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1Salvation.Brigham Young11-61/16/1853
2Spiritual Communication.Parley P. Pratt16-154/7/1853
3Taylorís Mission to Europe.John Taylor116-288/22/1852
4Recreation, and the Proper Use of It.Brigham Young128-343/4/1852
5Believing the Bible, Etc.Heber C. Kimball134-377/11/1852
6Knowledge of the Doctrine of Christ, Etc.Brigham Young137-427/11/1852
7Liberty and Persecution, Etc.George A. Smith142-457/24/1852
8Self Government -- Mysteries -- Etc.Brigham Young146-534/9/1852
9Celestial Marriage.Orson Pratt153-668/29/1852
10Education.Brigham Young166-714/8/1852
11Sanctification -- Economy -- Apostates, Etc.Orson Hyde171-734/9/1853
12Confidence -- Advice to Emigrants, Etc.Brigham Young174-799/11/1853
13The Nauvoo Legion, Etc.George A. Smith179-817/4/1852
14Joseph, a True Prophet, Etc.Brigham Young181-843/27/1853
15Persecutions of the Church, Etc.Parley P. Pratt184-873/27/1853
16March of "Mormonism," Etc.Brigham Young188-946/13/1852
17Plea of George A. Smith, Esq.George A. Smith195-10010/1/1851
18Charge of Hon. Z. Snow.Z. Snow1100-10310/1/1851
19President B. Youngís Journey South, Etc.Brigham Young1103-1115/8/1853
20Duties and Privileges, Etc.Brigham Young1112-1202/27/1853
21The Man to Lead Godís People, Etc.Orson Hyde1121-13010/6/1853
22The Temple Corner Stones, Etc.Brigham Young1131-1374/6/1853
23Declaration of Independence, Etc.Parley P. Pratt1137-1437/4/1853
24The Pioneers, Etc.Brigham Young1144-1467/24/1852
25Motives and Feelings of the Saints, Etc.John Taylor1147-1596/12/1853
26Materials for the Temple, Etc.Heber C. Kimball1160-16210/9/1852
27Indian Hostilities, Etc.Brigham Young1162-1727/31/1853
28The Standard and Ensign for the People.Parley P. Pratt1172-1851/30/1853
29Where the Wicked Go, Etc.Brigham Young1185-1916/19/1853
30Disobedience of Counsel, Etc.George A. Smith1191-19710/7/1853
31Weakness and Impotence of Men, Etc.Brigham Young1198-2034/6/1852
32Blessings of Faithfulness, Etc.Heber C. Kimball1204-20910/8/1852
33Management of the Canyons, Etc.Brigham Young1209-22010/9/1852
34Legitimacy and Illegitimacy.John Taylor1221-2334/8/1853
35Effects and Privileges of the Gospel, Etc.Brigham Young1233-2457/24/1853
36Funeral Address.Heber C. Kimball1246-2479/23/1852
37Use and Abuse of Blessings.Brigham Young1248-2566/5/1853
38Heirship and Priesthood.Parley P. Pratt1256-2634/10/1853
39True and False Riches.Brigham Young1264-2768/14/1853
40Building Temples.Brigham Young1277-2792/14/1853
41A General Funeral Sermon, Etc.Orson Pratt1280-2947/25/1852
42Going South, Etc.Heber C. Kimball1294-29710/7/1852
43"Mormonism."Parley P. Pratt1297-3097/10/1853
44The Privileges and Blessings of the Gospel.Brigham Young1309-3162/20/1853
45Advice to Immigrants.Franklin D. Richards1316-32210/6/1853
46Gathering the Poor, Etc.Brigham Young1322-32710/6/1853
47The Earth -- Its Fall, Redemption, Etc.Orson Pratt1328-334, Undated
48Comprehensiveness of True Religion, Etc.Brigham Young1334-34112/5/1853
49Uniformity.Jedediah M. Grant1341-3498/7/1853
50Life and Death, Etc.Brigham Young1349-3537/10/1853
51Condition of the People, Etc.Heber C. Kimball1354-35811/14/1852
52Weaknesses of Man, Etc.Brigham Young1358-3658/1/1852
53Men Eternal Beings, Etc.John Taylor1365-3754/19/1854
54Blessings of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young1376-37612/16/1851
55The Gospel, Etc.Brigham Young21-1010/23/1853
56The Power of God and the Power of Satan.Jedediah M. Grant210-162/19/1854
57Word of Wisdom, Etc.Brigham Young216-217/24/1854
58Reminiscences of the Jackson County Mob, Etc.George A. Smith222-247/24/1854
59Persecutions, Etc., of the Saints.Daniel H. Wells225-287/24/1854
60Necessity of Building Temples, Etc.Brigham Young229-334/6/1853
61A Prayer.Heber C. Kimball234-354/6/1853
62Persecutions, Etc., of the Saints.Edward Hunter235-384/6/1853
63Prayer.Alfred Cordon239-404/6/1853
64Church Built on a Rock, Etc.John Young240-414/6/1853
65Prayer.George B. Wallace241-424/6/1853
66Spiritual Communication.Parley P. Pratt243-474/6/1853
67Prayer.Orson Hyde247-494/6/1853
68Debtors to the P. E. Fund.Brigham Young249-5310/6/1854
69The Perpetual Emigrating Fund, Etc.Orson Pratt254-6110/7/1854
70Gathering the Saints, Etc.Orson Hyde261-7010/8/1854
71The Immigration, Etc.Jedediah M. Grant271-7410/7/1854
72The Marriage Relations.Orson Hyde275-8710/6/1854
73Marriage Relations of Bishops and Deacons.Brigham Young288-9010/6/1854
74Organization and Development of Man.Brigham Young290-962/6/1853
75Consecration.Orson Pratt296-1049/10/1854
76Union of the Saints, Etc.Heber C. Kimball2105-1118/13/1853
77Common Salvation.Orson Hyde2112-1209/24/1853
78Saints Subject to Temptation, Etc.Brigham Young2121-1294/17/1853
79Perfection and Salvation, Etc.Brigham Young2129-13612/18/1853
80Spiritual Gifts, Etc.Brigham Young2136-14512/3/1854
81Fulfillment of Prophecy -- Wars and Commotions.Jedediah M. Grant2145-1494/2/1854
82Obedience, Etc.Heber C. Kimball2150-1544/2/1854
83Contentment, Etc.Heber C. Kimball2155-16311/26/1854
84The Constitution of the United States, Etc.Joseph Smith2163-1696/30/1843
85The Constitution of the United States, Etc.Brigham Young2170-1782/18/1855
86The Priesthood and Satan, Etc.Brigham Young2179-1912/18/1855
87The Church and Kingdom of God, Etc.Wilford Woodruff2191-2022/25/1855
88Judgments of God on the United States, Etc.Orson Hyde2202-2113/18/1855
89Gathering and Sanctification of the People of God.George A. Smith2211-2203/18/1855
90Obedience -- The Priesthood, Etc.Heber C. Kimball2220-2259/17/1854
91The First Principles of the Gospel.Jedediah M. Grant2225-23312/17/1854
92The Power of the Gospel.Heber C. Kimball2233-23512/17/1854
93Increased Powers and Faculties of the Mind, Etc.Orson Pratt2235-24810/15/1854
94Faithfulness and Apostasy.Brigham Young2248-2584/6/1855
95Progress of the Work, Etc.Orson Pratt2259-2664/7/1855
96Preaching and Testimony, Etc.Brigham Young2266-2714/8/1855
97Faith and Works.Jedediah M. Grant2272-2793/11/1855
98Dependence on the Lord, Etc.Brigham Young2279-2844/27/1855
99The Ancient Prophecies.Orson Pratt2284-2981/7/1855
100Consecration.Brigham Young2298-3086/3/1855
101The Kingdom of God.Brigham Young2309-3177/8/1855
102Utah Delegate to Washington, Etc.Brigham Young2318-3236/17/1855
103Arguments of Modern Christian Sects, Etc.George A. Smith2323-3346/24/1855
104The Holy Spirit and the Godhead.Orson Pratt2334-3472/18/1855
105Necessity of Opposition.Ezra T. Benson2347-3532/16/1853
106Privileges and Duties of the Saints.Heber C. Kimball2354-3579/19/1852
107The Word of Wisdom.Ezra T. Benson2357-3594/8/1855
108Ordaining Young Men to Office, Etc.George A. Smith2360-3684/8/1855
109Funeral Address.Orson Pratt2368-3726/30/1855
110Opposition to the Gospel.George A. Smith2373-3768/5/1855
111Gathering the Poor.Brigham Young31-69/16/1855
112The Holy Spirit, and Human Learning and Science.Jedediah M. Grant37-125/30/1855
113Trials of the Saints, Etc.Orson Pratt312-195/20/1855
114Exhortation to Faithfulness.Heber C. Kimball320-234/18/1852
115Preaching the Gospel.George A. Smith323-288/12/1855
116The History of Mahometanism.George A. Smith328-379/23/1855
117Mahometanism and Christianity.Parley P. Pratt338-429/23/1855
118Faith, Etc.Brigham Young343-5110/6/1855
119Times for All Things, Etc.Brigham Young351-657/13/1855
120Instructions to New Comers.Jedediah M. Grant365-699/24/1854
121The Kingdom of God.Orson Pratt370-747/8/1855
122The Vine and Fig Tree -- Duties of Saints.Ezra T. Benson375-795/13/1855
123The Gospel of Salvation, Etc.Brigham Young380-968/8/1852
124Language, Etc.Orson Pratt397-10510/22/1854
125Education, Etc.Heber C. Kimball3105-1143/19/1854
126Necessity of Home Missions, Etc.Brigham Young3115-12310/8/1855
127Iniquity, Etc.Heber C. Kimball3123-12510/6/1855
128Men Rewarded According to Their Works.Jedediah M. Grant3125-12710/6/1855
129Literal Fulfillment of Prophecy, Etc.Parley P. Pratt3127-13910/7/1855
130Comprehensiveness of the Gospel, Etc.Amasa M. Lyman3140-15212/2/1855
131The Necessity of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young3153-1605/6/1855
132Rebuking Iniquity, Etc.Heber C. Kimball3160-1642/25/1855
133Salvation, Etc.Amasa M. Lyman3164-17712/9/1855
134The First Principles of the Gospel.Parley P. Pratt3177-1918/26/1855
135The Powers of the Priesthood, Etc.Brigham Young3191-1961/27/1856
136The Necessity of a Living Priesthood, Etc.Heber C. Kimball3197-1981/27/1856
137The Present Scarcity of Food, Etc.Jedediah M. Grant3199-2021/27/1856
138Eternal Increase of Knowledge, Etc.Brigham Young3202-2132/17/1856
139Salvation, Etc.Amasa M. Lyman3213-22012/20/1855
140The Necessity of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young3221-2263/2/1856
141Elders Called to Go on Missions, Etc.Heber C. Kimball3227-2323/2/1856
142Exposing Wickedness Among the Saints, Etc.Jedediah M. Grant3232-2363/2/1856
143Lawyers Rebuked, Etc.Brigham Young3236-2412/24/1856
144Wickedness Among the Saints, Etc.Heber C. Kimball3242-2432/24/1856
145Instructions to the Bishops, Etc.Brigham Young3243-2493/16/1856
146The Devil to Be Cast Out of the Earth, Etc.Heber C. Kimball3249-2543/9/1856
147Difficulties, Etc.Brigham Young3254-2603/16/1856
148Those Saints, Etc.Heber C. Kimball3261-2636/10/1855
149Plurality of Wives, Etc.Brigham Young3264-2687/14/1855
150Men Must Save Themselves, Etc.Heber C. Kimball3268-2713/23/1856
151Preaching, Etc.Brigham Young3272-2793/23/1856
152The Leaven of the Gospel, Etc.George A. Smith3280-2914/6/1856
153The Salvation of the Soul, Etc.Orson Pratt3291-2982/10/1856
154The Advantages of the Latter-day Saints, Etc.Orson Pratt3299-3074/6/1856
155Progress of the Latter-day Church, Etc.Parley P. Pratt3307-3164/7/1856
156Disinclination of Men to Learn, Etc.Brigham Young3316-3274/20/1856
157Irrigation, Etc.Brigham Young3328-3336/8/1856
158Remarks on a Revelation, Etc.Brigham Young3333-3446/15/1856
159The Faith and Visions of the Ancient Saints, Etc.Orson Pratt3344-3544/13/1856
160The Order of Progression, Etc.Brigham Young3354-3616/15/1856
161The Gifts of Prophecy and Tongues, Etc.Brigham Young3362-3756/22/1856
162The Saints Should Prepare, Etc.Heber C. Kimball41-76/29/1856
163A Prayer.Jedediah M. Grant47-97/24/1856
164A Visit, By P. P. Pratt, Etc.Parley P. Pratt49-156/29/1856
165Why the Saints Rejoice, Etc.Jedediah M. Grant415-208/3/1856
166The Holy Ghost Necessary, Etc.Brigham Young420-328/17/1856
167Testimony to the Divinity of Joseph Smithís Mission, Etc.Brigham Young433-428/31/1856
168A Call for An Expression, Etc.Brigham Young443-459/21/1856
169Application of the Words of Helaman, Etc.Heber C. Kimball445-499/21/1856
170Rebuking Iniquity.Jedediah M. Grant449-519/21/1856
171The People of God Disciplined By Trials, Etc.Brigham Young451-579/21/1856
172Reformation Necessary Along the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young458-6311/2/1856
173Effects of a Murmuring Spirit, Etc.Heber C. Kimball464-6611/2/1856
174Counsel Concerning Immigration, Etc.Brigham Young466-7011/2/1856
175Companies on the Plains, Etc.Jedediah M. Grant470-7511/2/1856
176The Gospel Like a Net Cast Into the Sea, Etc.Brigham Young475-8011/9/1856
177Persons Not to Be Baptized, Etc.Heber C. Kimball480-8311/9/1856
178Hypocrisy Reproved, Etc.Jedediah M. Grant483-8711/9/1856
179The Emigrant Saints, Etc.Heber C. Kimball488-8911/9/1856
180Temptation and Trials Necessary to Exaltation, Etc.Brigham Young489-9411/16/1856
181The Facilities Afforded, Etc.Wilford Woodruff494-10010/6/1856
182The Handcart Emigration, Etc.Brigham Young4101-1059/28/1856
183Emigration, Etc.Heber C. Kimball4105-1109/28/1856
184The Emigrating Saints, Etc.Brigham Young4111-11111/9/1856
185Discord at Meetings Rebuked, Etc.Brigham Young4112-11410/5/1856
