Past-WiseWilliam J. Critchlow, Jr.04/04/1964
1321The Windows of HeavenHoward W. Hunter04/04/1964
1322"The Heavens Are Not Stayed"Gordon B. Hinckley04/04/1964
1323Built-In StrengthJohn H. Vandenberg04/04/1964
1324" ... Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God ... " N. Eldon Tanner04/04/1964
1325Sacred Rules of ConductHugh B. Brown04/04/1964
1326Cleanliness and MoralityDavid O. McKay04/04/1964
1327"The Heavens Are Open"N. Eldon Tanner04/05/1964
1328Giving One's AllFranklin D. Richards04/05/1964
1329A Memo to DadsRobert L. Simpson04/05/1964
1330The Gospel -- and the DeadTheodore M. Burton04/05/1964
1331Conviction -- A Need of TodayAlvin R. Dyer04/05/1964
1332"They Call for New Light"Hugh B. Brown04/05/1964
1333"Suffer the Little Children"Boyd K. Packer04/05/1964
1334The Lord's Way -- The Best WayEldred G. Smith04/05/1964
1335Clean SpeechHenry D. Taylor04/05/1964
1336" ... For They Shall See God"Spencer W. Kimball04/05/1964
1337"Chastity -- Fundamental to Our Civilization"Joseph Fielding Smith04/06/1964
1338The LDS Church at the World's FairBernard P. Brockbank04/06/1964
1339"Judge Not ... " Thorpe B. Isaacson04/06/1964
1340The Second Coming of ChristJohn Longden04/06/1964
1341"He Is Risen"Ezra Taft Benson04/06/1964
1342RevelationMarion G. Romney04/06/1964
1343The Measure of What Is GoodRichard L. Evans04/06/1964
1344Come Unto MeThomas S. Monson04/06/1964
1345The Kingdom of GodDelbert L. Stapley04/06/1964
1346Peace Built Upon the Solid Foundation of Eternal PrinciplesDavid O. McKay10/02/1964
1347Gratitude for the Restoration of the TruthJoseph Fielding Smith10/02/1964
1348How to Obtain a TestimonyEldred G. Smith10/02/1964
1349The World's Fair: A ReportBernard P. Brockbank10/02/1964
1350Comparative ValuesPaul H. Dunn10/02/1964
1351In Search of TruthThomas S. Monson10/02/1964
1352So Long as You Both Shall LiveSpencer W. Kimball10/02/1964
1353The Influence of the Gospel on the FamilyA. Theodore Tuttle10/02/1964
1354Deliverance of the CaptivesTheodore M. Burton10/02/1964
1355"Come Unto Christ"Bruce R. McConkie10/02/1964
1356Follow CounselJohn H. Vandenberg10/02/1964
1357Testimonies to the Divinity of Jesus ChristN. Eldon Tanner10/03/1964
1358The Living and True GodMarion G. Romney10/03/1964
1359This Nation Under GodThorpe B. Isaacson10/03/1964
1360Three Threatening DangersEzra Taft Benson10/03/1964
1361Salt of the EarthDelbert L. Stapley10/03/1964
1362No One Believes the Lord? LeGrand Richards10/03/1964
1363The Influence of the BibleAlma Sonne10/03/1964
1364Order and DiligenceFranklin D. Richards10/03/1964
1365Priesthood Correlation and the Home EveningHarold B. Lee10/03/1964
1366A Man of the PriesthoodDavid O. McKay10/03/1964
1367Spiritual DimensionRobert L. Simpson10/03/1964
1368Keep the CommandmentsHugh B. Brown10/04/1964
1369More than a PhilosophyHugh B. Brown10/03/1964
1370The Road to DamascusHoward W. Hunter10/04/1964
1371PrepentanceSterling W. Sill10/04/1964
1372Thou Art YouMarion D. Hanks10/04/1964
1373The Dimension of the SpiritGordon B. Hinckley10/04/1964
1374Three New Volumes of Scriptures RevealedMark E. Petersen10/04/1964
1375"My Peace I Give Unto You"John Longden10/04/1964
1376Can I Really Know? Boyd K. Packer10/04/1964
1377In Whom Shall We Place Our Trust? ElRay L. Christiansen10/04/1964
1378Salvation Dependent Upon Communication from GodAlvin R. Dyer10/04/1964
1379"No Other Success Can Compensate for Failure in the Home"Richard L. Evans10/04/1964
1380"Search Diligently, Pray Always, and Be Believing"Harold B. Lee10/04/1964
1381America Needs YouThomas S. Monson10/04/1964
1382Safeguards Against the Delinquency of YouthDavid O. McKay04/04/1965
1383The Divine FamilyJoseph Fielding Smith04/04/1965
