See search form. You can create customized groups of talks by speaker, and then search within those groups, or compare the frequency of a word or phrase across these groups.


This list shows all the speakers who have given at least three talks in General Conference (the number of talks is shown in parentheses). You can select multiple speakers to form a customized group, but the total number of talks needs to be 1,000 or less.


Optionally, you can limit the talks by year. So you could, for example, create a group with talks by Spencer W Kimball from 1943 to 1973 (58 talks) and then another group from 1974 to 1985 (another 63 talks).

Presidents of the Church
Quorum of the Twelve / First Presidency
Current church leaders (2014)
Current Quorum of the Twelve / First Presidency
Women auxiliary leaders

Because there are nearly 400 speakers to choose from, it might take a while to scroll through the entire list. You can select one of these pre-selected lists of speakers (e.g. just current church leaders, or just presidents of the church), and then choose the speakers from this shorter list.