186The Handcart Enterprise, Etc.Franklin D. Richards4114-11910/5/1856
187God is Our Father, Etc.Heber C. Kimball4119-12210/5/1856
188Those Who Are in Darkness, Etc.Jedediah M. Grant4122-12910/26/1856
189On the Death of President Jedediah M. Grant.Brigham Young4129-13412/5/1856
190Remarks at the Funeral of President Jedediah M. Grant.Heber C. Kimball4135-13812/4/1856
191Reformation, Etc.Heber C. Kimball4138-14512/21/1856
192The People Asleep, Etc.Wilford Woodruff4146-15012/21/1856
193Overcome the Powers of Darkness By Prayer, Etc.Jedediah M. Grant4150-15310/12/1856
194The Saints Have not Magnified Their Calling, Etc.Lorenzo Snow4154-1591/4/1857
195Offers of Mercy, Etc.Franklin D. Richards4159-1641/11/1857
196The Body of Christ, Etc.Heber C. Kimball4164-1811/11/1857
197Man Must Use His Energies, Etc.Lorenzo Snow4181-1871/18/1857
198Exhortation to Cleanliness, Etc.Jedediah M. Grant4188-18910/2/1856
199Necessity of Obeying the Instructions, Etc.Wilford Woodruff4189-1931/25/1857
200Prophets Weep, Etc.Brigham Young4194-2062/1/1857
201The Presidency, Etc.Heber C. Kimball4207-2132/1/1857
202A Dream, Etc.Orson Hyde4213-21512/21/1856
203To Know God is Eternal Life, Etc.Brigham Young4215-2212/8/1857
204The Ax that is Laid at the Root of the Tree, Etc.Heber C. Kimball4221-2262/8/1857
205Intelligence Comes From God, Etc.Wilford Woodruff4227-2332/22/1857
206The Parable of the Sower, Etc.Daniel H. Wells4234-2382/22/1857
207Union of the Saints, Etc.Lorenzo Snow4238-2473/1/1857
208Obedience Produces Confidence, Etc.Heber C. Kimball4247-2523/1/1857
209Misapplication of the Term Sacrifice, Etc.Daniel H. Wells4253-2573/1/1857
210Man the Head of Woman, Etc.Orson Hyde4257-263, Undated
211Necessity for Reformation a Disgrace, Etc.Brigham Young4264-2723/8/1857
212Departed Spirits, Etc.Heber C. Kimball4273-2791/25/1857
213Our Relatives, Etc.Brigham Young4279-2913/15/1857
214The "Deseret News," Its Value, Etc.Heber C. Kimball4292-2953/15/1857
215He that Loveth Not His Brother, Etc.Brigham Young4295-3023/29/1857
216Object of the Express Carrying Company, Etc.Brigham Young4302-3084/6/1857
217Indebtedness to the P. E. Fund, Etc.Daniel H. Wells4308-3114/6/1857
218The Power and Importance of Economy, Etc.Brigham Young4312-3204/6/1857
219The Latter-Day Work, Etc.Wilford Woodruff4320-3234/8/1857
220Journey to the North, Etc.Brigham Young4323-3275/31/1857
221Journey to the North, Etc.Heber C. Kimball4328-3315/31/1857
222Result of the Delegation to Congress, Etc.George A. Smith4331-3335/31/1857
223Utility of Correction, Etc.Heber C. Kimball4334-3406/7/1857
224Practical Religion, Etc.Brigham Young4341-3466/7/1857
225The Constitution of the United States, Etc.Brigham Young4347-3526/7/1857
226Privileges Better Appreciated By Absence, Etc.Charles C. Rich4353-3546/14/1857
227Comprehensiveness of True Religion, Etc.Brigham Young4354-3606/14/1857
228The Fountain of Truth, Etc.Heber C. Kimball4360-3654/19/1857
229Opposition to the Priesthood, Etc.Heber C. Kimball4366-3676/21/1857
230Exchange of Feeling and Sentiment, Etc.Brigham Young4367-3746/28/1857
231Limits of Forbearance, Etc.Heber C. Kimball4374-3768/16/1857
232True Happiness, Etc.Brigham Young51-67/5/1857
233Divine Mission of Joseph Smith, Etc.Heber C. Kimball57-117/5/1857
234The Sacrament, Etc.George A. Smith511-145/31/1857
235Storing Up Grain, Etc.Orson Hyde514-176/14/1857
236Temple and Endowments, Etc.Heber C. Kimball518-234/6/1857
237Blessings of Zion, Etc.John Young524-277/12/1857
238The Latter-Day Kingdom, Etc.Heber C. Kimball527-347/12/1857
239Mormonism and Its Results, Etc.Amasa M. Lyman534-407/12/1857
240Lifegiving Influence of Mormonism, Etc.Daniel H. Wells541-443/22/1857
241Israel to Be Exalted By Righteousness, Etc.Franklin D. Richards545-483/22/1857
242Inspiration and Teachings of the Spirit.Wilford Woodruff548-513/22/1857
243True Liberty, Etc.Brigham Young552-587/19/1857
244A Vision.Amasa M. Lyman558-597/19/1857
245A Visit to the House of Congress, Etc.George A. Smith560-637/26/1857
246Filial Duty -- Consecration, Etc.Lorenzo Snow563-664/9/1857
247The Way to Eternal Life, Etc.Orson Hyde567-723/8/1857
248Nebuchadnezzarís Dream, Etc.Brigham Young572-787/26/1857
249Report of Journey, Etc.Amasa M. Lyman579-816/7/1857
250Necessity of Adhering to the Priesthood, Etc.Wilford Woodruff582-864/9/1857
251Oneness of the Priesthood, Etc.Heber C. Kimball586-957/26/1857
252Joseph Smithís Family, Etc.Brigham Young596-1008/2/1857
253Joseph Smithís Family, Etc.George A. Smith5101-1118/2/1857
254Difference Between The Spirit of Zion, Etc.John Taylor5112-1238/9/1857
255Approval of the Proceedings, Etc.Brigham Young5123-1298/9/1857
256Organization, Etc.Heber C. Kimball5129-1388/2/1857
257Persecution of the Saints, Etc.Orson Hyde5138-144, Undated
258Ignorance and Low Condition of the World, Etc.John Taylor5145-1588/23/1857
259Correction, Etc.Heber C. Kimball5158-1658/30/1857
260Tradition, Etc.Brigham Young5166-1718/30/1857
261Faith in the Priesthood, Etc.Heber C. Kimball5171-1818/23/1857
262The Rights of Mormonism.John Taylor5182-1928/30/1857
263Reminiscences and Testimony of Parley P. Pratt.Parley P. Pratt5193-2019/7/1856
264Reformation, Etc.Heber C. Kimball5202-20510/12/1856
265Remarks of Thomas B. Marsh.Brigham Young5206-2139/6/1857
266Union of the Priesthood, Etc.Heber C. Kimball5213-2209/6/1856
267Report of a Visit to the Southern Country.George A. Smith5221-2259/13/1857
268The United Statesí Administration, Etc.Brigham Young5226-2319/13/1857
269Movements of the Saintsí Enemies, Etc.Brigham Young5231-2369/13/1857
270Communism -- Sectarianism -- Etc.John Taylor5237-2489/13/1857
271Possession of the One Spirit, Etc.Heber C. Kimball5248-2559/20/1857
272Superiority of Pure Motives, Etc.Brigham Young5256-2589/20/1857
273Education, Etc.John Taylor5259-2669/20/1857
274Blessings, Etc.Wilford Woodruff5267-2709/27/1857
275Spiritual Dissolution, Etc.Heber C. Kimball5271-2799/27/1857
276Murmuring Against Divine Authority, Etc.Orson Hyde5279-28410/4/1857
277Preparation of Heart, Etc.Erastus Snow5285-29210/4/1857
278Ultimate Victory of the Saints.Brigham Young5292-29310/4/1857
279Advantages of Trials and Experience, Etc.Brigham Young5293-29610/6/1857
280Sufficiency of the Gospel, Etc.Charles C. Rich5296-30010/7/1857
281Testimonies of Returned Missionaries, Etc.Erastus Snow5300-30110/7/1857
282Benefit of Experience, Etc.Amasa M. Lyman5302-31210/11/1857
283The Blessings and Privileges of the Saints, Etc.Lorenzo Snow5312-31710/11/1857
284Peace, Confidence, Etc.Amasa M. Lyman5317-32110/7/1857
285Wisdom Gained By Experience, Etc.Lorenzo Snow5322-32610/7/1857
286Testimony of the Spirit, Etc.Brigham Young5327-33310/7/1857
287Divine Communications, Etc.Heber C. Kimball5333-33510/18/1857
288Present and Former Persecutions, Etc.Brigham Young5336-34310/18/1857
289The Saintsí Blessings -- Divine Protection, Etc.Amasa M. Lyman5344-34910/18/1857
290Extent of the Latter-Day Work, Etc.Brigham Young5350-35410/25/1857
291Privileges of the Saints, Etc.Orson Hyde5354-35810/25/1857
292Religious Worship, Etc.George A. Smith5359-36711/1/1857
293The Present Crisis, Etc.John Young5368-37610/25/1857
294Character and Being of God, Etc.Joseph Smith61-114/6/1844
295The Work of Reformation, Etc.Orson Hyde611-18, Undated
296"The Kingdom of God or Nothing."John Taylor618-2711/1/1857
297Truth, Life, and Light, Etc.Heber C. Kimball628-3811/8/1857
298Source of True Happiness, Etc.Brigham Young639-4711/15/1857
299Injustice of the United States Government, Etc.Orson Hyde647-5011/1/1857
300Shedding Blood, Etc.Heber C. Kimball650-5211/15/1857
301Opposition to the Gospel, Etc.Orson Hyde653-6011/15/1857
302Opposition to "Mormonism," Etc.George A. Smith660-6211/15/1857
303Faith and Works, Etc.Heber C. Kimball663-6911/22/1857
304Neglect of Sunday Meetings, Etc.Brigham Young669-7711/22/1857
305Unity, Etc.Amasa M. Lyman678-8311/22/1857
306Knowledge Obtained From History.George A. Smith684-8811/29/1857
307Opposition of State Governments to the Saints, Etc.Erastus Snow689-9211/29/1857
308Attention and Reflection, Etc.Brigham Young693-10111/29/1857
309Union -- Light of the Spirit, Etc.Heber C. Kimball6101-10511/29/1857
310The Saintsí Need of the Spirit, Etc.John Taylor6105-11412/6/1857
311Blessings of the Saints, Etc.Wilford Woodruff6115-12112/6/1857
312Advancement in Gospel Principles, Etc.Heber C. Kimball6122-12912/13/1857
313Enmity of Sectarian Priests, Etc.Heber C. Kimball6130-13512/20/1857
314Blessings of the Saints, Etc.Wilford Woodruff6136-14212/27/1857
315Providence, Etc.Brigham Young6143-14912/27/1857
316Self-Government, Etc.Orson Hyde6150-1581/3/1858
317True Government, Union, and Progress, Etc.George A. Smith6159-1621/3/1858
318Blessings of the Saints, Etc.John Taylor6162-1691/17/1858
319Judgment According to Works, Etc.Brigham Young6169-1761/17/1858
320Mission to England -- Reminiscences, Etc.Ezra T. Benson6177-1841/24/1858
321Increase in Saving Principles, Etc.Heber C. Kimball6185-19312/27/1857
322Idolatry, &disc=c.Brigham Young6193-1992/7/1858
323Testimony of Godís Servants, Etc.Orson Pratt6199-2061/24/1858
324Happy Prospects of the Saints, Etc.Joseph Young6206-21010/11/1857
325The Religion of the Saints, Etc.Lorenzo D. Young6211-21412/13/1857
326The Prosperity of the Saints, Etc.Isaac Morley6214-21511/8/1857
327Blessings of Obedience, Etc.Daniel Spencer6216-21810/11/1857
328Personal Feelings and Experience, Etc.Elias Smith6218-2218/2/1857
329The Lordís Providential Care, Etc.Lorenzo D. Young6222-22610/25/1857
330Unpopularity of "Mormonism," Etc.Joseph Young6226-2297/26/1857
331Testimony to the Truth, Etc.John Young6230-2344/8/1857
332Past and Present History of the Church, Etc.Lorenzo D. Young6235-2378/16/1857
333The Priesthood, Etc.Joseph Smith6237-2406/2/1839
334Personal Interest in the Kingdom of God, Etc.Joseph Young6241-2474/8/1857
335Liberty, Reform, Etc.Ezra T. Benson6247-2499/12/1852
336Education.Parley P. Pratt6250-25312/26/1853
337Apostasy, &disc=c.Jedediah M. Grant6253-2546/28/1854
338Instructions and Counsel to Departing Missionaries.Heber C. Kimball6255-2568/28/1852
339Responsibilities of the Priesthood.George A. Smith6257-2588/28/1852
340Condition of the World, &disc=c.John Taylor6258-2618/28/1852
341Address to Departing Missionaries.Ezra T. Benson6261-2668/28/1852
342Building Up the Kingdom of God, Etc.Brigham Young6266-2708/28/1852
343Departure of Missionaries, Etc.Orson Pratt6270-2728/28/1852
344Necessity, Etc.Brigham Young6273-2778/28/1852
345The Sacrament, Etc.Brigham Young6277-2837/29/1852
346Extensive Character of the Gospel, Etc.Brigham Young6283-2987/15/1852
347Dedication Prayer.Willard Richards6298-3064/6/1852
348Heirship.Brigham Young6306-3084/8/1853
349Heirship, Etc.Orson Hyde6309-3144/8/1853
350The Lord at the Head of His Kingdom, Etc.Brigham Young6314-3224/7/1852
351Discernment, Etc.Heber C. Kimball6322-3264/6/1854
352Proper Treatment of the Indians, Etc.Brigham Young6327-3294/6/1854
353Light and Influence of the Spirit, Etc.Brigham Young6330-3336/19/1859
354Parable of the Sower, Etc.Orson Hyde6334-3424/6/1854
355Human and Divine Government, Etc.Brigham Young6342-3497/31/1859
356Polygamy.Orson Pratt6349-3647/24/1859
357Celebration of the Fourth of July.George A. Smith6364-3677/4/1854
358Celebration of the Fourth of July.Orson Hyde6367-3717/4/1854
359Science of Grammar, Etc.Orson Hyde6371-3761/22/1855
360Nature of Man, Etc.Brigham Young71-87/3/1859
361Celebration of the Fourth of July.Brigham Young79-157/4/1854
362Sanctification.Heber C. Kimball716-217/16/1854
363Evidences of the Bible, Etc.Orson Pratt722-381/2/1859
364Adherence to "Mormonism," Etc.Heber C. Kimball739-4110/6/1854