1384The HomeHarold B. Lee04/04/1965
1385Threat of Moral DecayN. Eldon Tanner04/04/1965
1386Keep the FaithDelbert L. Stapley04/04/1965
1387"The Keystone of Our Religion"Bruce R. McConkie04/04/1965
1388Field White to Harvest -- South AmericaA. Theodore Tuttle04/04/1965
1389My Wife's HusbandPaul H. Dunn04/04/1965
1390No True Worship without ChastityMark E. Petersen04/04/1965
1391This Church Is Christianity RestoredHugh B. Brown04/05/1965
1392The Precious Gift of SightThomas S. Monson04/05/1965
1393Beware of the LeavenJohn H. Vandenberg04/05/1965
1394The Book of Mormon: Its Own Silent WitnessS. Dilworth Young04/05/1965
1395Man Does Not Stand AloneHenry D. Taylor04/05/1965
1396"And God Spake All These Words ... " Howard W. Hunter04/05/1965
1397Home Training -- the Cure for EvilSpencer W. Kimball04/05/1965
1398Youth's Obligation to ParentsBoyd K. Packer04/05/1965
1399Light: Symbol of God's WordAlma Sonne04/05/1965
1400Read the Book of MormonWilliam J. Critchlow, Jr.04/05/1965
1401A Principle With PromiseGordon B. Hinckley04/05/1965
1402The Evils of Cigarette SmokingDavid O. McKay04/05/1965
1403False LoyaltyAlvin R. Dyer04/05/1965
1404The Death InstinctSterling W. Sill04/05/1965
1405How Fortunate Can We Be? Marion D. Hanks04/05/1965
1406The Two Great CommandmentsN. Eldon Tanner04/05/1965
1407The Way to Peace RevealedMarion G. Romney04/06/1965
1408Modern RevelationFranklin D. Richards04/06/1965
1409The Work of ElijahTheodore M. Burton04/06/1965
1410Family Unity through a Father's BlessingEldred G. Smith04/06/1965
1411Missionary ExperiencesLeGrand Richards04/06/1965
1412Not Commanded in All ThingsEzra Taft Benson04/06/1965
1413Prophets Are in Our MidstThorpe B. Isaacson04/06/1965
1414The First Principles and Ordinances of the GospelJohn Longden04/06/1965
1415Moderation and the GospelBernard P. Brockbank04/06/1965
1416"Not as the World Giveth"Robert L. Simpson04/06/1965
1417How Much Is This All Worth? Richard L. Evans04/06/1965
1418The Purpose of Church to Perfect the IndividualDavid O. McKay04/06/1965
1419Manís Free AgencyDavid O. McKay10/01/1965
1420This Pearl Beyond PriceDelbert L. Stapley10/01/1965
1421The Laws of Man and GodAlvin R. Dyer10/01/1965
1422Making Our Calling and Election SureMarion G. Romney10/01/1965
1423The Blessings of Eternal GloryJoseph Fielding Smith10/01/1965
1424Keeping God's Law vs The Burden of SinA. Theodore Tuttle10/01/1965
1425Our Lord and MasterAlma Sonne10/01/1965
1426Women and the PriesthoodWilliam J. Critchlow, Jr.10/01/1965
1427Of Influence on Children in the HomeRichard L. Evans10/01/1965
1428Reverence for LawN. Eldon Tanner10/02/1965
1429A Charter for YouthGordon B. Hinckley10/02/1965
1430"Ye Are Gods"Sterling W. Sill10/02/1965
1431Their Greatest TragedyMark E. Petersen10/02/1965
1432A Changing World for the Barry BegaysSpencer W. Kimball10/02/1965
1433A Holy RelationshipElRay L. Christiansen10/02/1965
1434Building a Foundation of Personal RevelationRobert L. Simpson10/02/1965
1435The Dynamics of TestimonyMilton R. Hunter10/02/1965
1436The Need of a ProphetLeGrand Richards10/02/1965
1437The Responsibility of the Melchizedek PriesthoodTheodore M. Burton10/02/1965
1438Mission Calls and Selective ServiceGordon B. Hinckley10/02/1965
1439The Right and Authority of the PriesthoodDavid O. McKay10/02/1965
1440Faith in AmericaHugh B. Brown10/03/1965
1441Organization of the Church of ChristHoward W. Hunter10/03/1965
1442Who Shall Lead Them? Paul H. Dunn10/03/1965
1443The Many Voices Calling YouthMarion D. Hanks10/03/1965
1444America -- A Man and an EventEzra Taft Benson10/03/1965
1445Watch! Be Ye Therefore ReadyHarold B. Lee10/03/1965
1446Who Then Can Be Saved? John H. Vandenberg10/03/1965