365Wisdom Manifest, Etc.Brigham Young742-483/28/1858
366Divine Government, Etc.Orson Hyde748-53, Undated
367Peculiarity of "Mormons," Etc.Brigham Young754-586/27/1858
368Perpetual Emigrating Fund, Etc.George A. Smith759-6210/6/1854
369Apostasy the Result of Ignorance, Etc.Brigham Young763-676/6/1858
370English Grammar.Orson Hyde768-7012/14/1858
371Celebration, Etc.George A. Smith771-747/4/1855
372Elijahís Latter-day Mission.Orson Pratt774-918/28/1859
373Duty, Etc.Daniel H. Wells791-983/9/1856
374Early Events of the Church, Etc.Wilford Woodruff798-1061/10/1858
375Celebration, Etc.Orson Hyde7107-1107/4/1853
376Divine Origin, Etc.George A. Smith7111-1171/10/1858
377The People of God, Etc.John Taylor7118-1251/10/1858
378The Work of God, Etc.Erastus Snow7125-1319/18/1859
379Diligence in Preaching to the World, Etc.Brigham Young7131-13912/18/1859
380Necessity of Trials, Etc.Brigham Young7139-1475/22/1859
381Government of God.Brigham Young7147-1495/22/1859
382Government of God, Etc.Orson Hyde7149-1542/12/1860
383Concentration of the Mind.Orson Pratt7154-1572/12/1860
384Dependence on God, Etc.Brigham Young7157-1605/29/1859
385Want of Governing Capacities Among Men, Etc.Brigham Young7160-1666/5/1859
386Inspiration, Etc.Heber C. Kimball7167-1719/11/1859
387Resurrection of the Body, Etc.Brigham Young7172-1756/12/1859
388Personal Reminiscences and Testimony, Etc.Orson Pratt7176-1907/10/1859
389Light of the Spirit, Etc.Brigham Young7190-1946/19/1859
390Trials, Etc.John Taylor7194-20111/13/1859
391Priesthood and Eternal Life.Brigham Young7201-2067/31/1859
392Duty of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young7207-2098/4/1859
393Theocracy.Orson Pratt7210-2278/14/1859
394Voting to Sustain the Authorities, Etc.Brigham Young7227-2304/7/1860
395Greater Responsibilities, Etc.Heber C. Kimball7231-2378/28/1859
396Providences of God, Etc.Brigham Young7237-2449/1/1859
397Privileges and Duties of the Saints, Etc.Daniel H. Wells7244-25010/7/1859
398The Ancient Gospel, Etc.Orson Pratt7251-2669/11/1859
399Blessings of Association, Etc.Brigham Young7267-27010/6/1859
400Possession of the Spirit, Etc.Brigham Young7271-27110/6/1859
401Importance of Home Manufactures, Etc.Daniel H. Wells7272-2739/1/1859
402Eternal Life, Etc.Brigham Young7274-27610/6/1859
403Union, Etc.Brigham Young7276-28110/7/1859
404Intelligence, Etc.Brigham Young7282-29110/9/1859
405Devotedness to "Mormonism," Etc.Daniel H. Wells7291-29610/16/1859
406The Gospel of Salvation, Etc.Amasa M. Lyman7296-30812/25/1859
407Privileges and Experience of the Saints, Etc.Orson Pratt7308-3139/18/1859
408Sowing and Reaping, Etc.Orson Hyde7313-31710/6/1859
409Union, Etc.John Taylor7317-32710/7/1859
410Oneness, Etc.Heber C. Kimball7328-33110/7/1859
411Progress in Knowledge, Etc.Brigham Young7331-33410/8/1859
412Re-Organization of the High Council, Etc.Brigham Young7335-33810/8/1859
413The Gospel, Etc.Amasa M. Lyman7338-34512/25/1859
414Oneness of the Priesthood, Etc.Heber C. Kimball7346-3511/1/1860
415Submission to the Divine Will, Etc.Erastus Snow7351-3591/5/1860
416The Gospel.John Taylor7360-3701/15/1860
417Union of Spirit and Sentiment, Etc.Orson Pratt7371-3761/29/1860
418Man.John Taylor81-62/19/1860
419True Civilization.Brigham Young86-103/4/1860
420Hints to Faultfinders, Etc.Brigham Young811-193/5/1860
421The Holy Priesthood, Etc.Orson Hyde819-263/25/1860
422Death -- Resurrection, Etc.Brigham Young827-313/25/1860
423Advancement in Knowledge, Etc.Brigham Young832-344/5/1860
424Universal Salvation.Brigham Young834-364/6/1860
425Personal Reminiscences, Etc.Brigham Young837-394/6/1860
426Education -- Testimony -- Miraculous Signs, Etc.Brigham Young839-434/8/1860
427Testimony of the Spirit, Etc.Orson Pratt844-524/8/1860
428Instructions to Missionaries.Brigham Young852-564/25/1860
429Privileges of the Sabbath, Etc.Brigham Young857-645/20/1860
430Confidence and Influence of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young864-706/3/1860
431Religion of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young870-744/22/1860
432Blessings of the Saints, Etc.Orson Hyde875-774/22/1860
433Filial Love of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young877-806/10/1860
434Religion, Progress, Etc.Brigham Young880-846/12/1860
435Trials of the Saints, Etc.Heber C. Kimball885-886/3/1860
436Temporal Salvation.Heber C. Kimball889-896/7/1860
437Practical Religion.Heber C. Kimball890-916/10/1860
438Blessings of the Saints.Brigham Young891-926/13/1860
439Objects of the Gathering.Daniel H. Wells892-946/17/1860
440Professions of the Saints, Etc.John Taylor895-1006/17/1860
441Divine Authority.Orson Pratt8101-1066/24/1860
442Practical Religion.Heber C. Kimball8107-1117/1/1860
443Celebration of American Independence, Etc.Orson Pratt8111-1137/4/1860
444Character of God and Christ, Etc.Brigham Young8114-1177/8/1860
445Personal Sacrifices, Etc.Brigham Young8117-1197/8/1860
446Attendance at Meetings, Etc.Brigham Young8120-1217/15/1860
447Light of the Spirit, Etc.Brigham Young8121-1257/15/1860
448Privileges of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young8126-1307/22/1860
449Gospel of Salvation, Etc.Brigham Young8130-1338/5/1860
450Gospel of Life and Salvation, Etc.Brigham Young8133-1377/29/1860
451Light of the Spirit -- Laws of Health, Etc.Brigham Young8138-1418/5/1860
452Influence of the Elders, Etc.Brigham Young8141-1448/12/1860
453Effective Preaching -- Support of the Poor, Etc.Brigham Young8144-1468/19/1860
454Triumph of "Mormonism," Etc.Brigham Young8147-1498/19/1860
455Dealings of the Lord With His People.Brigham Young8149-1518/26/1860
456The Three Glories.Brigham Young8152-1558/26/1860
457Privileges of the Gathered Saints, Etc.Brigham Young8156-1588/26/1860
458Diversity Among Men, Etc.Brigham Young8158-1629/2/1860
459Trials and Duties of the Saints.Brigham Young8162-1669/2/1860
460Covetousness, Etc.Brigham Young8167-1709/16/1860
461Civilization -- Missionary Labors, Etc.Brigham Young8171-1739/16/1860
462The Spirit of the World, Etc.Brigham Young8174-1759/9/1860
463Light of the Spirit -- Course of Missionaries.Brigham Young8176-1829/9/1860
464Remarks Pertaining to Foreign Missions, Etc.Brigham Young8183-1879/23/1860
465Blessings of The Saints -- Covetousness, Etc.Brigham Young8188-1919/30/1860
466Helping in the Immigration.Brigham Young8192-19310/6/1860
467Persecution -- The Kingdom of God, Etc.Brigham Young8194-20010/7/1860
468Joys of Eternity.Brigham Young8200-20010/6/1860
469Funds of the Church.Brigham Young8201-20510/8/1860
470Source of Intelligence -- Laws of The Gospel, Etc.Brigham Young8205-20910/14/1860
471The Gospel Commission, Etc.Heber C. Kimball8210-2129/2/1860
472Gospel of Salvation, Etc.Heber C. Kimball8212-2159/2/1860
473Mental Improvement and Spiritual Advancement, Etc.Erastus Snow8215-2208/26/1860
474Blessings.Heber C. Kimball8220-2206/13/1860
475Blessings.Heber C. Kimball8221-2216/12/1860
476Restoration -- Resurrection, Etc.Brigham Young8222-22610/21/1860
477Teachings of the Priesthood, Etc.Brigham Young8227-23110/21/1860
478Testimonies of the Truth, Etc.Orson Hyde8232-23810/7/1860
479Restoration of the Dead, Etc.Heber C. Kimball8238-24211/25/1860
480Improvement, Etc.Heber C. Kimball8243-2446/12/1860
481Principles of the Gospel, Etc.Heber C. Kimball8244-2477/15/1860
482The Latter-day Kingdom, Etc.Heber C. Kimball8247-25310/6/1860
483Testimony, Etc.George A. Smith8253-25510/6/1860
484Evil Habits and Practices, Etc.Heber C. Kimball8256-25812/16/1860
485Faith and Belief, Etc.Brigham Young8259-2614/1/1860
486Testimony of the Spirit of Truth, Etc.Wilford Woodruff8261-2674/22/1860
487Blessings of the Saints, Etc.Wilford Woodruff8267-2728/26/1860
488Establishment of the Kingdom of God, Etc.Heber C. Kimball8273-2766/3/1860
489Privileges of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young8277-2806/3/1860
490Knowledge, Etc.Brigham Young8280-2856/7/1860
491Journeyings of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young8286-2906/7/1860
492Appointment of Bishop for Cache Valley, Etc.Brigham Young8290-2916/9/1860
493Counsel to the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young8291-2936/9/1860
494Salvation and Condemnation, Etc.Brigham Young8293-2976/12/1860
495Privileges Enjoyed By the Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon8297-3069/9/1860
496True Source of Happiness, Etc.Orson Pratt8306-3149/16/1860
497Testimony of the Spirit, Etc.Brigham Young8315-31810/6/1860
498Human Intelligence, Etc.Brigham Young8319-3262/10/1861
499Unity -- Commandments of God, Etc.Heber C. Kimball8327-3341/6/1861
500Self-Knowledge, Etc.Brigham Young8334-3382/17/1861
501Duties of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young8338-3471/20/1861
502Gathering of the People of God, Etc.Heber C. Kimball8348-3512/17/1861
503Establishment of the Kingdom of God, Etc.Brigham Young8351-3593/3/1861
504Celebration of the Fourth of July.George A. Smith8359-3607/4/1861
505Confession of Faults, Etc.Brigham Young8361-3633/10/1860
506Rebuking Evil, Etc.Brigham Young8364-3683/17/1861
507Testimony, Etc.Ezra T. Benson8369-3704/6/1861
508Kingdom of God, Etc.Daniel H. Wells8371-3764/6/1861
509True Testimony, Etc.Brigham Young91-64/6/1861
510Spirit of Unity, Etc.Heber C. Kimball96-84/6/1861
511Union, Etc.John Taylor98-154/6/1861
512Sectarian Religion, Etc.George A. Smith915-204/6/1861
513Improvement, Etc.Lorenzo Snow920-234/7/1861
514Appreciation of Divine Gifts, Etc.Heber C. Kimball924-284/7/1861
515Home Manufactures.Brigham Young929-314/7/1861
516The Gifts of God, Etc.Brigham Young931-404/7/1861
517Submission to Reproof, Etc.Heber C. Kimball940-433/17/1861
518The Gospel of Salvation, Etc.Daniel H. Wells943-504/14/1861
519Cultivation of the Spirit of Truth, Etc.Heber C. Kimball951-554/14/1861
520Blessings Enjoyed By the Saints.Wilford Woodruff955-585/12/1861
521Building Up of the Kingdom of God, Etc.Daniel H. Wells959-669/10/1861
522Prosperity of Zion, Etc.George A. Smith966-755/10/1861
523Salvation By Works.Heber C. Kimball975-786/24/1860
524Building Up the Kingdom of God, Etc.Daniel H. Wells979-859/16/1860
525Priesthood.Brigham Young986-935/7/1861
526Privileges of the Saints, Etc.Daniel H. Wells994-1019/30/1860
527Sufferings of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young9101-1081/5/1860
528Difficulties, Etc.George A. Smith9109-1189/10/1861
529Duties of the Saints, Etc.Daniel H. Wells9118-12010/7/1860
530Varieties of Mind, Etc.Brigham Young9121-1252/17/1861
531Observance of the Commandments of God.Heber C. Kimball9126-1331/6/1861
532Living Our Religion, Etc.Heber C. Kimball9133-1365/12/1861
533Gathering of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young9137-1447/28/1861
534Facilities in Utah for the Saints, Etc.Daniel H. Wells9144-1466/9/1861
535Eternal Punishment -- "Mormonism," Etc.Brigham Young9147-1501/12/1862
536Obedience to the Commandments, Etc.Heber C. Kimball9151-1546/19/1862
537Evil Deeds and Evil Doers, Etc.Brigham Young9154-1581/19/1862
538Blessings Enjoyed By the Saints in Zion, Etc.George A. Smith9158-1602/6/1862
539Privileges of the Saints, Etc.Wilford Woodruff9160-16612/1/1861
540Attention to Temporal Duties, Etc.Brigham Young9167-1741/26/1862
541Salvation of the House of Israel, Etc.Orson Pratt9174-1797/15/1855
542Early Persecutions -- Certain Retribution.Heber C. Kimball9180-1827/7/1861
543Political Economy.Daniel H. Wells9182-1859/29/1861
544Call for Teams, Etc.Brigham Young9186-1912/2/1862
545Robbing the Dead, Etc.Brigham Young9191-1962/9/1862
546Covetousness, Etc.George A. Smith9197-20310/20/1861
547The First Principles of the Gospel.Parley P. Pratt9204-2178/26/1855
548Closing of Amusements, Etc.Brigham Young9218-2212/16/1862
549Preaching the Gospel, Etc.Wilford Woodruff9221-2297/15/1855
550Remarks on Behalf of the Indians.Joseph Young9229-2337/13/1855
551Safety of the Saints at Home, Etc.John Taylor9233-2394/28/1861
552Necessity of Temporal Labor, Etc.Brigham Young9239-2413/2/1862
553Propriety of Theatrical Amusements, Etc.Brigham Young9242-2453/6/1862
554Salvation the Result of Individual Exertion.Brigham Young9246-2503/23/1862
555Encouragement of Home Manufactures, Etc.Daniel H. Wells9250-2533/16/1862
556Power Given to Man to Create.Brigham Young9254-2583/16/1862
557Agency of Man to Practice Good or Evil Principles.Daniel H. Wells9259-2623/6/1862
558Corruption Among Government Officials.George A. Smith9262-2644/8/1862
559Building of the Temple, Etc.Heber C. Kimball9264-26610/7/1861
560Government of the Tongue, Etc.Brigham Young9266-2714/6/1862
561Home Manufactures, Etc.Brigham Young9271-2744/6/1862
562Weakness of Human Governments, Etc.John Taylor9275-2794/16/1862
563Duties Connected With the Priesthood, Etc.Brigham Young9279-2814/7/1862
564Building Up and Adornment of Zion By the Saints.Brigham Young9282-2852/23/1862
565True Character of God, Etc.Brigham Young9286-2892/23/1862
566Caution Against Vain Laughter, Etc.Brigham Young9290-2924/27/1862
567Endless Variety of Organizations, Etc.Brigham Young9292-2985/25/1862
568Necessity of the Saints, Etc.Heber C. Kimball9298-2994/7/1862
569Instructions on Priesthood, Etc.Daniel H. Wells9299-3034/7/1862
570Counsel on Cattle Herding.George A. Smith9304-3044/7/1862
571The Love of Truth and Righteousness, Etc.Brigham Young9305-3086/15/1862
572The Kingdom of God.Brigham Young9308-3177/13/1862
573Contrast Between the Religion of Jesus Christ, Etc.Brigham Young9318-3237/6/1862
574Necessity of the Living Oracles, Etc.Wilford Woodruff9324-3264/8/1862
575Proclamation of the Gospel to the Dead, Etc.Heber C. Kimball9326-3296/7/1862
576A Knowledge of God, Etc.Brigham Young9329-3348/3/1862
577The Course the Saints Should Pursue, Etc.Heber C. Kimball9335-3384/27/1862
578Knowledge and Power, Etc.John Taylor9338-3454/13/1862
579Variety of Gifts, Etc.George A. Smith9346-3505/11/1862
580Responsibilities Resting Upon the Saints, Etc.Daniel H. Wells9350-3545/4/1862
581Influence of Parents, Etc.Daniel H. Wells9355-3615/25/1862
582Eternal Salvation, Etc.Daniel H. Wells9362-3649/14/1862
583Apostleship of Joseph Smith, Etc.Brigham Young9364-3708/31/1862
584Gathering the Poor, Etc.Heber C. Kimball9371-3762/9/1862
585Eternal Existence of Man, Etc.Brigham Young101-69/28/1862
586Enjoyment of Liberty, Etc.Daniel H. Wells107-910/26/1862
587Fulfilment of Prophecy, Etc.Wilford Woodruff109-177/27/1862
588Never Ending Character, Etc.Brigham Young1017-2310/6/1862
589Future State of Existence.Brigham Young1024-2510/6/1862
590Design of the Lord, Etc.Brigham Young1025-316/8/1862
591Bishops and Presidents.Orson Hyde1031-324/7/1862
592Forming a State Constitution, Etc.Brigham Young1032-364/8/1862
593Power Accompanying, Etc.John Taylor1036-374/27/1862
594Constitutional Powers, Etc.Brigham Young1038-423/9/1862
595Practical Religion, Etc.Heber C. Kimball1043-475/4/1862
596Trusting in the Almighty.Orson Hyde1047-494/6/1862
597Vastness of the Wisdom, Etc.John Taylor1049-585/18/1862
598Necessity of Understanding, Etc.George A. Smith1059-644/7/1862
599Gratitude for the Blessings of the Gospel.Ezra T. Benson1065-664/7/1862
600The Privilege of the Saints, Etc.George A. Smith1066-699/4/1859
601How to Obtain, Etc.Orson Hyde1070-7510/7/1862
602Our Duties to God, Etc.Heber C. Kimball1075-7810/8/1862
603God Alone Bestows, Etc.Orson Hyde1079-831/25/1863
604The Object of Gathering, Etc.Amasa M. Lyman1083-9010/7/1862
605Present Opportunities, Etc.Charles C. Rich1090-9510/6/1862
606Authority of Bishops, Etc.Brigham Young1096-984/7/1862
607Obedience to Counsel, Etc.Ezra T. Benson1099-1003/8/1862
608How to Gain Eternal Life, Etc.Heber C. Kimball10100-1042/6/1862
609The Persecutions of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young10104-1113/8/1863
610All Nationalities, Etc.Orson Hyde10112-11310/7/1862
611Reflections on the Sacrament, Etc.John Taylor10113-1202/22/1863
612The Importance of the Mission, Etc.George A. Smith10121-12210/8/1862
613The Discord, Etc.John Taylor10123-1333/1/1863
614The Great Blessings, Etc.Daniel H. Wells10133-1393/29/1863
615Building the Temple, Etc.Daniel H. Wells10139-1434/6/1863
616Missionary Fund, Etc.George A. Smith10143-1454/6/1863
617The Blessings the Saints Will Enjoy, Etc.John Taylor10145-1514/6/1863
618Practical Duties, Etc.Ezra T. Benson10151-1544/6/1863
619Destruction of Babylon, Etc.Orson Hyde10155-1594/7/1863
620Building the Temple, Etc.Charles C. Rich10160-1634/7/1863
621Building the Temple, Etc.Heber C. Kimball10163-1694/6/1863
622How and By Whom, Etc.Brigham Young10170-1785/24/1863
623Advice to Missionaries, Etc.Amasa M. Lyman10178-1874/7/1863
624Knowledge, Correctly Applied, Etc.Brigham Young10187-1955/31/1863
625Universal Salvation, Etc.Daniel H. Wells10195-2005/31/1863
626Home Manufactures, Etc.Brigham Young10200-2086/7/1863
627Domestic Economy, Etc.Brigham Young10208-2146/14/1863
628Inspiration Necessary, Etc.Wilford Woodruff10214-2206/12/1863
629Instructions, Etc.Brigham Young10221-2294/1/1863
630Advice to California Emigrants, Etc.Brigham Young10229-2327/8/1863
631Advancement of the Saints, Etc.Heber C. Kimball10233-2386/27/1863
632The Young Missionaries, Etc.Heber C. Kimball10239-2477/19/1863
633Necessity for Watchfulness, Etc.Brigham Young10248-25010/6/1863
634Tithing -- Building Temples, Etc.Brigham Young10251-25610/6/1863
635The Confidence of the Saints, Etc.John Taylor10257-26110/10/1863
636The Wisdom of God, Etc.Orson Hyde10261-26410/8/1863
637Our Relationship to God, Etc.Brigham Young10265-27410/6/1863
638God the Source, Etc.John Taylor10274-28110/25/1863
639Paying Tithing, Etc.Brigham Young10282-28811/6/1863
640The Intended Trip North.Brigham Young10289-2985/15/1864
641The Earth the Home of Man, Etc.Brigham Young10299-3066/4/1864
642Turning Out the Water of the Weber, Etc.Brigham Young10307-3146/10/1864
643Necessity of Teaching, Etc.Brigham Young10314-3177/17/1864
644Ideas Entertained Respecting God, Etc.Brigham Young10318-3277/31/1864
645Love for the Things of God, Etc.Brigham Young10328-3386/22/1864
646Necessity of a Living Testimony, Etc.Brigham Young10339-34010/7/1864
647The Increase of Faith Among the Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon10340-34810/23/1864
648Attending Meetings, Etc.Brigham Young10349-35210/30/1864
649Necessity of Continued and Faithful Labor, Etc.Brigham Young10353-35711/6/1864
650Temporal and Spiritual Duties of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young10358-36511/6/1864
651Knowledge a Consolation Under Affliction, Etc.Brigham Young10365-37211/29/1864
652Importance of the Present Age to the Saints, Etc.Orson Hyde10373-37612/18/1864
653Historical Discourse.George A. Smith111-1211/15/1864
654Knowledge of this Life Limited, Etc.Brigham Young1112-1912/11/1864
655Unity of the Saints.John Taylor1120-2712/11/1864
656Evil Influences, Their Power, ETc.George Q. Cannon1128-3411/13/1864
657Discovery of America By Columbus.Orson Hyde1135-3912/18/1864
658Character of God.Brigham Young1139-441/8/1865
659Revelation in the Church.George Q. Cannon1145-4711/27/1864
660First Principles of the Gospel, Etc.George A. Smith1148-501/22/1865
661Divine Government, Etc.John Taylor1151-591/18/1865
662Blessings of the Righteous.Wilford Woodruff1160-661/22/1865
663The Saintsí Causes of Gratitude.George Q. Cannon1167-721/1/1865
664Nature of the Being of Man.John Taylor1173-802/5/1865
665Men Ought to Practice What They Teach, Etc.Heber C. Kimball1180-862/19/1865
666Religious Ideas of the World.John Taylor1187-943/5/1865
667Eternity of the Kingdom of God.Heber C. Kimball1195-974/31/1859
668Condition of the Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon1198-1003/19/1865
669Duties of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young11101-1105/15/1865
670Summary of Instructions.Brigham Young11110-1197/1/1865
671Personality of God, Etc.Brigham Young11119-1286/18/1865
672Summary of Instructions.Brigham Young11129-1378/1/1865
673Home Manufacturing, Etc.Brigham Young11137-14310/9/1865
674Othersí Sins No Justification of Ours.Heber C. Kimball11143-14710/6/1865
675Instructions, Etc.Orson Hyde11147-15410/7/1865
676Prosperity of the Saints.George A. Smith11155-15710/7/1865
677Revelation From God, Etc.John Taylor11157-16610/7/1865
678Riches of the Gospel.George Q. Cannon11167-17510/8/1865
679Synopsis of Remarks.George A. Smith11176-18210/8/1865
680Eternal Life Revealed in the Gospel.Daniel H. Wells11182-19010/8/1865
681Exhortation to Home Manufacture.Ezra T. Benson11191-19210/9/1865
682Development of Understanding.Amasa M. Lyman11192-19810/9/1865
683Marriage: Its Benefits.Amasa M. Lyman11198-2084/5/1866
684Blessings Secured By Faithfulness.Heber C. Kimball11208-2124/4/1866
685Holy Ghost Requisite to Teach the Truth.Brigham Young11212-2164/29/1866
686Our Religion is From God.John Taylor11216-2244/7/1866
687Transgression and Its Effects.George Q. Cannon11225-2335/6/1866
688Opposition in All Things.Brigham Young11233-2416/3/1866
689The Priesthood Ancient and Modern.Wilford Woodruff11241-24810/22/1865
690Godís Kingdom on Earth.Brigham Young11249-2566/17/1866
691Advice to Lawyers.Brigham Young11257-2638/12/1866
692Our Indian Relations.Brigham Young11263-2667/28/1866
693Beneficial Effects of Polygamy.Brigham Young11266-2728/19/1866
694The Nature of the Kingdom of God.Brigham Young11273-28212/23/1866
695Weakness of the Human Mind.Brigham Young11282-2911/13/1867
696How Saints Should Order Their Vocations.Brigham Young11291-3052/3/1867
697Which Religion is Best?Joseph F. Smith11305-3142/17/1867
698Menís Learning.John Taylor11314-3202/24/1867
699The Improved Condition of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young11321-3292/10/1867
700Truth to Be Received for Its Own Sake, Etc.George Q. Cannon11330-3393/3/1867
701Difference Between the Saints and the World.John Taylor11339-3473/31/1867
702The Unity of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young11347-3494/6/1867
703How the Sisters Can Help to Build Up the Kingdom.Brigham Young11350-3534/6/1867
704Political and Social Economy.John Taylor11353-3594/6/1867
705Home Manufactures, Etc.George A. Smith11359-3664/7/1867
706Word of Wisdom, Etc.Ezra T. Benson11366-3684/7/1867
707Necessity of Unity in Faith and Practice.Wilford Woodruff11369-3714/7/1867
708Building the Temple -- Mormonism Embraces All Truth.Brigham Young11371-3754/8/1867
709Schools And School Teachers -- Tithing, Etc.Daniel H. Wells121-34/8/1867
710Labor To Build Up The Kingdom.Charles C. Rich123-54/8/1867
711Prosperity of Southern Utah.George A. Smith126-105/19/1867
712Improvement in the South.Wilford Woodruff1211-155/19/1867
713Necessity of Union and Obedience to Counsel.George Q. Cannon1215-184/7/1867
714Every Saint on a Mission.Brigham Young1218-204/7/1867
715Instructions to Missionaries.John Taylor1220-234/14/1867
716Kindness the True Spirit of Instruction and Government.George A. Smith1224-266/2/1867
717The Word of Wisdom.Brigham Young1227-314/7/1867
718Education -- Employment of Females.Brigham Young1231-324/8/1867
719General Instructions to Missionaries.Brigham Young1233-394/14/1867
720Remarks on Revelation, Etc.George Q. Cannon1240-474/21/1867
721Trip to Southern Utah, Etc.John Taylor1247-495/19/1867
722Our Delegate to Congress, Etc.Brigham Young1250-555/26/1867
723The Priesthood, Etc.Brigham Young1256-646/16/1867
724How Divisions Were Introduced, Etc.Brigham Young1264-716/23/1867
725Joseph Smith Taught By Revelation, Etc.Daniel H. Wells1271-786/30/1867