1447Our First and Second EstatesFranklin D. Richards10/03/1965
1448Life's Greatest MeaningBernard P. Brockbank10/03/1965
1449The Search for JesusThomas S. Monson10/03/1965
1450Cherish Noble AspirationsDavid O. McKay10/03/1965
1451The Signs of the Lordís ComingJoseph Fielding Smith04/06/1966
1452Missionary Work -- Our Way of LifeBernard P. Brockbank04/06/1966
1453The Second ComingSterling W. Sill04/06/1966
1454Repentance -- the Blessing of HopeVictor L. Brown04/06/1966
1455The Vision of LehiDelbert L. Stapley04/06/1966
1456Otherwise, Of What Value is Christianity? Mark E. Petersen04/06/1966
1457A Modern SacrificeTheodore M. Burton04/06/1966
1458Christ Will Come AgainElRay L. Christiansen04/06/1966
1459Time is of the EssenceJohn Longden04/06/1966
1460Can You Abide Two Hours? Eldred G. Smith04/06/1966
1461A Basic Hard-Core Godhead Concept for Christian CreedsWilliam J. Critchlow, Jr.04/06/1966
1462Motivations for Good: Fear, Duty, LoveHoward W. Hunter04/06/1966
1463What Would Thou Have Me Do? Robert L. Simpson04/09/1966
1464The Reality of the ResurrectionDavid O. McKay04/09/1966
1465I Know That My Redeemer LivesThomas S. Monson04/09/1966
1466That Ye May Be Able to Withstand in the Evil DayHarold B. Lee04/09/1966
1467Hidden WedgesSpencer W. Kimball04/09/1966
1468Truth Will PrevailAlma Sonne04/09/1966
1469Scriptural Witness of Jesus ChristBruce R. McConkie04/09/1966
1470When the Lord Commands, Do ItHenry D. Taylor04/09/1966
1471The Miracle That Is JesusGordon B. Hinckley04/09/1966
1472The Test of LoveRichard L. Evans04/09/1966
1473UntitledArch L. Madsen10/01/1966
1474Strait Is the GateJohn H. Vandenberg04/09/1966
1475Socialism and the United Order ComparedMarion G. Romney04/09/1966
1476No Exaltation Without the PriesthoodJoseph Fielding Smith04/09/1966
1477The Wisdom of Keeping the Word of WisdomN. Eldon Tanner04/09/1966
1478Only One Standard of MoralityDavid O. McKay04/09/1966
1479A Testimony Through the Holy GhostLeGrand Richards04/10/1966
1480"He Lives -- All Glory to His Name"Hugh B. Brown04/10/1966
1481How One Can Know That God LivesPaul H. Dunn04/10/1966
1482Man's Eternal DestinyAlvin R. Dyer04/10/1966
1483In His StepsEzra Taft Benson04/10/1966
1484"He Is Not Dead"N. Eldon Tanner04/10/1966
1485The Principles of the Gospel Are EternalFranklin D. Richards04/10/1966
1486Peace Now and Joy HereafterJames A. Cullimore04/10/1966
1487The Witness of the SpiritA. Theodore Tuttle04/10/1966
1488The Secret of ServiceBoyd K. Packer04/10/1966
1489How Many Apples in a Seed? Marion D. Hanks04/10/1966
1490Response to DutyDavid O. McKay04/10/1966
1491A Divine Plan for Finding Security and Peace of MindDavid O. McKay09/30/1966
1492Godís Gifts to Polynesiaís PeopleThomas S. Monson09/30/1966
1493To Be -- Not to Have BeenPaul H. Dunn09/30/1966
1494Where is Peace? Howard W. Hunter09/30/1966
1495Continuous RevelationSpencer W. Kimball09/30/1966
1496Obedience -- the First Law of HeavenS. Dilworth Young09/30/1966
1497The Gospel is Eternal: A New Witness to the FactWilliam J. Critchlow, Jr.09/30/1966
1498The Temples of GodTheodore M. Burton09/30/1966
1499ResurrectionJohn Longden09/30/1966
1500Seeking Peace and HappinessMilton R. Hunter09/30/1966
1501The Fulfillment of ProphecyLeGrand Richards09/30/1966
1502The Gospel Our BulwarkN. Eldon Tanner10/01/1966
1503Be Not TroubledMarion G. Romney10/01/1966
1504Build Life for ServiceRichard L. Evans10/01/1966
1505Judgments of the Lord to Pour ForthJoseph Fielding Smith10/01/1966
1506Appreciation for Our Men in Military ServiceGordon B. Hinckley10/01/1966
1507Wisdom in SpendingJohn H. Vandenberg10/01/1966
1508Be Humble and StrongFranklin D. Richards10/01/1966