726Condition of the World and of the Saints, Etc.John Taylor1279-837/21/1867
727Experience in Missionary Labors, Etc.Orson Pratt1284-938/11/1867
728Condition of Apostates, Etc.Brigham Young1293-986/30/1867
729The Witness of the Spirit, Etc.Brigham Young1299-10311/17/1867
730The Witness of the Spirit, Etc.Brigham Young12104-10811/3/1867
731The Saints a Peculiar People, Etc.Brigham Young, Jr.12108-11011/17/1867
732Salvation, Etc.Brigham Young12111-11612/8/1867
733The Word of Wisdom, Etc.Brigham Young12117-1238/17/1867
734Saints Improving Slowly, Etc.Brigham Young12123-12912/29/1867
735Good Spirit of the People South.John Taylor12129-1315/19/1867
736Eternal Life, Etc.Daniel H. Wells12131-1388/18/1867
737Education, Etc.George A. Smith12138-14510/9/1867
738Duties Required of Us.Lorenzo Snow12146-14810/9/1867
739Proneness of Mankind to go Astray.George A. Smith12149-15112/29/1867
740Liberty of the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young12151-1571/12/1868
741School of The Prophets, Etc.Brigham Young12157-1602/8/1868
742Object of the Gathering, Etc.Brigham Young12161-1672/16/1868
743How to Prepare for the Coming of the Son of Man, Etc.Brigham Young12167-1743/29/1868
744Condition of The Saints in Great Britain.George A. Smith12175-17610/7/1867
745Life and Health, Etc.Erastus Snow12176-17610/8/1867
746Life and Health, Etc.Erastus Snow12177-17910/8/1867
747The Death of President Heber C. Kimball.John Taylor12179-1876/24/1868
748Forbearance to Each Other, Etc.Heber C. Kimball12188-1914/12/1868
749Necessity of Obeying Counsel, Etc.Brigham Young12192-1964/6/1868
750Importance of Observing the Sabbath Day, Etc.George A. Smith12196-2004/6/1868
751Domestic Economy, Etc.Brigham Young12200-2054/8/1868
752The True Church of Christ, Etc.Brigham Young12205-2105/10/1868
753The Gathering, Etc.Erastus Snow12211-2164/8/1868
754Evidences that the Saints Love and Serve God, Etc.Brigham Young12217-2215/17/1868
755Word of Wisdom, Etc.George Q. Cannon12221-2264/7/1868
756The Object of Gathering, Etc.Brigham Young12226-2325/17/1868
757Necessity of Living Near to the Lord, Etc.Daniel H. Wells12232-2383/22/1868
758Education, Etc.Brigham Young12238-2457/25/1868
759The Lordís Supper, Etc.Orson Pratt12245-2546/14/1868
760The Gospel a Perfect System, Etc.Brigham Young12255-2638/9/1868
761Necessity of An Inspired Leader in the Church, Etc.George A. Smith12263-2696/21/1868
762The Value of Attending Meetings, Etc.Brigham Young12269-2748/16/1868
763The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Etc.Wilford Woodruff12275-2817/19/1868
764Salvation Temporal and Spiritual, Etc.Brigham Young12281-28910/8/1868
765Self-Sustaining, Etc.George Q. Cannon12289-29710/7/1868
766Southern Missions, Etc.Brigham Young12297-30110/8/1868
767The Opposition of Wickedness to Righteousness, Etc.Orson Pratt12302-30710/6/1868
768Preaching the Gospel, Etc.Brigham Young12308-31611/29/1868
769The Joy and Happiness, Etc.Orson Pratt12316-32311/1/1868
770Reflections of the Gospel of Christ, Etc.Brigham Young12323-3261/10/1869
771The Testimony, Etc.Joseph F. Smith12326-33211/25/1868
772The Sacrament, Etc.George A. Smith12332-33811/15/1863
773America a Choice Land, Etc.Orson Pratt12338-34612/27/1868
774The Sacrament, Etc.Joseph F. Smith12346-3511/10/1869
775"Mormonism."Orson Pratt12352-3622/24/1869
776Unity, Etc.George Q. Cannon12362-3721/31/1869
777Cooperation.Brigham Young12372-3764/6/1869
778Responsibility for Teachings, Etc.Brigham Young131-44/7/1869
779The Axe is Laid, Etc.Erastus Snow135-112/28/1869
780Religious Confliction in the World, etc.John Taylor1312-193/14/1869
781Contributions for Emigrating, Etc.George A. Smith1320-214/6/1869
782Cooperation, Etc.Daniel H. Wells1322-294/7/1869
783Gathering the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young1329-374/8/1869
784Celestial Marriage, Etc.George A. Smith1337-4210/8/1869
785Right and Authority of President Brigham Young.George Q. Cannon1343-5512/5/1869
786Obeying the Gospel, Etc.Brigham Young1356-627/18/1869
787Revelations and Manifestations, Etc.Orson Pratt1362-7512/19/1869
788Funeral of President Daniel Spencer.Brigham Young1375-7712/10/1868
789Historical Discourse by President G. A. Smith.George A. Smith1377-876/20/1869
790Latter-day Saint Families, Etc.Brigham Young1387-952/2/1870
791The Order of Enoch, Etc.George Q. Cannon1395-1034/6/1869
792Historical Address by President Geo. A. Smith.George A. Smith13103-12410/8/1868
793The Latter-Day Kingdom of God, Etc.Orson Pratt13124-1384/10/1870
794The Lordís Supper, Etc.Brigham Young13139-1507/11/1869
795Building Up Zion, Etc.Brigham Young13150-15611/14/1869
796The Holy Ghost, Etc.Wilford Woodruff13156-16912/12/1869
797The Source of Intelligence, Etc.Brigham Young13170-1785/29/1870
798The Right to Lead the Church, Etc.Orson Hyde13179-18310/6/1869
799Celestial Marriage.Orson Pratt13183-19610/7/1869
800Celestial Marriage.George Q. Cannon13197-20910/9/1869
801Preaching the Gospel, Etc.Brigham Young13209-2207/17/1870
802How to Know the Things of God.John Taylor13221-2335/6/1870
803Why the Saints Are a Strange People, Etc.Brigham Young13233-2422/20/1870
804The Power of Tradition on the Human Mind.Brigham Young13242-2539/25/1870
805Acting in the Name of the Lord.Lorenzo Snow13253-25910/9/1869
806Meeting in Conference.Brigham Young13260-26110/6/1870
807Texts for Preaching Upon at Conference, Etc.Brigham Young13261-26810/6/1870
808The Gospel -- The One-Man Power.Brigham Young13268-2747/24/1870
809The Word of Wisdom -- Spiritualism.Brigham Young13274-28310/30/1870
810The Gospel.Lorenzo Snow13284-2921/23/1870
811Written Sermons, Etc.George A. Smith13292-29911/20/1870
812Gathering the Poor -- Religion a Science.Brigham Young13300-30911/13/1870
813Keeping the Commandments.Brigham Young13310-3184/17/1870
814Death of Elder Benson.Wilford Woodruff13318-3279/5/1869
815The Gospel of Jesus Christ.Brigham Young13328-3314/24/1870
816Bearing False Witness.George A. Smith13332-3344/24/1870
817Truth and Error.Brigham Young13334-3364/24/1870
818The Gospel and the Things of the World, Etc.Joseph F. Smith13336-34211/12/1870
819Proper Conduct in Meeting.Brigham Young13343-3455/5/1870
820Organization of the Church, Etc.George A. Smith13345-3485/5/1870
821The Gospel -- Building Up the Kingdom.Daniel H. Wells13349-3535/5/1870
822The Latter-Day Work, Etc.Orson Pratt13354-3635/5/1870
823Punctual Payment of Debts.Orson Hyde13363-3685/5/1870
824Our Traditions.George Q. Cannon13368-37611/13/1870
825Eventful Times.Wilford Woodruff141-61/1/1871
826The Blessings of Joseph, Etc.Orson Pratt147-122/19/1871
827Home Manufactures, Etc.George A. Smith1412-155/6/1870
828The Fashions of the World, Etc.Brigham Young1415-225/6/1870
829Stirring Times, Etc.George Q. Cannon1422-311/8/1871
830The Work of God, Etc.Wilford Woodruff1431-375/6/1870
831Character and Condition of the Latter-Day Saints, Etc.Brigham Young1437-455/8/1870
832The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Etc.George Q. Cannon1445-588/15/1869
833The Restoration of the Jews, Etc.Orson Pratt1458-705/26/1871
834Sin -- The Atonement, Etc.Brigham Young1470-737/10/1870
835The Latter-Day Saints the Hope of the World, Etc.Brigham Young1473-788/7/1870
836Gathering the Saints, Etc.Brigham Young1478-914/9/1871
837The One-Man Power, Etc.Brigham Young1491-984/8/1871
838Traditions, Etc.Brigham Young1498-1098/8/1869
839Good and Evil, Etc.Brigham Young14109-1145/7/1871
840Attending Meetings, Etc.Brigham Young14114-1185/14/1871
841Obedience, Etc.Brigham Young14119-1225/21/1871
842The Building of Temples, Etc.George Q. Cannon14122-1294/8/1871
843The Character of the Savior, Etc.Brigham Young14129-1375/21/1871
844The Fulfillment of Prophecy, Etc.Orson Pratt14137-1473/19/1871
845The Celestial Glory, Etc.Brigham Young14147-1566/25/1871
846Political Parties and Christian Sects, Etc.Brigham Young14156-1636/4/1871
847Persecution, Etc.George Q. Cannon14163-1726/11/1871
848The Day of Pentecost, Etc.Orson Pratt14173-1856/18/1871
849The Holy Spirit, Etc.John Taylor14185-1923/20/1870
850The Training of Children.Brigham Young14192-2006/3/1871
851The Gospel, Etc.Brigham Young14201-2108/13/1871
852The Lordís Supper, Etc.George A. Smith14210-2178/13/1871
853An Incident of Nauvoo.Brigham Young14218-2197/23/1871
854Missionaries, Etc.Brigham Young14220-2238/27/1871
855Temperance.Brigham Young14223-2278/27/1871
856Our Present Life, Etc.Brigham Young14227-2329/16/1871
857The Redemption of the Earth, Etc.Orson Pratt14233-2458/20/1871
858The Unchangeableness of the Gospel, Etc.John Taylor14245-25010/8/1871
859Revelation, Etc.John Taylor14250-25310/22/1871
860The Gathering, Etc.Orson Pratt14253-26512/10/1871
861Our Religion From God not Man, Etc.John Taylor14266-27112/17/1871
862Order, Etc.Orson Pratt14271-2764/9/1871
863Debts, Etc.Brigham Young14276-2817/3/1870
864No Time to Do Wrong, Etc.Joseph F. Smith14282-2889/3/1871
865The Restoration of the Gospel, Etc.Orson Pratt14289-29911/27/1870
866Progression, Etc.Lorenzo Snow14300-3091/14/1872
867The New Birth, Etc.George Q. Cannon14310-32312/3/1871
868Nephite America, Etc.Orson Pratt14323-3352/11/1872
869Truth, Etc.John Taylor14336-3433/3/1872
870Zion.Orson Pratt14343-3563/10/1872
871Continued Revelation.John Taylor14356-3673/17/1872
872Persecution, Etc.George A. Smith14368-3714/6/1872
873Our Schools.George A. Smith14371-3764/8/1872
874The Lordís Supper.Brigham Young151-74/28/1872
875His Testimony, Etc.Wilford Woodruff157-124/6/1872
876Persecution, Etc.George A. Smith1513-164/7/1872
877His Imprisonment, Etc.Brigham Young1516-214/28/1872
878Revelation, Etc.John Taylor1521-274/7/1872
879Patriarchal Marriage, Etc.George A. Smith1527-345/19/1872
880Riches, Etc.Brigham Young1534-435/26/1872
881The Latter-day Kingdom, Etc.Orson Pratt1544-534/7/1872
882Second Coming of Christ, Etc.Orson Pratt1553-6212/18/1870
883Continued Teaching Necessary, Etc.Brigham Young1562-666/9/1872
884The Setting Up of Godís Kingdom, Etc.Orson Pratt1567-772/4/1872
885Comprehensiveness of the Latter-day Work.Wilford Woodruff1577-814/8/1872
886Observe the Sabbath Day.Brigham Young1581-846/2/1872
887The Gospel Plan, Etc.Daniel H. Wells1584-926/8/1872
888Sacrament -- Self-Examination, Etc.George A. Smith1592-997/7/1872
889Revelation From Heaven, Etc.Orson Pratt1599-1108/4/1872
890Those Who Hear the Gospel, Etc.George Q. Cannon15111-1207/14/1872
891The Fullness of the Gospel, Etc.Brigham Young15121-1298/11/1872
892Fault Finding, Etc.Brigham Young15129-1358/18/1872
893Increase of Saints, Etc.Brigham Young15135-1398/24/1872
894Godís Ways not as Manís Ways.Brigham Young, Jr.15139-1458/25/1872
895Tithing.George Q. Cannon15145-1579/8/1872
896Saints Should Sustain Themselves, Etc.Brigham Young15158-16710/9/1872
897Things of God Revealed, Etc.John Taylor15167-1785/26/1872
898Review of Godís Dealings, Etc.Orson Pratt15178-1919/22/1872
899Testimony, Etc.Brigham Young, Jr.15191-19710/8/1872
900Zion -- The Duty of Its Citizens -- Testimony.Erastus Snow15197-20110/7/1872
901Gathering -- Its Spirit, Etc.George Q. Cannon15202-21010/8/1872
902Choice of Rulers, Etc.John Taylor15211-21910/7/1872
903The Order of Enoch.Brigham Young15220-22910/9/1872
904Spirit of Light and Truth, Etc.Orson Pratt15229-24111/24/1872
905Pre-Existence of Our Spirits.Orson Pratt15241-25312/15/1872
906True Christmas and New Year.Orson Pratt15253-26512/29/1872
907God the Source of All Good, Etc.John Taylor15266-2741/5/1873
908The Signs of the Coming of the Son of Man, Etc.Wilford Woodruff15275-2831/12/1873
909The Spirit and Principles of the Gospel, Etc.John Taylor15284-2911/12/1873
910Universality and Eternity of the Gospel.George Q. Cannon15291-3021/12/1873