1509Found Not WantingAlma Sonne10/01/1966
1510Rearing Children WiselyVictor L. Brown10/01/1966
1511Repent and Turn to GodEldred G. Smith10/01/1966
1512Your Priesthood ResponsibilitiesJoseph Fielding Smith10/01/1966
1513The Church -- a Worldwide InstitutionDavid O. McKay10/01/1966
1514To Help Every Member Be a MissionaryBernard P. Brockbank10/01/1966
1515Keep Your CovenantsN. Eldon Tanner10/01/1966
1516Marriage, the Family, and the HomeHugh B. Brown10/02/1966
1517We Believe in Being HonestMark E. Petersen10/02/1966
1518And I Saw Another AngelBruce R. McConkie10/02/1966
1519The Holy GhostDelbert L. Stapley10/02/1966
1520Communion with DeityHarold B. Lee10/02/1966
1521Protecting Freedom -- An Immediate ResponsibilityEzra Taft Benson10/02/1966
1522Jesus Points the WayElRay L. Christiansen10/02/1966
1523ForgivenessRobert L. Simpson10/02/1966
1524"Children Are an Heritage of the Lord"Boyd K. Packer10/02/1966
1525Conference: Feast of the SaintsAlvin R. Dyer10/02/1966
1526The Will of GodDavid O. McKay10/02/1966
1527Glaring Evils of Our Day and a Warning to YouthDavid O. McKay04/06/1967
1528"If a Thing Is Right ... " Richard L. Evans04/06/1967
1529The Earthís SabbathSterling W. Sill04/06/1967
1530But Ye Have a CustomJohn H. Vandenberg04/06/1967
1531The Book of MormonLeGrand Richards04/06/1967
1532The Pangs of UnlearningDelbert L. Stapley04/06/1967
1533And the Gospel Must First Be PublishedVictor L. Brown04/06/1967
1534Loyalty Among All NationsHenry D. Taylor04/06/1967
1535The Principle of ObedienceS. Dilworth Young04/06/1967
1536Priesthood ResponsibilityTheodore M. Burton04/06/1967
1537The Reality of the ResurrectionElRay L. Christiansen04/06/1967
1538ImmortalityHugh B. Brown04/08/1967
1539A Challenge From VietnamGordon B. Hinckley04/08/1967
1540"Come, Follow Me"Thomas S. Monson04/08/1967
1541Prepare, Then Fear NotEzra Taft Benson04/08/1967
1542The MistletoeSpencer W. Kimball04/08/1967
1543CommitmentRobert L. Simpson04/08/1967
1544Come, Worship the LordBruce R. McConkie04/08/1967
1545The ProphetsAlma Sonne04/08/1967
1546Sacrifice Brings Forth the Blessings of HeavenFranklin D. Richards04/08/1967
1547Go Forth to ServeEldred G. Smith04/08/1967
1548Peace in This WorldMarion G. Romney04/08/1967
1549Consciousness of God: Supreme Goal of LifeDavid O. McKay04/08/1967
1550The Functions of the PriesthoodJoseph Fielding Smith04/08/1967
1551Mormon AstronautDon Lind04/08/1967
1552The Great CommandmentN. Eldon Tanner04/09/1967
1553The Carnal Mind is Enmity Against GodAlvin R. Dyer04/09/1967
1554America Testifies of ChristMark E. Petersen04/09/1967
1555Gospel ImperativesHoward W. Hunter04/09/1967
1556He That Loveth MeJoseph Fielding Smith04/09/1967
1557Be ComfortedMarion D. Hanks04/09/1967
1558Obedience to LawJohn Longden04/09/1967
1559A Call to the Christian ClergyBoyd K. Packer04/09/1967
1560Making God the Center of Our LivesDavid O. McKay04/09/1967
1561Semaphores of LifeAlvin R. Dyer09/29/1967
1562Unity of Purpose Important to the Accomplishment of Godís WorkDavid O. McKay09/29/1967
1563Is a Church Necessary? Howard W. Hunter09/29/1967
1564Sweet Are the Uses of AdversityA. Theodore Tuttle09/29/1967
1565The Law of the FastRobert L. Simpson09/29/1967
1566"Train Up a Child . . ." Victor L. Brown09/29/1967
1567Liquor: The Devil in SolutionSpencer W. Kimball09/29/1967
1568Trust Not in the Arm of FleshEzra Taft Benson09/29/1967
1569The Times of RefreshingBruce R. McConkie09/29/1967
1570The Road to HappinessJames A. Cullimore09/29/1967
1571The Power of PrayerN. Eldon Tanner09/30/1967
1572"Thank God It Can Be Done in My Time"Marion D. Hanks09/30/1967
1573The Tabernacle: A Century OldRichard L. Evans09/30/1967
1574The American TravailMark E. Petersen09/30/1967
1575True Vision and Knowledge Required for ExaltationDelbert L. Stapley09/30/1967
1576Keepers at HomeJohn H. Vandenberg09/30/1967
1577The Importance of TemplesTheodore M. Burton09/30/1967
1578Ask, Seek, and KnockEldred G. Smith09/30/1967
1579The Eternal Life of ManWilliam J. Critchlow, Jr.09/30/1967
1580Feed the Spirit -- Nourish the SoulGordon B. Hinckley09/30/1967
1581Priesthood Inherent in God -- From Him It Must EmanateDavid O. McKay09/30/1967
1582Meeting the Needs of a Growing ChurchHarold B. Lee09/30/1967
1583Who Will Show Us the Way? LeGrand Richards09/30/1967
1584The Kingdom Is Rolling ForthHugh B. Brown09/30/1967
1585Adam's Role in Bringing Us MortalityJoseph Fielding Smith10/01/1967
1586Engines and PeoplePaul H. Dunn10/01/1967
1587The Disease of ProfanityBoyd K. Packer10/01/1967
1588Meeting Your GoliathThomas S. Monson10/01/1967
1589God Reveals HimselfMarion G. Romney10/01/1967
1590Constitutional Government: A Divine PrincipleElRay L. Christiansen10/01/1967
1591"Be Ye Therefore Perfect"Henry D. Taylor10/01/1967
1592Man in the Image of GodBernard P. Brockbank10/01/1967
1593Looking AheadFranklin D. Richards10/01/1967
1594Our Responsibility to Contribute to a Better LifeDavid O. McKay10/01/1967
1595Christ, the Light of HumanityDavid O. McKay04/05/1968
1596Be True and Faithful to Every CovenantJoseph Fielding Smith04/05/1968
1597Patience--An Essential VirtueFranklin D. Richards04/05/1968
1598We Would See JesusSterling W. Sill04/05/1968
1599The Keystone of Our ReligionBruce R. McConkie04/05/1968
1600A Silver Thread in the Dark Tapestry of WarGordon B. Hinckley04/05/1968
1601Light and Truth Forsake EvilDelbert L. Stapley04/05/1968
1602"Men Are That They Might Have Joy"Henry D. Taylor04/05/1968
1603The Member and the MilitaryBoyd K. Packer04/05/1968
1604He Rose AgainJames A. Cullimore04/05/1968
1605The Gospel RestoredAlma Sonne04/05/1968
1606Jesus, the Son of GodEldred G. Smith04/05/1968
1607"If the Lord Be God, Follow Him"John H. Vandenberg04/05/1968
1608Americans Are Destroying AmericaEzra Taft Benson04/06/1968
1609"Where Art Thou?" Marion D. Hanks04/06/1968
1610America and GodMark E. Petersen04/06/1968
1611We Owe Allegiance to SovereigntyHoward W. Hunter04/06/1968
1612Render Unto God That Which Is GodísSpencer W. Kimball04/06/1968
1613The Rebirths of LifeAlvin R. Dyer04/06/1968
1614The BishopVictor L. Brown04/06/1968
1615The Seventies as MissionariesS. Dilworth Young04/06/1968
1616Keep Close in CounselRichard L. Evans04/06/1968
1617Moral and Spiritual Values in EducationDavid O. McKay04/06/1968
1618"Seek Ye Wisdom"Lowell L. Bennion04/06/1968
1619After High School, What? Hugh B. Brown04/06/1968
1620"Lead Them Not Into Temptation ... " N. Eldon Tanner04/07/1968
1621The Lordís Way to Temporal SalvationMarion G. Romney04/07/1968
1622A Frank Discussion with GirlsRobert L. Simpson04/07/1968
1623Other Than by HearsayLeGrand Richards04/07/1968
1624"Can There Any Good Thing Come Out of Nazereth?" Thomas S. Monson04/07/1968
1625"Seek Learning, Even by Study, and Also by Faith"Harold B. Lee04/07/1968
1626Why TemplesElRay L. Christiansen04/07/1968
1627Honor Thy Father and Thy MotherA. Theodore Tuttle04/07/1968
1628"Prepare Ye"John Longden04/07/1968
1629Be Your Own BossPaul H. Dunn04/07/1968
1630Give Concern to the Real Values of Life and Less Time to Those Things That PerishDavid O. McKay04/07/1968
1631A Citizen Who Loves Justice and Hates Evil Is Better and Stronger Than a BattleshipDavid O. McKay10/04/1968
1632"Let Your Light So Shine Before Men ... " LeGrand Richards10/04/1968
1633The Motives for RightHartman Rector, Jr.10/04/1968
1634The Tie That BindsJohn Longden10/04/1968