911Rewards According to Works -- Tithing.Orson Hyde15303-3121/19/1873
912Different Degrees of Reward, Etc.Orson Pratt15312-3241/19/1873
913The Sacrament of the Lordís Supper.Joseph F. Smith15324-3282/9/1873
914Latter-Day Judgments.Orson Pratt15329-3411/26/1873
915His Acquaintance With the Deceased, Etc.Wilford Woodruff15341-3472/23/1873
916Certainty of Death, Etc.John Taylor15347-3502/23/1873
917Character of the Deceased, Etc.Daniel H. Wells15350-3542/23/1873
918Consecration, Etc.Orson Pratt15354-3663/9/1873
919The Times of Our Savior, Etc.George Q. Cannon15366-3763/23/1873
920Establishment of the Kingdom of God, Etc.Orson Pratt161-84/7/1873
921The Order of Enoch, Etc.Brigham Young168-124/7/1873
922Testimony -- Sickness in Sanpete County, Etc.Orson Hyde1612-154/7/1873
923Assistance of the Ladies, Etc.Brigham Young1615-234/7/1873
924Friends and Enemies, Etc.Brigham Young1623-324/6/1873
925Home Manufacture, Etc.Wilford Woodruff1632-404/7/1873
926Unbelief, Etc.Brigham Young1640-475/18/1873
927Meeting of Adam With His Posterity, Etc.Orson Pratt1647-595/18/1873
928Improved Circumstances of the Saints in Utah, Etc.Franklin D. Richards1659-636/28/1873
929Extension of the Utah Northern Railroad, Etc.Brigham Young1663-716/28/1873
930Ignorance of the World, Etc.Brigham Young1671-775/25/1873
931The Rise of Zion in the Last Days.Orson Pratt1678-876/15/1873
932An Account of His Journey to Palestine.George A. Smith1687-1026/22/1873
933Obedience, Etc.George A. Smith16102-1076/27/1873
934Continued Obedience to the Laws of God, Etc.Brigham Young16108-1156/27/1873
935Altered Circumstances of Gathered Israel, Etc.George Q. Cannon16115-1216/29/1873
936The Order of Enoch.Brigham Young16122-1236/29/1873
937Purpose of God, Etc.Daniel H. Wells16123-1348/9/1873
938Necessity of Miracles, Etc.Orson Pratt16135-1407/13/1873
939The Authority to Preach, Etc.George Q. Cannon16140-1468/10/1873
940The Manifestations of Godís Power, Etc.Orson Pratt16146-1598/16/1873
941The Gospel Incorporates All Truth, Etc.Brigham Young16160-1718/31/1873
942Marriage.Orson Pratt16171-1858/31/1873
943Ordinances, Etc.Brigham Young16185-1899/4/1873
944Visit of the Presidency, Etc.George A. Smith16190-1939/7/1873
945The Knowledge of God, Etc.John Taylor16194-1999/7/1873
946Ancient Prophecy, Etc.Erastus Snow16200-2089/14/1873
947Evidences, Etc.Orson Pratt16209-2209/28/1873
948A Word of Exhortation.George A. Smith16220-22110/6/1873
949The Importance of Living, Etc.David McKenzie16222-22810/7/1873
950Affairs in Sanpete County, Etc.Orson Hyde16228-23610/5/1873
951The Word of Wisdom, Etc.George A. Smith16237-23910/7/1873
952The Saving Ordinances of the Gospel.Daniel H. Wells16239-24110/6/1873
953The Character of the Church of Christ, Etc.George Q. Cannon16241-24510/6/1873
954The Instructions Given, Etc.Joseph F. Smith16246-25110/7/1873
955Temples to Be Built, Etc.Orson Pratt16251-26210/7/1873
956Unchangeableness of the Gospel, Etc.Wilford Woodruff16263-27210/8/1873
957Our Temporal Interests, Etc.Lorenzo Snow16273-27910/7/1873
958Means Required to Build the Temples, Etc.George A. Smith16279-28310/8/1873
959Distinguishing Characteristics, Etc.Orson Pratt16284-30011/2/1873
960Honesty of Purpose, Etc.John Taylor16301-31211/16/1873
961The Creation, Etc.Orson Pratt16312-32611/22/1873
962Revelation, Etc.Orson Pratt16326-33812/28/1873
963The Stick of Joseph, Etc.Orson Pratt16339-3531/25/1874
964The Increased Powers, Etc.Orson Pratt16353-3681/27/1874
965What the Gospel Teaches, Etc.John Taylor16369-3762/1/1874
966What the Gospel Teaches, Etc.John Taylor171-42/1/1874
967Living Faith in God, Etc.Orson Hyde174-142/8/1874
968Remarks to the Young.William C. Dunbar1715-231/4/1874
969The Kingdom, Etc.Orson Pratt1724-364/6/1874
970Cease to Bring in, Etc.Brigham Young1736-464/18/1874
971The United Order, Etc.John Taylor1747-504/19/1874
972The Things of God, Etc.Brigham Young1751-565/3/1874
973The United Order, Etc.Brigham Young1756-585/7/1874
974Zion to Be Redeemed, Etc.George A. Smith1758-635/7/1874
975The Position the Saints, Etc.John Taylor1763-685/7/1874
976Union is Strength, Etc.Wilford Woodruff1769-735/8/1874
977The United Order, Etc.Erastus Snow1774-805/8/1874
978The Blessings of Eternal Life, Etc.George A. Smith1780-845/9/1874
979Education of Children, Etc.George A. Smith1784-905/10/1874
980Early History of the Church.George A. Smith1790-1025/24/1874
981Interest Manifested, Etc.Orson Pratt17103-1136/14/1874
982The Calling of the Priesthood, Etc.Brigham Young17113-1156/26/1874
983The Belief of The Saints, Etc.Brigham Young17115-1206/28/1874
984God Has Created Us to Be Happy, Etc.George Q. Cannon17120-1307/12/1874
985It is of Little Import, Etc.John Taylor17130-1337/19/1874
986Faith of the Latter-day Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon17134-1387/19/1874
987Nothing Strange, Etc.Brigham Young17139-1457/19/1874
988All Nations Believe, Etc.Orson Pratt17145-1547/19/1874
989The United Order, Etc.Brigham Young17154-1608/9/1874
990Prayer, Etc.George A. Smith17160-16510/11/1874
991Crime, Etc.Albert Carrington17165-16810/11/1874
992Guard Against Temptation, Etc.Charles C. Rich17169-17210/11/1874
993Knowledge Received, Etc.John Taylor17172-18110/9/1874
994All Men to Be Judged, Etc.Orson Pratt17181-18810/11/1874
995The Gospel of Christ, Etc.Wilford Woodruff17188-19510/7/1874
996Individual Salvation, Etc.George A. Smith17195-20010/6/1874
997Saints Are Living Witnesses, Etc.Brigham Young, Jr.17200-20410/6/1874
998Destruction of the Wicked, Etc.John Taylor17204-21410/7/1874
999Godís Ancient People Polygamists, Etc.Orson Pratt17214-22910/7/1874
1000Seek For Perfection, Etc.George Q. Cannon17229-24410/8/1874
1001Saints Are Chosen, Etc.Wilford Woodruff17244-25110/9/1874
1002Faith Without Works is Dead, Etc.George A. Smith17251-26010/11/1874
1003Saints Are the Light of the World, Etc.George Q. Cannon17260-26410/11/1874
1004The Gospel Restored From Heaven, Etc.Orson Pratt17264-27711/15/1874
1005Joseph Smithís First Visions, Etc.Orson Pratt17278-2889/20/1874
1006Redemption of Zion, Etc.Orson Pratt17289-3062/7/1875
1007Second Coming of Christ, Etc.Orson Pratt17307-3212/28/1875
1008Man is the Offspring of God, Etc.Orson Pratt17322-3333/14/1875
1009Congress and the Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon17333-3433/28/1875
1010The Saints Have the Priesthood, Etc.Daniel H. Wells17343-3494/6/1875
1011Education Necessary, Etc.Orson Hyde17350-3564/6/1875
1012The Gathering, Etc.Charles C. Rich17357-3604/6/1875
1013Temporal Affairs, Etc.Brigham Young17360-3624/7/1875
1014Self-Reliance, Etc.Erastus Snow17363-3684/7/1875
1015Man, the Offspring of God, Etc.John Taylor17369-3764/8/1875
1016Man, the Offspring of God, Etc.John Taylor181-24/8/1875
1017There is Cause for Rejoicing, Etc.George Q. Cannon182-134/8/1875
1018Cooperation a True Principle, Etc.George Q. Cannon1813-164/9/1875
1019Gathering of Israel, Etc.Orson Pratt1816-294/11/1875
1020Little Children Are Innocent, Etc.Wilford Woodruff1829-406/24/1875
1021Immediate Revelation, Etc.Orson Pratt1841-577/11/1875
1022Resurrection of the Saints, Etc.Orson Pratt1857-697/25/1875
1023Present Revelation, Etc.Brigham Young1870-778/31/1875
1024The United Order, Etc.John Taylor1878-828/31/1875
1025The Pleasure of Serving God, Etc.George Q. Cannon1882-8810/6/1875
1026God Preserves His People, Etc.Joseph F. Smith1889-9410/6/1875
1027The Blessing of Life, Etc.Daniel H. Wells1895-10210/7/1875
1028Self Preservation, Etc.George Q. Cannon18103-10810/8/1875
1029Parable of the Ten Virgins, Etc.Wilford Woodruff18109-1229/12/1875
1030The Resurrection, Etc.Wilford Woodruff18122-13010/8/1875
1031Dedication of the New Tabernacle.Orson Pratt18131-13210/9/1875
1032What the Lord Requires of His Saints.Joseph F. Smith18133-13510/10/1875
1033The Purposes of God, Etc.John Taylor18136-14310/10/1875
1034Fulfillment of Prophecy, Etc.Orson Pratt18144-1558/30/1875
1035Book of Mormon, Etc.Orson Pratt18155-1687/18/1875
1036Restoration of the Gospel, Etc.Orson Pratt18169-1863/26/1876
1037Infidelity of the Christian World, Etc.Wilford Woodruff18186-1934/6/1876
1038How Godís Purposes Are Fulfilled, Etc.John Taylor18193-2034/6/1876
1039Unbelief of the Present Age, Etc.Daniel H. Wells18203-2074/6/1876
1040The Gathering of the Saints, Etc.John Taylor18208-2117/30/1876
1041Very Few Will Inherit Celestial Glory, Etc.Brigham Young18212-2178/15/1876
1042Simplicity of the Gospel, Etc.Wilford Woodruff18217-2228/13/1876
1043Prophecies of Joseph Smith, Etc.Orson Pratt18222-2298/26/1876
1044Personal Revelation, Etc.Brigham Young18230-2359/17/1876
1045Secret of Happiness, Etc.Brigham Young18235-2496/23/1874
1046Visit to Sabbath Schools, Etc.George Q. Cannon18250-2569/17/1876
1047Philosophy of Man, Etc.Brigham Young18257-26410/8/1876
1048Youthful Experiences, Etc.Orson Pratt18264-2718/20/1876
1049The Gospel Trumpet, Etc.Joseph F. Smith18271-2774/8/1876
1050Position of the Latter-day Saints, Etc.John Taylor18278-28611/5/1876
1051Salvation Tangible, Etc.Orson Pratt18286-29711/12/1876
1052Apostolical Succession, Etc.Lorenzo Snow18298-30210/6/1876
1053The Great Privilege, Etc.Brigham Young18303-3051/1/1877
1054Respect to the Dead, Etc.John Taylor18306-31312/31/1876
1055Prophecies Unfulfilled, Etc.Orson Pratt18314-32312/3/1876
1056Burial Services, Etc.John Taylor18324-33512/31/1876
1057Danielís Vision, Etc.Orson Pratt18335-3482/25/1877
1058Feelings in the Temple, Etc.George Q. Cannon18349-3534/4/1877
1059The United Order, Etc.Brigham Young18353-3574/6/1877
1060The Lord Rules, Etc.Brigham Young18358-3625/6/1877
1061The Priesthoods, Etc.Orson Pratt18362-3675/13/1877
1062Prayer, Etc.Daniel H. Wells18368-3714/6/1877
1063Necessity for Effort, Etc.Lorenzo Snow18371-3764/5/1877
1064Enjoyment in the South, Etc.Brigham Young191-84/29/1877
1065Revelation Gradual, Etc.Orson Pratt198-205/20/1877
1066Belief and Knowledge, Etc.Joseph F. Smith1920-264/2/1877
1067Saints Should Be Whole-Hearted, Etc.Charles C. Rich1926-305/12/1877
1068Prayer.Orson Pratt1930-335/18/1877
1069Remarks by Prest. Brigham Young.Brigham Young1933-345/18/1877
1070Remarks on the Temple Ground.John Taylor1934-355/18/1877
1071Trying to Be Saints, Etc.Brigham Young1936-456/17/1877
1072The Work of the Priesthood, Etc.Brigham Young1945-505/27/1877
1073Order of the Priesthood, Etc.John Taylor1951-576/17/1877
1074Prayer, Etc.Orson Hyde1957-604/5/1877
1075Items of History, Etc.Brigham Young1960-657/24/1877
1076Relief Societies, Etc.Brigham Young1966-767/19/1877
1077Godís Purposes Unchangeable, Etc.John Taylor1976-837/29/1877
1078Increase of the Stakes, Etc.Daniel H. Wells1984-908/18/1877
1079The Lordís Supper, Etc.Brigham Young1991-978/19/1877
1080Difference Between the Saints, Etc.Erastus Snow1998-1049/9/1877
1081The Rock, Etc.George Q. Cannon19104-1079/16/1877
1082Actions, Etc.George Q. Cannon19107-1119/23/1877
1083The Savior Among the Nephites, Etc.Orson Pratt19111-11910/5/1877
1084The Voice of God, Etc.John Taylor19119-12110/6/1877
1085The Trusteeship, Etc.John Taylor19122-12910/7/1877
1086Conferences, Etc.Erastus Snow19130-13410/13/1877
1087The Work Progressing, Etc.Wilford Woodruff19134-13610/13/1877
1088God is at the Helm, Etc.John Taylor19137-14310/14/1877
1089The Everlasting Gospel, Etc.John Taylor19143-14910/21/1877
1090Gathering, Etc.John Taylor19150-16011/14/1877
1091Expectations Deferred, Etc.Charles C. Rich19161-16811/11/1877
1092The Outpouring of the Spirit, Etc.Orson Pratt19168-17812/2/1877
1093The United Order, Etc.Erastus Snow19179-1866/3/1877
1094Arrival in Salt Lake City, Etc.Joseph F. Smith19187-1979/30/1877
1095Leaving Nauvoo, Etc.George Q. Cannon19198-2047/21/1867
1096King Limhiís Enquiry, Etc.Orson Pratt19204-21912/9/1877