1635The Proper Role of GovernmentEzra Taft Benson10/04/1968
1636To Love GodDelbert L. Stapley10/04/1968
1637What Will the Harvest Be? John H. Vandenberg10/04/1968
1638A Prophet "Great Like Unto Moses"Milton R. Hunter10/04/1968
1639Seek, and Ye Shall FindBernard P. Brockbank10/04/1968
1640The World Needs HealingEldred G. Smith10/04/1968
1641"Two Roads ... " Richard L. Evans10/04/1968
1642"If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments"N. Eldon Tanner10/05/1968
1643If a Man Begins to BuildPaul H. Dunn10/05/1968
1644"Rise, and Stand Upon Thy Feet"Gordon B. Hinckley10/05/1968
1645Make Our Lord and Master Your FriendHarold B. Lee10/05/1968
1646Decisions and Free AgencyMarion G. Romney10/05/1968
1647The Work of the SeventyS. Dilworth Young10/05/1968
1648This Is His ChurchLoren C. Dunn10/05/1968
1649The Great Witness From These ConferencesBoyd K. Packer10/05/1968
1650Prove Thy LineageTheodore M. Burton10/05/1968
1651The Miracle of the Friendly IslandsThomas S. Monson10/05/1968
1652Priesthood Holders to Be Examples in Daily Life As Representatives of the Most HighDavid O. McKay10/05/1968
1653Placing Our Homes in OrderRussell M. Nelson10/05/1968
1654Conforming to Priesthood PrinciplesRobert L. Simpson10/05/1968
1655Manís Relationship to GodMark E. Petersen10/05/1968
1656Our Individual ResponsibilityN. Eldon Tanner10/05/1968
1657The Destiny of AmericaAlvin R. Dyer10/06/1968
1658Talents: A Blessing and ResponsibilityFranklin D. Richards10/06/1968
1659The Tradition of Their FathersMarion D. Hanks10/06/1968
1660The Kingdom of God Is EternalJoseph Fielding Smith10/06/1968
1661"Wisdom and Great Treasures of Knowledge, Even Hidden Treasures"Spencer W. Kimball10/06/1968
1662The Articles of FaithAlma Sonne10/06/1968
1663"Our Gospel Came Not Unto You in Word Only ... " Bruce R. McConkie10/06/1968
1664Behold the ManSterling W. Sill10/06/1968
1665Blessed Are Those Who Have Not SeenHoward W. Hunter10/06/1968
1666Spirituality in Leading and Teaching the GospelDavid O. McKay10/06/1968
1667Structure of the Home Threatened by Irresponsibility and DivorceDavid O. McKay04/04/1969
1668To the Humble Followers of ChristEzra Taft Benson04/04/1969
1669Our Path in Today's WorldJohn H. Vandenberg04/04/1969
1670Loyalty and FreedomFranklin D. Richards04/04/1969
1671The Growing Problem of Drug AbuseLoren C. Dunn04/04/1969
1672Commitment to ChristMarion D. Hanks04/04/1969
1673The Certainty of the ResurrectionSpencer W. Kimball04/04/1969
1674The Foundation of True WorshipAlma Sonne04/04/1969
1675TithingVictor L. Brown04/04/1969
1676Thou Shalt Love the LordHenry D. Taylor04/04/1969
1677Doubt Not, Fear NotElRay L. Christiansen04/04/1969
1678Blessings, Through Obedience to CounselJames A. Cullimore04/04/1969
1679The Power of ExampleDelbert L. Stapley04/04/1969
1680The Gospel Is for All MenHugh B. Brown04/05/1969
1681The Precepts of MenAlvin R. Dyer04/05/1969
1682The Wonder of JesusGordon B. Hinckley04/05/1969
1683The Dangers of the So-called Sex RevolutionMark E. Petersen04/05/1969
1684Innocent They ComeRichard L. Evans04/05/1969
1685A Wayfaring Man Need Not ErrS. Dilworth Young04/05/1969
1686Service: the Heart of the GospelEldred G. Smith04/05/1969
1687A Great and Marvelous WorkMilton R. Hunter04/05/1969
1688Stand on Holy GroundRobert L. Simpson04/05/1969
1689One Lord, One FaithLeGrand Richards04/05/1969
1690"Let Virtue Garnish Thy Thoughts"David O. McKay04/05/1969
1691The Armor of GodBoyd K. Packer04/05/1969
1692Home Teaching and Family Home EveningMarion G. Romney04/05/1969
1693A Time of TestingHugh B. Brown04/05/1969
1694Evidence of Our Savior's ResurrectionN. Eldon Tanner04/06/1969
1695Procrastination Is the Thief of Eternal LifeJoseph Fielding Smith04/06/1969
1696Peace in the WorldA. Theodore Tuttle04/06/1969
1697"Mrs. Patton, Arthur Lives"Thomas S. Monson04/06/1969
1698To Know GodHarold B. Lee04/06/1969
1699The Reality of the ResurrectionHoward W. Hunter04/06/1969
1700The GIANT SystemTheodore M. Burton04/06/1969
1701"Go Ye Into All the World"Bruce R. McConkie04/06/1969
1702The Use of Our Personal InfluenceJohn Longden04/06/1969
1703The Meaning of Jesus Christ for Our TimePaul H. Dunn04/06/1969
1704The Times Call for Courageous Youth and True ManhoodDavid O. McKay04/06/1969
1705Man ... the Jewel of GodDavid O. McKay10/03/1969
1706The Road BackRobert L. Simpson10/03/1969
1707Time Is on Your SideLoren C. Dunn10/03/1969
1708Joseph Smith, the ProphetAlma Sonne10/03/1969
1709Remember the SabbathSterling W. Sill10/03/1969
1710Spiritual ReservoirsSpencer W. Kimball10/03/1969
1711The Significance of FriendshipMarvin J. Ashton10/03/1969
1712The Sure Word of ProphecyLeGrand Richards10/03/1969
1713The Principle of UnityTheodore M. Burton10/03/1969
1714The Other Side of the ShipBoyd K. Packer10/03/1969
1715Temples Are EssentialEldred G. Smith10/03/1969
1716The Work of the SeventyS. Dilworth Young10/03/1969
1717A Salute to YWMIADelbert L. Stapley10/03/1969
1718The Plan of Life and SalvationN. Eldon Tanner10/04/1969
1719RepentanceAlvin R. Dyer10/04/1969
1720The Crucible of Adversity and AfflictionMarion G. Romney10/04/1969
1721Godless Forces Threaten UsEzra Taft Benson10/04/1969
1722This You Can Count OnRichard L. Evans10/04/1969
1723The Way, the Light, and the LifeBernard P. Brockbank10/04/1969
1724Easing the Sting of DeathJames A. Cullimore10/04/1969
1725God Loves UsHartman Rector, Jr.10/04/1969
1726Where Do We Go When We Die? Milton R. Hunter10/04/1969
1727The Rock of SalvationBruce R. McConkie10/04/1969
1728To Be in the Service of Our Fellowmen Is to Be in the Service of Our GodDavid O. McKay10/04/1969
1729Messengers of GloryThomas S. Monson10/04/1969
1730The Solid MajorityMarion D. Hanks10/04/1969
1731The Power of FaithHugh B. Brown10/05/1969
1732The Purpose of Man's Mortal ExistenceJoseph Fielding Smith10/05/1969
1733Ethics Alone Is Not SufficientHoward W. Hunter10/05/1969
1734"Be Not Afraid, Only Believe"Gordon B. Hinckley10/05/1969
1735A Divided ChristianityMark E. Petersen10/05/1969
1736The Gospel of WorkFranklin D. Richards10/05/1969
1737The Church Welfare ProgramHenry D. Taylor10/05/1969
1738Living Prophets for Our GenerationPaul H. Dunn10/05/1969
1739The Home Is to TeachA. Theodore Tuttle10/05/1969
1740That Ye May Have Eternal LifeVictor L. Brown10/05/1969
1741In the Church, Man Does Not Live for Himself AloneDavid O. McKay10/05/1969
1742Our Concern for All Our Father's ChildrenJoseph Fielding Smith04/04/1970
1743The Reality of GodHoward W. Hunter04/04/1970
1744Justice, Mercy, and HumilityFranklin D. Richards04/04/1970
1745One Small StepRichard L. Evans04/04/1970
1746Contend Not With Others, But Pursue a Steady CourseGordon B. Hinckley04/04/1970
1747CourageMarvin J. Ashton04/04/1970
1748Salvation is a Family AffairBruce R. McConkie04/04/1970
1749Our Temptations UpwardSterling W. Sill04/04/1970
1750Wanted: Parents With CourageVictor L. Brown04/04/1970
1751A Prophetís StoryLoren C. Dunn04/04/1970
1752The Last DispensationAlvin R. Dyer04/04/1970
1753The Path to ManhoodBoyd K. Packer04/04/1970
1754Applying the Missionary ProgramS. Dilworth Young04/04/1970
1755In Search of TruthJohn H. Vandenberg04/04/1970
1756Church WelfareHenry D. Taylor04/04/1970
1757The Power and Influence of the PriesthoodN. Eldon Tanner04/04/1970
1758To the Defenders of the FaithHarold B. Lee04/04/1970
1759Magnifying Our Callings in the PriesthoodJoseph Fielding Smith04/04/1970