1097Living According to the Light, Etc.Brigham Young19220-2224/22/1877
1098Not Ashamed of the Gospel, Etc.Wilford Woodruff19223-2309/16/1877
1099An Important Conference, Etc.George Q. Cannon19230-23710/8/1877
1100The Gospel Revealed, Etc.John Taylor19237-24910/21/1877
1101Blessing the Result of Obedience, Etc.Charles C. Rich19249-2582/10/1878
1102Age of Visitation and Revelation, Etc.Joseph F. Smith19258-2654/11/1878
1103There is a God, Etc.Erastus Snow19266-2793/3/1878
1104God is Light, Etc.Orson Pratt19280-294, 1878
1105The Blessings Realized By the Saints, Etc.Wilford Woodruff19295-3004/6/1878
1106No Man Can Direct the Kingdom of God, Etc.John Taylor19300-3114/8/1878
1107Temples in Ancient America, Etc.Orson Pratt19311-32110/7/1867
1108Origin of Man, Etc.Erastus Snow19322-3291/20/1878
1109Parable of the Vineyard, Etc.Orson Pratt19330-3344/7/1878
1110Remarks.L. W. Hardy19334-3405/15/1878
1111United Order, Etc.Lorenzo Snow19341-3504/21/1878
1112A Marvelous Work, Etc.Orson Pratt19350-3576/16/1878
1113Faith, Etc.Wilford Woodruff19357-3636/30/1878
1114The Heavens, Etc.John Taylor19363-3676/16/1878
1115Opposition to God, Etc.Daniel H. Wells19367-3716/1/1878
1116No Salvation in Ignorance, Etc.Charles C. Rich19371-3766/30/1878
1117Ideas Held, Etc.George Q. Cannon201-84/7/1878
1118Interpretation of Scripture, Etc.Orson Pratt208-186/23/1878
1119An Important Age, Etc.John Taylor2019-247/7/1878
1120Plural Marriage, Etc.Joseph F. Smith2024-317/7/1878
1121Gratifying, Etc.George Q. Cannon2032-397/7/1878
1122Godís Power, Etc.John Taylor2039-488/4/1878
1123The Saints Prospered, Etc.Angus M. Cannon2049-548/25/1878
1124The Church Partially in the United Order, Etc.John Taylor2055-629/22/1878
1125The Book of Mormon, Etc.Orson Pratt2062-778/25/1878
1126Labors and Experience, Etc.George Q. Cannon2077-884/6/1878
1127Consistency Imperative, Etc.George Q. Cannon2088-969/15/1878
1128Government of the United States, Etc.Orson Hyde2097-10111/3/1878
1129The Perpetual Emigration Fund, Etc.John Taylor20102-10912/8/1878
1130We Should not Boast, Etc.John Taylor20109-1221/6/1879
1131Remarks on Union, Etc.Charles W. Penrose20122-1291/19/1879
1132All Things Governed, Etc.John Taylor20129-13712/1/1878
1133Remarks.John Taylor20138-1422/2/1879
1134Discourse by Elder O. Pratt.Orson Pratt20142-1573/9/1879
1135The Natural Weakness of Men, Etc.John Taylor20158-1713/2/1879
1136The Growth of Zion, Etc.Brigham Young, Jr.20171-1734/8/1879
1137Opening of the Last Dispensation, Etc.John Taylor20174-1804/8/1879
1138Parable of the Fig Tree, Etc.Erastus Snow20180-1874/6/1879
1139Blessings of the Gospel, Etc.Lorenzo Snow20187-1924/7/1879
1140Manifest Blessings of God, Etc.Moses Thatcher20192-1954/8/1879
1141Influence of the Latter-day Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon20195-2054/6/1879
1142Fates of the Ancient Apostles, Etc.C. W. Stayner20206-2115/25/1879
1143Definite Ideas Concerning God, Etc.Charles W. Penrose20212-2195/25/1879
1144All Intelligence Comes From God, Etc.John Taylor20219-22912/15/1878
1145The Gospel of Christ, Etc.Aurelius Miner20229-2365/11/1879
1146The Gospel As Preached By the Saints, Etc.George G. Bywater20237-2446/29/1879
1147Slain for the Testimony of Jesus, Etc.George Q. Cannon20244-2528/3/1879
1148Slain for the Testimony of Jesus, Etc.John Taylor20252-2558/3/1879
1149The Interest of Humanity, Etc.John Taylor20256-2673/2/1879
1150Necessity of Revelation, Etc.George Q. Cannon20268-2777/20/1879
1151Restitution of All Things, Etc.John Morgan20277-2878/17/1879
1152The Practical Nature of the Gospel.George Q. Cannon20287-2927/27/1879
1153The Work of the Restitution, Etc.Charles W. Penrose20293-2998/17/1879
1154Power and Effects of the Gospel, Etc.John Taylor20300-3077/6/1879
1155Futility of the Machinations of the Wicked, Etc.John Taylor20307-3098/24/1879
1156Preaching of John the Baptist, Etc.Franklin D. Richards20309-31610/6/1879
1157The Work of God, Etc.John Taylor20316-32110/6/1879
1158Progress of the Work of God, Etc.Orson Pratt20321-32910/6/1879
1159The Church Founded, Etc.Lorenzo Snow20329-33210/6/1879
1160The Righteous Suffer, Etc.George Q. Cannon20333-34110/6/1879
1161Duties of the Saints, Etc.Joseph F. Smith20341-3474/8/1879
1162The Temples in Course of Erection, Etc.John Taylor20348-36111/30/1879
1163The Spirit and Principles of the United Order.Lorenzo Snow20361-37210/19/1879
1164Cleave to Light, Etc.Erastus Snow20372-37610/8/1879
1165The Object of Gathering, Etc.John Taylor211-88/31/1879
1166Law of Celestial Marriage, Etc.Joseph F. Smith219-1312/7/1879
1167A Funeral Sermon.John Taylor2114-222/8/1880
1168Rest Signifies Change, Etc.Erastus Snow2122-2910/1879
1169Temporal Concerns, Etc.John Taylor2129-384/9/1879
1170Salvation Dependent Upon Effort, Etc.Henry W. Naisbitt2138-4411/23/1879
1171The Word of the Lord, Etc.Charles W. Penrose2145-5311/29/1879
1172Cooperation and the United Order, Etc.John Taylor2153-619/21/1878
1173Comprehensiveness of the Lordís Prayer, Etc.John Taylor2161-711/4/1880
1174Spiritual Gifts Attainable, Etc.George Q. Cannon2172-8010/5/1879
1175Insufficiency of Mere Belief in Christ, Etc.Charles W. Penrose2180-914/25/1880
1176Effects of the Preaching of the Gospel, Etc.John Taylor2191-1014/13/1879
1177The Principle of Revelation, Etc.Henry W. Naisbitt21101-1113/7/1880
1178Eternal Nature of the Gospel, Etc.John Taylor21111-12011/28/1879
1179No Man Can Build, Etc.Wilford Woodruff21121-1276/6/1880
1180On the Book of Mormon, Etc.Orson Pratt21128-1369/7/1879
1181Difference Between, Etc.Charles W. Penrose21137-1464/11/1880
1182Progress of the Saints, Etc.Orson Pratt21146-15411/1/1879
1183How a Knowledge of God is Obtained, Etc.John Taylor21155-16712/7/1879
1184The Book of Mormon, Etc.Orson Pratt21168-1789/21/1879
1185Southern States Mission.John Morgan21179-1885/23/1880
1186Duties and Responsibilities, Etc.Wilford Woodruff21189-1967/3/1880
1187Pre-Existence, Etc.Orson Pratt21197-20611/12/1879
1188Sustaining the Authorities, Etc.John Taylor21207-2193/1/1880
1189The Inspiration, Etc.Charles W. Penrose21220-2328/8/1880
1190Man to Be Judged By Law, Etc.Orson Pratt21232-2408/8/1880
1191The Great Principles of Truth, Etc.John Taylor21241-2563/21/1880
1192The Power of God, Etc.Orson Pratt21256-2636/13/1880
1193Natural Fulfillment of Prophecy, Etc.George Q. Cannon21264-27211/2/1879
1194The Gathering of the Saints, Etc.Orson Pratt21272-2806/20/1880
1195Responsibilities of the Priesthood, Etc.Wilford Woodruff21281-2867/4/1880
1196Visions of Moses, Etc.Orson Pratt21286-2967/18/1880
1197Revelation, Etc.Wilford Woodruff21296-3028/1/1880
1198A Double Birthday, Etc.Orson Pratt21303-3169/18/1880
1199Organization, Etc.Wilford Woodruff21316-31910/10/1880
1200Heaven and Earth to Pass Away, Etc.Orson Pratt21319-3318/1/1880
1201The Increase and Future of the Saints, Etc.Henry W. Naisbitt21331-3398/29/1880
1202The Eternities Before the Saints, Etc.John Taylor21340-3501/2/1881
1203The Gospel -- A Practical and Comprehensive Religion, Etc.Charles W. Penrose21351-3571/2/1881
1204The Order and Duties of the Priesthood, Etc.John Taylor21358-3728/8/1880
1205Opposition to the Work of God, Etc.John Taylor21373-37610/7/1879
1206Opposition to the Work of God, Etc.John Taylor221-410/7/1879
1207Tithing and Other Matters, Etc.John Taylor225-161/8/1881
1208The Church of Christ Organized, Etc.John Nicholson2217-272/6/1881
1209The Divine Authority of the Holy Priesthood, Etc.Orson Pratt2227-3810/10/1880
1210The Organization of the First Presidency, Etc.John Taylor2238-4110/10/1880
1211The Persecutions of the Ancient Saints, Etc.Joseph F. Smith2242-502/6/1881
1212Opinions of the World, Etc.John Taylor2250-526/27/1880
1213The Originators of Reports Against the Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon2253-586/27/1880
1214The Peculiarities of the People of Utah, Etc.George G. Bywater2259-671/30/1881
1215The Spirit of Revelation, Etc.Charles W. Penrose2268-741/30/1881
1216The Advancement of Godís People, Etc.Henry W. Naisbitt2274-822/20/1881
1217Partaking of the Lordís Supper, Etc.Charles W. Penrose2282-975/1/1880
1218Office of the Holy Spirit, Etc.George Q. Cannon2298-1097/25/1880
1219His Late Travels Through the South, Etc.Erastus Snow22109-1208/1/1880
1220Difference Between the True Church of Christ, Etc.George Q. Cannon22120-13210/31/1880
1221The Present Condition of the Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon22133-1397/3/1881
1222The Saintsí Mission is One of Peace, Etc.John Taylor22139-1447/3/1881
1223The Saints Have Cause to Rejoice, Etc.Wilford Woodruff22144-1494/3/1881
1224The Gospel -- The "Perfect Law of Liberty," Etc.Erastus Snow22149-1544/4/1881
1225Divisions of Modern Christendom, Etc.Charles W. Penrose22155-1687/17/1881
1226The Object of Assembling Together, Etc.Wilford Woodruff22169-1766/12/1881
1227The Remarks of Brother Woodruff, Etc.George Q. Cannon22177-1836/12/1881
1228The Church Governed By Law, Etc.John Nicholson22183-1926/26/1881
1229The Priesthood, Its Organization, Etc.John Taylor22193-2047/18/1880
1230The Responsibility to Preach the Gospel, Etc.Wilford Woodruff22204-2101/9/1881
1231The Testimony of the Gospel, Etc.Charles W. Penrose22211-2178/14/1881
1232The Privileges of the Saints, Etc.John Taylor22217-2236/27/1881
1233The Great Principles of Salvation, Etc.Orson Pratt22223-2269/18/1881
1234The Worship of God, Etc.John Taylor22226-2316/26/1881
1235The Work of the Saints in this Generation, Etc.Wilford Woodruff22232-2366/12/1881
1236Revelation -- The Privileges of the Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon22236-2454/24/1881
1237The Character of Godís Work, Etc.Francis M. Lyman22245-25110/7/1881
1238The Abundant Testimonies to the Work of God, Etc.George Q. Cannon22252-2598/18/1881
1239The Blessings Enjoyed, Etc.George Q. Cannon22260-2695/8/1881
1240The Calling of Missionaries, Etc.John H. Smith22269-27210/8/1881
1241Education -- Its Advantages Among the Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon22273-2784/5/1881
1242The Saints to Be a Peculiar People, Etc.George Q. Cannon22278-28510/31/1881
1243Reports Concerning the Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon22286-2906/27/1881
1244The Priesthood -- Godís Love for the Human Family, Etc.John Taylor22290-29710/9/1881
1245Duties of the Saints, Etc.John Taylor22297-3128/28/1881
1246The Building Up of Zion, Etc.John Taylor22312-32110/19/1881
1247The Saints a Peculiar People, Etc.George Q. Cannon22321-33010/9/1881
1248The Channels of Communication, Etc.Wilford Woodruff22330-33510/8/1881
1249The Position of the Latter-day Saints, Etc.John Taylor22335-3411/1/1882
1250Liberty of Conscience, Etc.Wilford Woodruff22341-34710/23/1881
1251Funeral Discourse.Wilford Woodruff22347-3501/29/1882
1252Funeral Discourse.Joseph F. Smith22350-3531/29/1882
1253Funeral Discourse.John Taylor22353-3571/29/1882
1254The Gathering -- Miracles, Etc.George Q. Cannon22357-3687/24/1881
1255The Gospel Glad Tidings, Etc.George Q. Cannon22369-3745/15/1881
1256The Preaching and Practice of the Gospel, Etc.Henry W. Naisbitt22375-3765/15/1881
1257The Preaching and Practice of the Gospel, Etc.Henry W. Naisbitt231-75/15/1881
1258The Indians -- The Influence of the Elders, Etc.Erastus Snow237-102/5/1882
1259The Settling of Southern Utah, Etc.John Taylor2311-2011/9/1881
1260Travels of the First Presidency, Etc.John Taylor2320-2712/11/1881
1261The Dispensation of the Fulness of Times, Etc.John Taylor2328-383/5/1882
1262The Southern States Mission, Etc.John Morgan2338-4712/18/1881
1263The Gospelís Restoration, Etc.John Taylor2347-684/9/1882
1264The Laws of God and the Laws of the Land, Etc.Joseph F. Smith2369-764/9/1882