1760The Blessings of ObedienceN. Eldon Tanner04/05/1970
1761The Key to PeaceMarion G. Romney04/05/1970
1762Meet Joseph SmithPaul H. Dunn04/05/1970
1763An Unwavering FaithDelbert L. Stapley04/05/1970
1764The Birth of TruthHugh B. Brown04/05/1970
1765The Role of a ProphetMark E. Petersen04/05/1970
1766Principles and PromisesA. Theodore Tuttle04/05/1970
1767"What Is Man, That Thou Art Mindful of Him?" Robert L. Simpson04/05/1970
1768Honesty is the Best PolicyTheodore M. Burton04/05/1970
1769The Gospel RestoredAlma Sonne04/05/1970
1770The Responsibility of Membership in the ChurchJames A. Cullimore04/05/1970
1771Only a TeacherThomas S. Monson04/05/1970
1772The Reins of Responsibility and LeadershipJoseph Fielding Smith04/06/1970
1773The Need for a ProphetSpencer W. Kimball04/06/1970
1774The Day in Which We LiveHarold B. Lee04/06/1970
1775A World MessageEzra Taft Benson04/06/1970
1776Beneath the HearthMarion D. Hanks04/06/1970
1777Witnesses to the Book of MormonMilton R. Hunter04/06/1970
1778From Weakness to StrengthHartman Rector, Jr.04/06/1970
1779"Choose Ye This Day"Eldred G. Smith04/06/1970
1780Why a Prophet? LeGrand Richards04/06/1970
1781A Prayer for PeaceJoseph Fielding Smith04/06/1970
1782"That the Fulness of My Gospel Might Be Proclaimed"Joseph Fielding Smith10/02/1970
1783Lost and FoundJohn H. Vandenberg10/02/1970
1784"Come Ye After Me"Paul H. Dunn10/02/1970
1785The Law of ObedienceEldred G. Smith10/02/1970
1786FaithHenry D. Taylor10/02/1970
1787Strengthening the FamilyEzra Taft Benson10/02/1970
1788The Keystone of Our ReligionMarion G. Romney10/02/1970
1789The Library of the MindJoseph Anderson10/02/1970
1790The Spirit and Power of ElijahTheodore M. Burton10/02/1970
1791ActionMarvin J. Ashton10/02/1970
1792How Do You Draw God? James A. Cullimore10/02/1970
1793Can They Count on Us? Loren C. Dunn10/02/1970
1794The Value of LoveDelbert L. Stapley10/02/1970
1795"Woe Unto You ... Hypocrites"N. Eldon Tanner10/03/1970
1796"Bear Ye One Anotherís Burdens"Marion D. Hanks10/03/1970
1797"God Moves in a Mysterious Way"LeGrand Richards10/03/1970
1798From My Generation to Yours, With LoveGordon B. Hinckley10/03/1970
1799The Years That the Locust Hath EatenSpencer W. Kimball10/03/1970
1800Repentance Makes Us FreeHartman Rector, Jr.10/03/1970
1801God and CountrySterling W. Sill10/03/1970
1802Be Honest With YourselfFranklin D. Richards10/03/1970
1803The Calling of the SeventyA. Theodore Tuttle10/03/1970
1804Times Which Are Too FullDavid B. Haight10/03/1970
1805We Are Going to Be What We Live LikeRichard L. Evans10/03/1970
1806The Oath and Covenant of the PriesthoodJoseph Fielding Smith10/03/1970
1807The Privilege of Holding the PriesthoodN. Eldon Tanner10/03/1970
1808Education of the Whole ManNeal A. Maxwell10/03/1970
1809When a Prophet Speaks, Listen WellRobert L. Simpson10/03/1970
1810"Thou Art a Teacher Come From God"Thomas S. Monson10/03/1970
1811Keep Your Lamp LightedHarold B. Lee10/03/1970
1812Time to Prepare to Meet GodHarold B. Lee10/04/1970
1813Families and FencesBoyd K. Packer10/04/1970
1814"Upon You My Fellow Servants ... " Victor L. Brown10/04/1970
1815Our Belief in ChristBruce R. McConkie10/04/1970
1816Where, Then, Is Hope? Howard W. Hunter10/04/1970
1817Who Was the Great White God? Mark E. Petersen10/04/1970
1818The Mormon Pavilion at Expo í70Bernard P. Brockbank10/04/1970
1819The Gospel Is the Answer to All ProblemsWilliam H. Bennett10/04/1970
1820Blessed Are the MeekAlvin R. Dyer10/04/1970
1821Uphold the Hands of the President of the ChurchHarold B. Lee10/04/1970
1822With Thankful HeartsJoseph Fielding Smith10/04/1970
1823The Profile of a ProphetHugh B. Brown10/01/1967