1265Manís Free Agency, Etc.Wilford Woodruff2376-833/26/1882
1266The Last Dispensation, Etc.Erastus Snow2383-924/7/1882
1267Peace and Prosperity of the Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon2393-10611/20/1881
1268The Lordís Work, Etc.Franklin D. Richards23106-1144/8/1882
1269Modern Fulfillment of Ancient Prophecy, Etc.George Q. Cannon23114-1234/3/1881
1270Liberty of Conscience, Etc.Wilford Woodruff23124-1335/14/1882
1271How the Gospel is Preached By the Elders, Etc.George Q. Cannon23133-14111/14/1880
1272Human Rights, Etc.George G. Bywater23142-1496/4/1882
1273Ancient and Modern Israel Compared, Etc.Lorenzo Snow23150-1554/7/1882
1274How to Find Out God, Etc.Charles W. Penrose23156-1626/4/1882
1275The Preaching of the Gospel in the Latter Days, Etc.Orson Pratt23162-1689/6/1880
1276Man a Mortal and An Immortal Being, Etc.Joseph F. Smith23169-1756/18/1882
1277The Death of the Faithful No Cause for Mourning, Etc.John Taylor23175-1807/24/1882
1278Godís Peculiar People, Etc.Erastus Snow23181-1895/6/1882
1279The Establishment of Character, Etc.Lorenzo Snow23189-1955/6/1882
1280The Mission of the Holy Ghost, Etc.Moses Thatcher23196-2144/8/1882
1281The Temple at Logan, Etc.John Taylor23215-2248/6/1882
1282The Marriage Question, Etc.Erastus Snow23224-2342/26/1882
1283The Work of God, Etc.John Taylor23235-2418/20/1882
1284Dependence Upon the Holy Spirit, Etc.Joseph E. Taylor23242-2499/3/1882
1285The Gospel of Christ, Etc.George G. Bywater23250-2578/27/1882
1286The Mighty Mission of the Saints, Etc.John Taylor23257-27010/8/1882
1287Persecution Fulfilling Prophecy, Etc.George Q. Cannon23271-28210/8/1882
1288Love for and Forgiveness of Enemies, Etc.Joseph F. Smith23282-28710/7/1882
1289The Revelations of the Holy Spirit, Etc.Lorenzo Snow23288-29310/5/1882
1290The "Twin Relics," Slavery and Polygamy, Etc.Erastus Snow23294-30210/7/1882
1291"Mormonism" As True Now As Ever, Etc.Daniel H. Wells23303-31010/6/1882
1292Tithes and Offerings, Etc.Franklin D. Richards23311-32011/6/1882
1293Manís Natural Spirit, Etc.John Taylor23320-32611/23/1882
1294Hardship the Heritage of the Saints, Etc.Wilford Woodruff23326-33212/10/1882
1295Men Powerless Except as God Permits, Etc.John Taylor23333-33710/29/1882
1296The Lord Interested in the Salvation, Etc.Lorenzo Snow23338-34211/4/1882
1297Revealed Religion, Etc.Charles W. Penrose23343-3561/14/1883
1298The Power and Authority, Etc.George Q. Cannon23357-36710/29/1882
1299Pretensions of the Saints, Etc.John Taylor23368-3762/11/1883
1300Why the Saints Meet Together, Etc.John Taylor241-82/11/1883
1301Greatness of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Etc.Joseph F. Smith248-1610/29/1882
1302Prohibition Advocated, Etc.Moses Thatcher2416-203/7/1883
1303Exhortation from Isaiah, Etc.Orson Pratt2420-3210/26/1879
1304The Church Based on Perfect Freedom, Etc.John Taylor2432-381/21/1883
1305Hostile Feeling Towards the Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon2438-506/25/1882
1306Importance of the Work of God, Etc.Wilford Woodruff2450-561/27/1883
1307Peculiarities of Public Preaching Among the Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon2456-643/18/1883
1308The Past and Future of the American Continent, Etc.Erastus Snow2464-754/6/1883
1309Consolation Which the Bereaved Have, Etc.Joseph F. Smith2475-822/2/1883
1310The Church of Christ, Etc.Charles W. Penrose2482-993/4/1883
1311Peace Enjoyed, But Trouble Expected, Etc.George Q. Cannon2499-1099/24/1882
1312A Comparison, Etc.Moses Thatcher24110-1164/7/1883
1313Causes of Gratitude, Etc.Franklin D. Richards24117-1234/7/1883
1314The Gospel Like Leaven, Etc.John Taylor24123-1294/8/1883
1315Improvement Among the People, Etc.George Q. Cannon24130-1405/27/1883
1316Blessings Enjoyed by the Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon24141-1495/6/1883
1317Interest in the Work of God, Etc.Joseph F. Smith24150-15712/3/1882
1318Leaders of the Church Inspired, Etc.Erastus Snow24158-1666/24/1883
1319Duties of the Latter-day Saints, Etc.John Taylor24166-1725/19/1883
1320Prosperity of the Saints, Etc.Joseph F. Smith24173-1784/8/1883
1321Need of Inspiration in Preaching, Etc.George Q. Cannon24179-1867/15/1883
1322Delusive Spirits, Etc.Joseph F. Smith24187-1946/21/1883
1323Scope of the Gospel, Etc.John Taylor24194-2026/18/1883
1324Prophecies Relating to Our Day, Etc.Charles W. Penrose24203-2175/18/1883
1325Obedience to the Priesthood, Etc.George Q. Cannon24217-2266/20/1883
1326The Work of God, Etc.John Taylor24227-235, 1883
1327Object of Meeting Together, Etc.Wilford Woodruff24236-2447/20/1883
1328The Hatred of the World, Etc.Joseph F. Smith24245-2508/19/1883
1329The Spirit of God Necessary, Etc.George Q. Cannon24251-2588/19/1883
1330Truth Always the Same, Etc.John Taylor24259-2706/24/1883
1331The Latter-day Saints Aspire to Celestial Glory, Etc.George Q. Cannon24271-2788/12/1883
1332Retrospective Review, Etc.Franklin D. Richards24278-28610/6/1883
1333The President Feeling a Little Weak, Etc.John Taylor24287-29610/7/1883
1334A Few Questions, Etc.Moses Thatcher24297-3014/6/1883
1335Elders Always Ready for Duty, Etc.Charles W. Penrose24302-3139/23/1883
1336The Principles of the Gospel, Etc.Daniel H. Wells24314-32110/28/1883
1337Highly Essential, Etc.George Teasdale24322-32511/4/1883
1338Occasion for Gratitude, Etc.Franklin D. Richards24326-33011/4/1883
1339Retrospective Review, Etc.Franklin D. Richards24331-33810/6/1883
1340Introductory Remarks, Etc.George Q. Cannon24339-34610/7/1883
1341The Age in Which We Live, Etc.John Taylor24347-35612/9/1883
1342Conditions on Which the Saints Shall Prevail, Etc.George Q. Cannon24357-36712/2/1883
1343Traveling through the Settlements, Etc.George Q. Cannon24368-3769/2/1883
1344Traveling through the Settlements, Etc.George Q. Cannon251-39/2/1883
1345"Truth Is Mighty and Will Prevail," Etc.Wilford Woodruff254-121/6/1884
1346Joseph Smithís Testimony Never Proven False, Etc.George Teasdale2513-221/13/1884
1347Testimonies of the Servants of God, Etc.George Q. Cannon2522-281/6/1884
1348Near Coming of Christ, Etc.Erastus Snow2529-352/2/1884
1349Present Revelation, Etc.Erastus Snow2535-3910/5/1883
1350Sincerity Alone Not Sufficient, Etc.Charles W. Penrose2539-505/20/1883
1351Desirable Condition of the Saints, Etc.Joseph F. Smith2551-602/17/1884
1352Necessity of Faith, Etc.Francis M. Lyman2560-682/24/1884
1353Work of God the Same in All Ages, Etc.Erastus Snow2568-732/24/1884
1354Self-existent Truths, Etc.John Morgan2574-831/20/1884
1355Object of Assembling, Etc.John Taylor2584-962/10/1884
1356Divine Mission of Joseph Smith, Etc.Joseph F. Smith2597-1014/6/1884
1357Conspicuous Position of the Saints, Etc.Erastus Snow25101-1123/9/1884
1358Hatred Towards the Saints, Etc.Moses Thatcher25113-1164/4/1884
1359Uniting of Temporal Interest, Etc.Brigham Young, Jr.25117-1194/5/1884
1360Predictions in the Book of Mormon, Etc.George Q. Cannon25119-1294/6/1884
1361Joseph Smithís Mission, Etc.Brigham H. Roberts25130-1431/28/1884
1362A Church of Order, Etc.Orson Pratt25144-1485/11/1878
1363Kind of God the Saints Believe In, Etc.George Q. Cannon25148-1605/4/1884
1364Temples, Etc.John Taylor25160-1666/15/1884
1365The Logan Temple, Etc.George Q. Cannon25166-1765/25/1884
1366Manifestations to be Looked For, Etc.John Taylor25176-1885/18/1884
1367Visit to Arizona and New Mexico, Etc.Brigham Young, Jr.25189-1936/22/1884
1368How Judgment Should Be Formed, Etc.Erastus Snow25194-2015/31/1884
1369Missionary Labors Reviewed, Etc.John Q. Cannon25202-2176/29/1884
1370Religious Liberty Guaranteed by the Constitution, Etc.Charles W. Penrose25218-2307/26/1884
1371Temples the Gates of Heaven, Etc.Franklin D. Richards25230-2375/17/1884
1372The Saints Will Triumph Through Faithfulness, Etc.George Q. Cannon25238-2446/22/1884
1373The Object of Cooperation, Etc.Joseph F. Smith25244-2527/18/1884
1374But One Church of God, Etc.George Q. Cannon25252-2607/21/1878
1375Why We Gather, Etc.John Taylor25261-2678/17/1884
1376A Peculiar Work, Etc.George Q. Cannon25268-2758/31/1884
1377Respect to the Dead, Etc.George Q. Cannon25275-2888/24/1884
1378The Priesthood, Etc.George Q. Cannon25288-2958/10/1884
1379Attitude of Our Enemies, Etc.George Q. Cannon25295-2988/23/1884
1380The Power of God, Etc.George Q. Cannon25298-3028/23/1884
1381Design of God, Etc.John Taylor25303-31710/6/1884
1382The Fulfillment of Prophecy, Etc.George Q. Cannon25318-32810/5/1884
1383A Privilege to Meet to Worship God, Etc.Charles W. Penrose25329-34011/4/1882
1384The Gathering, Etc.John Taylor25341-35910/19/1884
1385The Law of Marriage in Ancient Israel, Etc.George Q. Cannon25360-37111/16/1884
1386Children Should Be Taught the Gospel, Etc.Franklin D. Richards25371-37610/5/1884
1387Blessings Follow Certain Ordinances, Etc.Franklin D. Richards261-310/5/1884
1388Causes that Govern Settling New Places, Etc.George Q. Cannon263-1711/20/1884
1389The Personality of God, Etc.Charles W. Penrose2618-2911/16/1884
1390Object of Gathering, Etc.John Taylor2630-3912/14/1884
1391The Second Coming of Our Savior, Etc.George Q. Cannon2639-4712/7/1884
1392Visit to the South, Etc.George Teasdale2648-541/11/1885
1393Power Attending General Conferences, Etc.George Q. Cannon2655-6612/14/1884
1394The Gathering, Etc.John Taylor2666-7611/30/1884
1395Similarity of Former and Latter-day Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon2677-8711/9/1884
1396Hostility of the World to the Gospel, Etc.John Taylor2687-972/12/1882
1397Our Labors are Interesting and Peculiar, Etc.Franklin D. Richards2698-1041/18/1885
1398The Work of God Only Partially Understood, Etc.John Taylor26105-11310/20/1881
1399Communities are Made Up of Family Organizations, Etc.Henry W. Naisbitt26114-1273/8/1885
1400Privilege of Meeting Together, Etc.John Taylor26128-13510/6/1883
1401Importance of Our Sunday Schools, Etc.George Q. Cannon26136-1481/18/1885
1402Visit to the South, Etc.John Taylor26148-1572/1/1885
1403The Work of the Lord in the Sandwich Islands, Etc.George Reynolds26157-1633/29/1885
1404Present Conditions, Etc.Franklin D. Richards26164-1734/4/1885
1405Love of Home, Etc.John H. Smith26174-1824/6/1885
1406The Latter-day Saints Attract Much Attention, Etc.George Q. Cannon26182-1939/28/1884
1407God the Source of All Intelligence, Etc.Orson F. Whitney26194-2044/19/1885
1408The Speakerís Pleasure, Etc.Moses Thatcher26204-2124/13/1885
1409The Creation, Male and Female, Etc.Erastus Snow26213-2275/31/1885
1410Ignorance of the World, Etc.Henry W. Naisbitt26228-2406/7/1885
1411Priesthood, Etc.George Q. Cannon26241-25310/18/1884
1412Prosperity of the Saints, Etc.Franklin D. Richards26253-2594/6/1885
1413Prophecy of John the Revelator, Etc.Orson F. Whitney26260-2696/21/1885
1414Refusal of So-called Christians to Receive the Gospel, Etc.Junius F. Wells26269-2767/12/1885
1415Value of Liberty, Etc.John H. Smith26276-2817/27/1885
1416The Way to Find Out God, Etc.George Q. Cannon26281-28611/23/1884
1417Devotion to God, Etc.George G. Bywater26287-2958/2/1885
1418Parable of the Ten Virgins, Etc.Franklin D. Richards26296-3038/30/1885
1419The Speakerís Dependence Upon the Holy Ghost, Etc.Moses Thatcher26303-3158/28/1885
1420Growth of the Latter-day Saints, Etc.George Q. Cannon26316-3218/26/1883
1421The Gospel, Our Position and Calling, Etc.John Taylor26322-3267/20/1884
1422The Lord is Teaching Us Valuable Lessons, Etc.Moses Thatcher26327-33510/8/1885
1423Our Efforts to Inform the World of Our Doctrines, Etc.Franklin D. Richards26336-34610/1885
1424Investigation of Dr. Ellen B. Ferguson, Etc.John Taylor26346-3632/20/1884
1425No Justice for Saints in the Courts, Etc.Lorenzo Snow26364-3691/10/1886
1426The Gospel, Etc.Lorenzo Snow26369-3763/6/1886